January, 2014

The Garage Makeover

elfa® Garage Makeover & Craft Studio

See how we used elfa to makeover a garage and create a side craft room. Not only was it better use of space, it totally transformed the way the family used their home!

Back to School Checklist

With the new school year imminent, it’s time to get 'Back to School’ ready with these Top Tips.

elfa Office makeover

New Product Review

elfa Basics - Organise Your Office on a Budget

See how we used 2 elfa basics drawer sets, an old recycled door and a few elfa shelves to create this super economical and functional office space.

Freezer Guide

The Plastics Cupboard Tamed

Kitchen Workflow

Kitchen Workflow Video

Uni Essentials Checklist

Elfa Office Makeover