January, 2016

Budget Pantry Makeover

When it comes to your pantry, it pays to be organised - in more ways than one; and the best news is it doesn’t have to cost a lot to create a system the whole family can use.

Part 2 : Student Wardrobe Makeover

Whether you’re a student or simply trying to overhaul your wardrobe when space and money is tight, we’re here to unveil the five essentials for a wardrobe makeover on a budget. We previously met with Karla and her partner Will during Part 1 (The Kitchen) of our two-part Student Budget Makeover.

Part 1 : Student Kitchen Makeover

No room and no budget? Do you know a student who could do with a little help? Make a difference in someones world with some clever organisers and a few small changes. Uni student Karla and her partner Will are happy to have a space that is much more user friendly.

Neata Wardrobe Makeover - Behind the Scenes

Watch the time lapse video of this amazing Neata Wardrobe Makeover. From shelves being removed in the old wardrobe to the ultimate solution for this space!

Budget Pantry Makeover

It doesn’t cost a lot to go from a disorganised pantry to one that is ordered. With the inclusion of a few clever organisers to help group items and maximise your cupboard space, you will not only have more room, but will save money as you will not be doubling up on items hidden away.
wardrobe solutions

Part 2: Student Budget Wardrobe Makeover - 5 Essentials

When space and money is an issue, thinking outside the box without spending up big can really make a difference. Here are 5 essentials for a Wardrobe Makeover on a budget.

Part 1 : Student Kitchenette Makeover 5 Mini Solutions

No room and no budget? Do you know a student who could do with a little help? Make a difference in someones world with some clever organisers and a few small changes. Uni student Karla and her partner Will are happy to have a kitchen that is much more user friendly.

Part 1 - Wardrobe Makeover - The Basic Setup

Doing your wardrobe on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean going for the cheapest alternative. With a little forethought and planning your wardrobe makeover can be created in stages, not only allowing you to save for the ultimate solution but allowing you the time to determine what inclusions you really want.

Back to School Product Review

Whats new in the 2016 Back to school and back to work range, plus the kids give their verdict...see what they think!

2016 New Year Projects Catalogue Preview

Like a sneak peak at what's in Howards 2016 New Year Projects Catalogue? We're here to help you kickstart 2016! Pick up a free copy in-store from the 4th of January.

10 Top Ideas for an Organised Garage

An organised garage will not only give you fabulous storage, it can provide a dropzone for all the daily essentials. Here are some ideas and tips to make this high use area a well organised and functional space.

Bento Box Lunch Ideas

Suitable for both adults and children alike, the multifunctional Fuel Bento Lunch Box has room for four courses. With one large compartment and three smaller areas this clever box offers flexibility to build your own lunch. The compartmentalised interior containers are great for separating your sandwich from your salad and pasta, particularly for children. Here are some lunch box recipes and ideas to make the perfect lunch and save money.

5 Top Ideas for Making your Kitchen School Ready

With a little organisation your kitchen can be the hub for the brekkie rush, prepping for school lunches and the hungry munchkins for afternoon tea. It all starts with a good breakfast! Allowing your kids to be self sufficient from an early age will set them up for good habits going to school in the future. Stocking breakfast and lunch items in easy to access containers will allow them to pick and pack their morning tea and lunches.

Why hydration is so important

Staying hydrated is important in more ways than one. We’ve got tips to help you keep the fluids up and a collection of our Top 10 of hydration bottles that will keep you on the straight and narrow!

Back to School Product Review

Howards Category Manager Jules is excited about the 2016 Back to School and Back to Work range. With innovation, food safety and appeal at the heart of the range, she is confident there is something that will tick the boxes for everyone.

10 Ways to stop Your Kids Lunches Coming Home

We all worry that our kids are getting proper nutrition and ensuring they’re prepared for a good learning day. Are your kids lunches coming home squashed an uneaten? It’s hard to maintain a healthy lunchbox with variety and appeal. Here are some great ideas that will create playground envy and be a winner with your child. TOP TIP: Freeze your kids lunches and save time in the morning.
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