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Good News! Howards has a New Owner

Howards Storage World is pleased to announce that it is officially out of Voluntary Administration with Deloitte securing a sale of the business and its importing company to dual companies My Home Storage Pty Ltd and Store Trade Pty Ltd. This applies to the Company store operations and main importing company. Franchised stores were never affected by the administration process.
Elfa Pantry ELF01062 square

Create a Child Friendly Pantry with Elfa

How child friendly is your pantry? In this pantry, we created a “self serve” zone to empower kids to pick and pack their own lunches and serve themselves breakfast.

10 Quick Ideas to get your Kids Ready for School

It's that time of year again, organising school uniforms, ticking off the stationary checklist, and ensuring that the kids are ready for the first day back to school. Having a leakproof drink bottle and a lunch container that will keep your kids food safe to eat is also a must on the to do list!

Cool lunches - Howards Quality Essentials

Keep lunches bacteria free with an insulated lunch bag and avoid the soggy school bags with a leak proof Dink bottle. Here is the best of Howards Lunch Bags/boxes and Drink Bottles!

Innovation from Thermos

Thermos. It’s a household name and has been for years. A trailblazer with innovation within the food and beverage container arena.

Kilner Jars Preserving and Recipes

Kilner Jars are perfect for preserving or is a fabulous vessel to layer up a dessert, breakfast or salad!
Mini Plum Puddings Recipe

Perfect Entertainers with 4 Ingredients Recipes

Christmas is such a busy time of year. When it come down to it, we all want to make things a little easier, enjoy stress free entertaining, and spend quality time with those we love.

Microplane Spiral Vegetable Cutter Explained

Looking for a healthy low fat alternative to Pasta? The Microplane Spiral Vegetable Cutter is a fabulous addition to any kitchen!

Naughty or Nice? Which List Are You On?

Naughty or Nice? Which list are you on?

Naughty or Nice Kit and A Christmas Wish List

Christmas is a time for a bit offun! Here is a Naughty or Nice Barometer you can use for the whole family. Also a downloadable Wishlist to give out to each person in your family for a sneak peak into their Gift wishes this Christmas.

3 Tips to Creating the Perfect Christmas Roast

To serve up the perfect Turkey, you'll find it easier if you have a Baster, Pop-up timer and a quality carving board. We share with you why. Includes a bonus Turkey stuffing recipe.

How To Give At Christmas - In More Ways Than One.

Ways to support others in the lead up to Christmas ......Checking on neighbors, cooking a meal for someone who is less mobile, help makeover a friends cupboard if they are going through hardship. Give a little thought to how you can help others.

Less Work. More Cheer. Strategies To Get Your Space Guest Ready.

Less Work, More Cheer - Strategies to get you through the silly season - Use the word guests in the title. Easing your way into the silly season. Stay Calm and Get Ready for Christmas - make a checklist and make it happen!

Prep Your Space For Santa’s Stash

It’s time to sift out those toys the kid’s no longer use, clear out items that have missing or broken pieces and create space to hide Santa’s stash... Also finding the ultimate hiding spots is half the fun. A good job to tackle pre-December!

Top 5 Space Creators For Small Homes

How to make the most out of the space you have. Using the backs of doors and space pockets in cupboards and wardrobes to maximise storage.

Quick Mini Makeovers

Mini Makeovers for your fridge, drawer, bathroom vanity, office and toys
Spring Clean Your Daily Routine

Spring Clean Your Daily Routines – Top Tips

Top Tips from the Howards Team to Make Your Week Easier.
Science Behind the Spring Clean
Smooth Move P2 feature

Smooth Move Part 2

Like to know the top organising picks when people move into a new home? We share the top picks.
Decluttering Your House Ready For Sale

Smooth Move Part 1

Top ways to prepare your house for sale. Featuring products to help contain your clutter.

Why Clutter is Bad

How home clutter impacts our physical and mental health. Howards suggest an easy method to break down big tasks of decluttering any room in the house.
The very best from Howards
EOFY tips
Tidy your home on a budget
The background of powercube
Shelving Ideas for your laundry
How to save time in the laundry
Saving time
Shoe Library Close Up

Shoes Glorious Shoes

From the modest to the mid size collection and beyond, there is a shoe storage solution for you. Here we show you storage - perfect for heels, best for flats, quality basics and great ways to hide them away! Plus the ultimate solution every girl dreams of!
Neata Side On

Dream Wardrobe

Anything you can dream, we can create. There are no limits to creating a wardrobe space to reflect who you are. Come in-store for a FREE personalised wardrobe design session and create YOUR dream wardrobe.
PGY0031 flocked hangers

Howards Hanger Secrets

Hangers are the quiet achievers of the wardrobe, an essential workhorse, when used correctly will love your clothes! There are specialty hangers designed to hold items renowned to create clutter. Howards are a hanger specialist. See some of the 'out of the box' hanger solutions that will amaze and delight!
Photo by : Phil Sheather

Accessories - How to get the best from your collection

Accessories can make or break an outfit! Having your jewels, belts scarves and hats easily accessible can revolutionise the way you dress. Here are some top tips to organise your accessories and help you step out in style…
Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane Loves Decor

We’ve found a big fan of the Décor Range in Lorna Jane Clarkson, founder of the iconic active wear brand Lorna Jane.
Shelf Helpers DC3

Wireware - The Quiet Achievers

In a pantry, on a shelf, in a cupboard or in a drawer, a little bit of structure goes a long way! Howards are specialists when it comes to organising these spaces. Sometimes all it takes is the addition of a rack or specialty organiser to utilise height, add a shelf or create order in a space.

What's New in Bins at Howards

When it comes to making rubbish look good, it’s all in the bin. Wesco Bins, NEW to Howards shows German engineering at its very best. Not only functional and durable these bins have been designed with looks in mind! The New Howards Range of Bins have some great features and includes slim designs to suit narrow spaces.

Glass Food Storage - 5 Reasons to Love it

Glass is the hot new trend in food storage. Glass is freezer, microwave and fridge friendly, and does not stain or retain colours or smells. This means that food can go from freezer/fridge/pantry straight into the microwave for reheating. Whether using Kilner or Le Parfait Jars for preserving or as a display, or Décor Realseal or Snapware for leftovers, glass is the smart choice.

Top 6 Pantry Essentials

There is always a few essential items in the pantry that will revolutionise and organise your world. Here are Howards Top 5 Pantry essentials to make your everyday easier.
Neata Wardrobe tile Boot bar

Part 2: Wardrobe Makeover - The Upgraded Solution

Doing your wardrobe on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean going for the cheapest alternative. With a little forethought and planning your wardrobe makeover can be created in stages, not only allowing you to save for the ultimate solution but allowing you the time to determine what inclusions you really want. Here we show you how we made over a U-shaped wardrobe by using the Howards Neata Shelving System. Start with the Basics, then when your budget permits, add the finishing touches! Part 2 – The ultimate solution for this difficult u-shaped space – including drawers, sliding shoe racks and archive storage.
Mimi's, Amalie and Marie Storage baskets

Budget Pantry Makeover

It doesn’t cost a lot to go from a disorganised pantry to one that is ordered. With the inclusion of a few clever organisers to help group items and maximise your cupboard space, you will not only have more room, but will save money as you will not be doubling up on items hidden away.
wardrobe solutions

Part 2: Student Budget Wardrobe Makeover - 5 Essentials

When space and money is an issue, thinking outside the box without spending up big can really make a difference. Here are 5 essentials for a Wardrobe Makeover on a budget.
Easy-build unit  square format

Part 1 : Student Kitchenette Makeover 5 Mini Solutions

No room and no budget? Do you know a student who could do with a little help? Make a difference in someones world with some clever organisers and a few small changes. Uni student Karla and her partner Will are happy to have a kitchen that is much more user friendly.
Neata Wardrobe tile

Part 1 - Wardrobe Makeover - The Basic Setup

Doing your wardrobe on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean going for the cheapest alternative. With a little forethought and planning your wardrobe makeover can be created in stages, not only allowing you to save for the ultimate solution but allowing you the time to determine what inclusions you really want.
Garage tile

10 Top Ideas for an Organised Garage

An organised garage will not only give you fabulous storage, it can provide a dropzone for all the daily essentials. Here are some ideas and tips to make this high use area a well organised and functional space.
bento box tile

Bento Box Lunch Ideas

Suitable for both adults and children alike, the multifunctional Fuel Bento Lunch Box has room for four courses. With one large compartment and three smaller areas this clever box offers flexibility to build your own lunch. The compartmentalised interior containers are great for separating your sandwich from your salad and pasta, particularly for children. Here are some lunch box recipes and ideas to make the perfect lunch and save money.
School ready kitchen tile

5 Top Ideas for Making your Kitchen School Ready

With a little organisation your kitchen can be the hub for the brekkie rush, prepping for school lunches and the hungry munchkins for afternoon tea. It all starts with a good breakfast! Allowing your kids to be self sufficient from an early age will set them up for good habits going to school in the future. Stocking breakfast and lunch items in easy to access containers will allow them to pick and pack their morning tea and lunches.
Hydration tile

Why hydration is so important

Staying hydrated is important in more ways than one. We’ve got tips to help you keep the fluids up and a collection of our Top 10 of hydration bottles that will keep you on the straight and narrow!
Back to school review tile

Back to School Product Review

Howards Category Manager Jules is excited about the 2016 Back to School and Back to Work range. With innovation, food safety and appeal at the heart of the range, she is confident there is something that will tick the boxes for everyone.
school lunches tile 2

10 Ways to stop Your Kids Lunches Coming Home

We all worry that our kids are getting proper nutrition and ensuring they’re prepared for a good learning day. Are your kids lunches coming home squashed an uneaten? It’s hard to maintain a healthy lunchbox with variety and appeal. Here are some great ideas that will create playground envy and be a winner with your child. TOP TIP: Freeze your kids lunches and save time in the morning.
Home Tile

H.O.M.E Book- Meet the Author Adele Blair

How To Organise My Everything Author and Concierge Collective Managing Director Adele Blair talks to us about her journey to create a practical guide to storing your home belongings. Adele’s lifelong passion for planning, sorting and streamlining was her inspiration for creating this book.
Cocktails tile

Festive Cocktail Recipes

Cocktail recipes we've found to help you get Christmas ready. Time to try out your new bar tools!
Picnic tile

Planning the Perfect Picnic

Like to know how to make your picnic perfect? Here are some tips and recipes to make it oh so lovely!

Prepare your Christmas Meal Plan

A stress free Christmas lunch or dinner comes with good planning. Prepare your meal plan in advance and enjoy the day, the food and the company!
Decor Cake Storer

Guide for Storing Christmas Leftovers

Ever wondered how long you can keep cut ham? Or how long you can store your Christmas cake? Learn the tricks to extend their life.
Budget blowout tile

Avoid The Christmas Blowout

Set a budget and get organised this festive season. Create a special day without the budget blowout.
Coctail recipes tile

Bar Tools + Festive Drink Recipes

The right tools make all the difference for your festive drinks! We show you what you need plus a few favourite recipes we've found to test your new tools out!
Food recipes tile

Favourite Christmas Recipes

Recipes to inspire your Christmas feast. Pavlova, Ham Glaze, Baked Pumpkin Fruit Cake, Christmas Tuffles, No Cook Fruit Cake Pudding Balls, Stained Glass Biscuits, Baked Ricotta, Lychees with Macadamia Nuts and Cream Cheese. Howards have the perfect products to store and display your baking triumphs!
Lists Work!

Organised People and How They Use Phone Lists

There are many apps available to help organise, manage and track your gifts. Here are a few recommendations from a couple of very organised Howards people!
Pre Christmas Jobs tile

5 Pre Christmas Jobs To Make Your Life Easier

Save time during the silly season by getting these 5 simple jobs out of the way. Simply organised!
Trolley Bags Packed

Product Review: Trolley Bags

Have you heard of Trolley Bags? Well they are the latest thing in making your shopping trip easier and faster! We review this product and show you how it works.
Archiving Artivle

The Do's and Don'ts of Archiving

Archive your clothes the right way with this handy guide.

Drawers Masterclass

We all know that dividers are essential to creating order in our cutlery drawers, so using this principle and adding organisers to all your drawers makes perfect sense! From modular solutions for deep drawers to organisers for spices, we have a solution to create order in any drawer. Don't have a drawer where you need it? We also show you how to turn a shelf into a drawer with some clever pull-out organisers!

Spring Cleaning Know How

It’s time to shake off winter and start prepping for the warmer months ahead. We all tackle the traditional "Spring clean" in our own way but here are a few tips that’ll make it even easier!

5 Reasons Why Premium Elegance Hangers Are Better

Here is an interesting thought… How much money do you have tied up in your clothes? Read on for the top 5 reasons why it pays to invest in premium elegance hangers.
Oxo Greensaver

Oxo Greensaver Fridge Range

New Greensaver fridge storers by OXO will revolutionise the way you store your produce to keep it fresh for longer; saving on wastage, time and money.

Pre Christmas Pantry Preparation

It’s seems a little scary but Christmas decorations will soon be gracing the stores in the lead up to Christmas. It’s time to spring-clean the pantry and get Christmas ready; so get rid of unwanted items and pave the way for a system that will see you through the festive season and beyond!
Sally Hart

Wardrobe Design Checklist

Whether you’re redesigning an existing wardrobe or creating a new flexible solution, in order to maximise the functionality of your space, a wardrobe design takes careful consideration. This checklist from Wardrobe Designer will help you achieve the perfect solution.

Winter Warmer Soup Recipes

It’s cold outside and the best way to warm up is with a bowl of hot and healthy soup. Here are some soup recipes ideal for your thermos that will warm the cockles of your heart.

Technology Clutter Tackled

Offering solutions for everything to do with cords, as well as ideas for storing, charging and travelling with your devices, our new cord control range will streamline tech chaos. View the video HERE.

Decluttering ideas for the bathroom

We use the bathroom every day and by eliminating unnecessary clutter and adding efficient organisers, you’ll add to the visual appeal of your space and create an efficient bathroom that’s a pleasure to use. It might even save you time!

Carol's Downsizing Journey - Preparing to Move

Carol shares with us how she prepared for her downsizing journey moving into a 2 bedroom apartment from a 4 bedroom townhouse.
Laundry Symbols
How to save time ironing

How to Save Time Ironing

Like to win back some time? We share with you how to get smart with the way you iron to reap time saving rewards.
Speedy Airer Secrets

Speedy Airing Secrets

Short on time? Make drying clothes faster and easier with these practical tips about how to hang out your clothes and choosing the best airer for the job.
makeup makeover

Caring for your cosmetics – and keeping them organised!

Follow the organised makeup checklist – and put your best face forward every day.
Tame the Paperwork

Tame the Paperwork and Save Time

Like to know the age old secret behind staying on top of paperwork, particularly at tax time? Keep reading to see how this contemporary office solution using Howards own Neata Shelving System can tame the paperwork and save you time (and hopefully money!)
easybuild feature image

Time Saving Breakfast Station

The trick to saving time is to simplify the number of steps it takes to get things done. Breakfast, particularly with a family, is an ideal activity to employ time saving tactics and this Easy-Build solution is a beauty. View the full article HERE
Divide & Conquer

Divide and Conquer - The Art of Sorting Laundry

We take a closer look at sorting your laundry and offer some practical hints and tips about conquering this part of the laundry process.
The Mobile Nursery

The Mobile Nursery

Baby on the way? Simply and easily convert your spare room into a nursery with a mix n’ match solution that won’t cost a fortune. View the full article HERE
Innovative Storage from simplehuman

Innovative Storage from simplehuman

Backed by rigorous research and development, simplehuman continue to design products that make everyday life super efficient. View the full article HERE
Pegboard Article

Creative storage for Kitchen Walls

Turn your wall into a highly functional storage masterpiece. Inspired by Julia Child’s classic blue pegboard system, we show you how to create your very own work of art. View the full article HERE
Conquer Hard to Store Items

Conquer Hard to Store Items

Odd shaped appliances can disrupt even the most organised kitchen. When storing bulky items, work smarter, not harder. View the full article HERE
DNE2831 Heavy BBQ
Intro Elegance Range

Introducing the New Elegance Range

View our NEW Elegance Range.

Take your Lunch to work and Save

Take your lunch to work and save!
TLC article

Caring for a Corporate Wardrobe

New Elegance Range for your corporate wardrobe. Chris Carroll from The Life Creative shows you why.
Helen Butler

Interview with Helen Butler

Interview with Helen Butler
back to school lunch

Back to School Product Review

Back To School Product Review
neata Components List SFS

Neata Components List

Neata™ Components List
kids afternoon checklist

Kids Afternoon Routine Checklist

Kids Afternoon Routine Checklist
neata shelving

Introducing Howards Neata Shelving System

Introducing Howard’s Neata™ Shelving System

Salmon Gravadlax Recipe

Recipe: Salmon Gravadlax
Slinky Potato

Roasted Slinky Rosemary Potatoes with Sea Salt

Recipe: Slinky Roasted Rosemary Potatoes
Icecream recipe

Recipe: No Churn Vanilla Ice Cream

Recipe: No Churn Vanilla Ice Cream
Christmas Cupcake Icing

Recipe: Butter Cream Icing

Recipe: Butter Cream Icing

Recipe: Preserved Lemons

Recipe: Preserved Lemons
Drink Dispenser Recipes

Ten Drink Dispenser Recipes

Five alcoholic and five non-alcoholic drinks recipes to brighten your Christmas table! View the Christmas Catalogue HERE.  

Pre-Christmas Day Jobs

Save time during the silly season by getting these 5 simple jobs out of the way.
going away checklit

Going Away "Home and Packing" Checklists

Here's 2 quick checklists to ensure you don’t end up at your holiday destination without the kids! One for the home and one for your packing. It's a top way to reduce stress before going away.
Guide storing leftovers

Guide for Storing Left Overs

Guide for storing Christmas Leftover
Timeplanner and Job allocator

Time Planner and Job Allocator

In the 8 weeks leading up to Christmas Day, use this Time Planner and Job Allocator to make sure when the big day comes it's relaxed and fun!
Create your own traditions

Create your Own Traditions

Christmas is a personal event. It’s the time when many of us set up our own traditions that are upheld year after year. Here are five Christmas tradition ideas…
Bon Bon's
Picnic Pointers

Perfect Picnic Pointers

Perfect Picnic Pointers
Christmas memorable

How to Make Christmas Memorable...

Making Christmas memorable goes beyond the perfect gift. It’s the people you share your time with and the memories that you make together. Let’s create an unforgettable Christmas…View the Christmas Catalogue HERE.
Pack Christmas Decorations

How to pack your Christmas decorations

How To Pack Your Christmas Decorations so they last the distance.
The great Aussie Street Party

The Great Aussie Street Party

Christmas street parties are on the rise in Australia and its little wonder….they’re so much fun! Getting to know your neighbour is a simple way to expand your community making it happier and safer for all. We caught up with Howards customer Felicity, who lives on a street that is famous for it’s Christmas lights. View the Christmas Catalogue HERE.
Take control of your fridge article

Take control of your Fridge we will show you how

A few simple strategies will keep your fridge organised and extend the life of your food, saving you time and money. View the full article HERE.
Organise your Plastic Cupboards

Simple ideas to overhaul your plastics cupboard

Kick off your spring projects with a simple solution that will have a big impact: head to the kitchen, it’s time to organise your plastics cupboard. As seen in the September 2014 Howards Catalogue. View the full article HERE
Utilty Cupboard Video

How to Organise your Utility Cupboard

A practical guide to the do’s and don’ts when organising your utility cupboard. As seen in the September 2014 Howards Catalogue. View the full article HERE.
hanger space guide

Hanger Space Guide

Howards is a hanger specialist, check out the Free E-Book Hanger Guide
Natalie Edel Article

We talk Accessories with Natalie Edel, Personal Stylist

We talk with Natalie Edel, Personal Stylist from The Stylist Co about ‘caring for your accessories’
Wine article
Article Medium Size Laundry Makeover
Howards Exclusive
Laundry Workflow
ironing board checklist
Airer Review
Tax Tips
Modern Bathroom
The Perfect Towel Guide
kitchen 3 ways
Uni Essentials Article
Freezer Organisation
plastic cupboards untamed
Work Lunch
Family command centre
Kids Lunchbox
Kitchen Workflow
Uni essentials checklist
realseal storers - leftover
Guest Bedroom
Food image
pantry checklist
Migul s
easy-build article - other Pic 5 (Medium)
Elfa Laundry
laundry easybuild
Sandwich wraps
organise your makeup feature

Organising Your Makeup

Courtney shares with us how she organised her makeup, with a little help from Audrey and Howards.
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