Bathroom Decluttering Ideas 

The bathroom; it’s a high demand area in any household. Whether you share it with a family or you’ve got one all to yourself, there are a few small yet fundamental changes you can implement which will ensure you save time every day with a streamlined (and organised!) space.  Let’s take a closer look…

1. Cut the Clutter

Hands up if you’ve got multiple moisturisers opened behind your vanity cupboard? Perhaps you’re hanging onto year-old mascara or out of date medicine? You’re not alone. The best way to tackle the decluttering process is to separate tasks into small manageable sized projects like, ‘the drawers’, ‘in the shower’ or ‘behind the vanity’. Regardless of where you choose to start, the process follows the same formula. Stop and discern what the problem is within the spot you’re decluttering; pull everything out of the space and sort through your items – discard anything you no longer use or is past its expiry date and group what you have left into piles of ‘like’ items. Solve your organisational need with one of our bathroom storage solutions.

If you simply don’t have enough cupboard space to hide everything away, you’ll love Howards range of storage cabinets shown in the picture above. With simple white panelling, they are thoughtfully designed to make the most of tight spaces and they are kind on the hip pocket too. Click here to see the full range.

2. Look to the Walls

So often vertical space is an untapped storage resource. Whether you’re after an in-shower or an over-the-door solution, once you’re open to vertical storage opportunities, you’ll see them everywhere. Take the Mesh Basket Organiser for instance.

This product makes use of the vertical space inside your cabinet door. With an easy to install over-the-door feature, there’s no drilling required and it keeps items you use most closest to hand.

Further maximise vertical space with a Large and Medium Shelf Cabinet. Designed to stack and complete with extendable rubber lined legs, this product creates layers of storage that’s easy to see and access.

The same premise applies to in-shower caddies and when it comes to these storage solutions, our range is wide and vast. Whether you’re after an over-the-door, over-the showerhead or a freestanding option, each caddy makes use of vertical storage space.

Click here to see our range of caddies.

Suction Organisers

logo_white magic

White Magic i-hook Range

Not handy with a hammer? Want a smart way to store hanging items in a matter of minutes? Our fabulous range of White Magic i-hooks will help you hang anything from car keys to kitchen utensils without a tool in sight.

The best thing about these hooks is that you can use them straight away. The hook is attached to an invisible piece of plastic that can be applied to any smooth surface. You simply position it, smooth out any bubbles and it’s ready to use. Re-positioning is easy, just lift off a corner of the glue patch and it peels off without leaving any sticky residue. Heat, cold and water resistant, you can use in any room of your home.

i-hook have a range of kitchen organisers, bathroom organisers and hooks that are so versatile.



The Xpressions Range from Everloc is ideal for all DIYers, renters and those looking to replace exiting fixtures without drilling. The Xpressions range uses Everloc’s easy to install, patented dual-action suction technology to create unparalleled suction performance.

See how easy it is to install Xpressions here.

3. Divide and Conquer your Drawers

It’s amazing, really, how such a limited space can become so cluttered. When it comes to your drawers, grouping items and compartmentalising them into caddies is a clever way to stay organised. Try solutions such as the 6 Piece Drawer Organiser or the Clutter Buster Trays or our range of modular organisers such as the Linus Modular Organisers and madesmart Multi Pack organisers .

Organised bathroom drawers are the backbone of a bathroom’s functionality. Rescue your drawers and you’ll save time, reduce clutter and improve the practicality of this space.

If you’re unsure which organisers will best suit your space, bring your drawer into your local store and trial a few options. Alternatively, cut a piece of newspaper to the size of your drawer and bring that in-store!

To find you local store, click here.

4. Mirror and Vanity Cupboard Storage

To restore order behind the mirror, create a home for everything. It’s a good idea to keep those products that you use on a regular basis on the first shelf and arrange the additional shelves in order of usage.

In the cupboard under the bathroom sink, group like items together using organisers like Howards Mimi Separators, Amalie Pull-Out Organisers, Marie Storage Baskets, Totes or Water Hyacinth Baskets. Mix and match to suit the space you have and pop a label on the front if you want others to follow your system.

5. Choose a Bin

A bin in the bathroom is essential for keeping your bathroom tidy. Choose one that’s:

  • a good size
  • suitable for your space
  • durable
  • easy to clean

Click here to see our range of bins.

Waste Bin 12L Stainless Steel

Bin with Lid – Stainless Steel / White

simplehuman 10L Semi Round Step Bin

6. Mirrors

A mirror and light are two things that are needed to complete your daily beauty routine. Choose a mirror that suits your needs. If you regularly pluck your eyebrows, a mirror LED with technology and a high magnification will help. With over 20 mirrors to choose from with varying designs and levels of magnification, Howards have a mirror to help with your daily beauty regime.

Click here to view Howards range of mirrors.

7. Store your Makeup and Accessories

Save time and protect your accessories by storing your go to pieces in smart acrylic organisers. They’re a great investment for your collections big and small.

Save space by removing tissues and cotton wool buds from their packaging and placing them in an Allure Cotton Tip and Ball Caddy and our Allure Tissue Box; and give your toothbrush and toothpaste a home with a new bathroom set.

Store deodorants, nail polish and other small items in our Allure Stackable Cubes and consider allocating a Linus Small Drawer Organiser to each family member for personal toiletries. The Glam 5 Compartment Organiser is ideal for storing makeup in small spaces and if you love your lippy the Allure Lipstick Holder will hold up to 9 lipsticks.

8. Maintenance

Like any organised space, a little upkeep each week will keep the clutter at bay. Tidy up each second day if you can – a few minutes here and there will make your drawers a pleasure to use and a great start for your organised day.


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