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The quiet achievers of the wardrobe, hangers bear the weight, literally, of your clothing investment. They’ve got a big job. Not only will they create instant uniformity within your wardrobe, quality hangers will preserve the life of your clothing, maximise storage space and last the distance. They’re the ‘good posture’ for your clothes and that’s where we step in. You see, here at Howards, we’re hanger specialists – and we don’t coin the phrase ‘specialists’ lightly. A good proportion of our hangers can be found online but if you’re yet to venture into one of our stores to see our range of specialty hangers it’s well worth the trip – we have over 63 variations available for purchase. Need to hang a collection of belts? We can help. Ties? We’ve got it. Handbags? Easy. Whatever it is you need, we’ve got the hanger solution for you; and here a small sample just to whet the appetite…

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Great if you’re short on wardrobe space, tiered hangers enable to you vertically group a number of shirts or trousers in one spot. Consider too, if you corral your clothing by colour, you’ll save time getting ready each day. Our range consists of three tiered hangers right through to five tiered options in a number of variations including flocked, PVC, open ended and clipped options:

5 Tier Shirt Tree Hanger

Keep your shirts crinkle free with a 5 Tier Shirt Tree Hanger in black. The ultimate space-saver, this easily accessible hanger is designed for efficiency.

3 Tier Flocked Trouser Hanger

While the thin profile enables you to store more in your wardrobe, the flocked finish will hug your clothing to prevent slipping.

5 Tiered Open Trouser Hanger 

This hanger features 5 non-slip, soft grip open-ended arms designed for easy access and to prevent garments from slipping

Timber Hanger with Clips Natural 2 Pack

Ideal for trousers or skirts with a thin profile enables you to store more in your wardrobe while the clips ensure that your pants and skirts are held in position and won’t end up on the floor of your wardrobe!



Dressing for success becomes a cinch when your belts and ties are grouped and stored in one easy to reach spot within your wardrobe. By hanging these accessories together, you essentially save space and ensure it’s simple to see exactly what you’ve got at any one time.

Belt Rack 

Keep your belts within reach with this stainless steel double-sided belt hanger. This handy hanger is designed to hold 7 belts on each side.

Black Tie Hanger

With a chrome plated swivel hook, this durable hanger will hold up to 24 ties and is complete with two belt hooks at the bottom of the hanger.

Timber Tie Hanger

Declutter your wardrobe with our natural Timber Tie Hanger. Designed to hold 12 ties, this space saving hanger has a chrome plated swivel hook.


You read it right. Handbag hangers! We figure that you can pay a lot of money for handbags so in order for them to endure, you need to get them off the floor of your wardrobe and keep them in an easy to see and reach, protected spot. These should do the job!

Handbag Holder

Designed to hold a whopping seven bags each side this storer protects your handbags, clutches and purses from dust and mildew in between use.


Hanging Bag and Purse Organiser

Created with 7 compartments, this space efficient storer enables easy accessibility and visibility to your favourite accessories.


Don’t waste time rummaging within a drawer for your favourite scarf. With these items coralled and neatly kept within one of our speciality scarf hangers, accessorising becomes a simple and quick process as you’re running out the door!

Copper Pendant Scarf Hanger

Complete with a slim profile and a snag free continuous triangular pattern (15 small triangles) this clever copper plated metal accessories storer can be hung on the back of your door or in your wardrobe. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.


Jumbo Scarf Holder

Slimline and easy to use, this product is made from durable hi-chromed steel, and is created to hold up to 35 scarves with ease. Alternatively, think about storing your belts, favourite necklaces, even your sunglasses on these handy rings!

Flocked Scarf Hanger

This simple and elegant flocked scarf hanger conveniently holds 14 scarves. The flocked finish on this hanger will prevent slipping, while its thin profile enables you to store more in your wardrobe. This item is available in cream and black.


We’ve all got one or two items within our wardrobe which need just a little bit of extra TLC. That’s where our selection of delicates hangers comes to the fore.

Satin Hangers – Pack of 4

Reminiscent of yesteryear, these handy satin hangers will ensure your finer items have the soft support they require. Designed to keep your delicates in shape, they won’t crease or snag delicate fabric and what’s more they can be used for shirts, blouses and lightweight dresses.


The little one’s clothes deserve TLC too! Promote independence by keeping their clothes on a rack at their height. If it’s easy for them to reach – it’s easy for them to dress themselves in the morning! Whether you’d prefer a timber option or a high quality plastic, we’ve got all these and more…

Flocked Kids Hangers

Our Kid’s Flocked Shirt Hangers with polished chrome swivel hooks are non-slip, feature a space-saving slimline body, they’ve been ergonomically designed to preserve garment shape and they look pretty fabulous too…

Kids Timber (6 Pack)

Our Kid’s Timber Hangers with polished steel swivel hooks feature a space-saving flat body, as well as notches near the end of each arm to ensure hanging straps are secure (and garments won’t end up at the foot of their wardrobe!)

Kids Hanger (5 Pack)

Created for your child’s wardrobe, this 5 pack of quality polypropylene clothes hangers feature open rails for hanging strap items. Available in multiple colours, they’ll suit both boys and girls alike!


There is no such thing as an ordinary hanger in our Elegance range. Whether you’re hanging dresses or tops with straps, your favourite suit jacket or a collection of suits and skirts, the Elegance collection has a hanger to match your needs:

Chrome Hanger with Notched Shoulders 

Great for hanging shirts, dresses and summer blouses, The Elegance Chrome Hangers with Notched Shoulders for Straps are slim line enabling you to maximise space in your wardrobe. These hangers are high polished chrome and scream quality!

Chrome Hanger with Bar

Great for hanging shirts and trousers, Elegance Chrome Hangers are slim line and and seriously durable.

Premium Pant Hanger with Adjustable Clips

Great for hanging skirts and trousers, The Elegance Premium Pant Hanger is an executive wardrobe staple. The clips are adjustable and have an inner padding to protect your clothes.

Premium Timber Hanger with Non Slip Shoulder Inserts

These have non-slip shoulder inserts designed to preserve the shape of your garment and prevent items slipping onto the floor of your wardrobe!

Premium Timber Hanger with Non Slip Shoulder Insert and Bar

These hangers include non-slip shoulder inserts designed to preserve the shape of your garment. A bar is also integrated into this luxury hanger for storing trousers.

Premium Timber Hanger With Felt Ends

Created with luxury A-Grade Lotus Wood these hangers include non-slip felt ends to protect your garments and prevent delicates from slipping off.

Premium Timber Hanger with Felt Ends and Non Slip Bar

These hangers include felt end and a non-slip bar designed to protect your garments and prevent items falling.

We know that choosing the perfect hangers can seem overwhelming. They’re a ‘one off’ purchase, which you want to get right! Our team has years of experience in quality storage and organisation and we want to help you achieve the perfect solution for your needs.– don’t hesitate to let our in-store team help you best match the right hangers to your needs. To give you ultimate peace of mind, there is also a generous returns policy to ensure you achieve the dream solution you are after.

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