Sophie’s Neata
Linen Cupboard Makeover

If you want a very satisfying makeover to complete in a day, the linen cupboard may just be your project. In this inspirational makeover, Sophie called in the Howards team to totally renovate a tired old cupboard. The old shelving was removed and replaced with a highly functional neata shelving system, complete with drawers. Space was planned for the ironing board and even the vacuum cleaner.

The Challenge

For Sophie and her family, having three different sized beds, each with their own sized sheets (king single, double and queen) was a pain point for this linen cupboard. Without a system, changing bed sheets equated to a lot of wasted time hunting for the correct size. Sophie explains, “All our sheets were just stacked in a pile and you’d have to unfold them and stretch them across the bed just to see which sheet set was going to fit.”

The mission was set.

The Solution

Once Sophie removed the existing chipboard shelves, she prepped and painted the space ready for our makeover team to move in with a customised Neata shelving system. “A lot of people have old wooden chipboard linen cupboards and in my experience it can make your linen smell; That’s what I like about Neata, because it’s open, high-grade epoxy-bonded steel, it’s well ventilated and doesn’t have that wooden smell,” she explains. Simple to install, Neata can be customized and reconfigured as required. Available in white or silver, Sophie opted for white, keeping the space light and fresh.

Linen Before

Watch the time lapse video of Sophie’s linen cupboard Makeover below to see how easy this makeover really was.

Neata Linen Cupboard Makeover Components:

The space was measured by a Howards shelving expert and a plan was drawn up to suit Sophie’s needs. Howards then arranged installation which took just over an hour.

Neata cupboard with Ironing Board
Top Track L2030mm WhitePIN10031
Wall Band 2300mm WhitePIN10014
3 Runner Basket Wire Gliding FramePIN10293
Ventilated Shelf White 607 x 405mmPIN100512
Bracket 420mm WhitePIN100925
Bracket Cover 420mm Right WhitePIN101310
Bracket Cover 420mm Left WhitePIN101410

With the top track installed (it’s the only part attached to the wall) the team added shelves, gliding wire baskets and also a selection of water hyacinth baskets to divide and conquer the space. “We’ve grouped the sheets according to sheet size across three different gliding baskets. Now, when I wash, fold and put them in the right basket I know exactly what sized sheet is where,” says Sophie. To make it even easier to utilise and for extra convenience, each fitted and flat sheet is grouped and placed inside a matching pillowcase. Sophie says, “It’s such a great way of storing your linen because you’re never looking for a specific pillowcase for your sheet set, it’s all together.”

With the sheets sets grouped, the bath mats separated from beach towels and the cleaning equipment placed in a series of high sided Mimi Separator containers, it was time to arrange out of season quilts and blankets into large Space Bags. “Having a top shelf in this Neata solution for storing vacuum packs is so space efficient. They stack really well and they’re out of the way until needed. I’ve vacuumed packed out of season quilts and sheets but the whole process has also forced me to go through what I’ve got and cull extra items too, which has been good,” she says.

An easy to access, mounted iron and ironing board also forms part of this refreshed space. Sophie explains, “My ironing essentials are now very organised and easy to get to. I don’t iron everyday but before my ironing board was squeezed into the wardrobe in the spare room – now it’s in the linen cupboard with a power point just near it.”

Sophie completed the solution with frosted doors. Sophie says, “Before I had concertina louver doors which I couldn’t stand! Now I’ve got frosted glass sliding doors and they look so good.”

Sophie’s Favourite Howards Products

So when all is said and done, what’s been Sophie’s favourite item or product from the overhaul? “The ironing board holder because the iron and ironing board are so easy to reach; also separating the sheets out into sizes; and I’d have to say just how easy Neata was to install! A Howards Neata installer arrived at the same time as the sliding door installer, which worked out really well. In total, it took a couple of hours to complete – it was a really easy process.”

She continues, “Being organised saves time in the long run and this solution is already saving me time. It’s easy to access, easy to put things away and easy to see what you need. I’m inspired to keep going through other cupboards in my house now!”

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