Organise Your Caravan

When it comes to a caravan adventure, the most important thing is to prevent movement; you need a place for everything and everything in its place. Also essential to a ‘stress free adventure’ is organisation and accessibility; when you haven’t got endless space you need to make the most of every opportunity. These tried and tested products will enable you to make the most of the space you do have.

The Kitchen

Howards Aamina Easy Access Storer

4.8L $19.95

W19.5 x D29.9 x H13.4cm

9.6L $25.95

W19.5 x D29.9 x H26.4cm

Flexible airtight lid. Stackable. Easy to reach handle. Dishwasher safe.


Oxo Pop Containers

from $20.95

  • Innovative push button seal.
  • Corners great for pouring.
  • Lids come apart for easy cleaning.
  • BPA free. Stackable.
  • Hand wash recommended.
  • Perfect for storing dried foods.
  • High quality acrylic.
  • Huge range of sizes available.


Howards Cadi Stackable Organiser Basket

Small – $5.95

W16.3 x D11.9 x H6.8cm

Medium – $6.95

W24.2 x D16.3 x H6.8cm

Large – $8.95

W32.8 x D24.2 x H6.8cm

Keeps grouped items easily accessible. Easy to clean. Available in three sizes.


Howards Super Grip Mat

30 x 150cm $8.95

45 x 125cm $10.95

Strong anti-slip, high elasticity Super Grip Mat.

These can be cut to size and are designed to reduce items moving around in large drawers.

Available in white or taupe.

Howards Fifi Dividers

5 Pack $9.95

Easily assembled. Can be spaced to suit your storage needs. Flexible, lightweight plastic design.


Howards Mimi Separators

Wide $12.95
W17.1 x D33.1 x H24.5cm. PLF008

Narrow $9.95
W13.8 x D33.1 x H24.5cm.


Marie Storage Basket with Handle

Medium $6.95
W16 x D28 x H12.9cm.

Large $7.95
W19.5 x D33.6 x H14.6cm.


simplehuman Cabinet Organiser

Small $79.95
W22.8 x D50.8 x H15.2cm.

A pull out organiser that turns shelves into drawers. Quality components. Commercial grade Ball bearings. Available in 3 sizes. 5-Year Guarantee.


Draining Mat

Small $14.95

Highly absorbent terry cloth. Machine washable. W36 x D46cm.


Collapsible Dishrack

W31.5 x D36.8 x H 8-13cm.

Collapsible. Rubber/plastic. 4 Cutlery sections.




Easy refilling. Controls portions. 1/4-1/2 and 1 teaspoon dispensed.


VacSeal Range

from $7.95

Fridge, freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Ideal for marinating. Airtight and leak proof. 500ml. Available in 7 sizes.


Avocado Saver


Keeps cut avocado fresher for longer. Reduces surface exposure to air and slows down the oxidation process. BPA Free. Adjustable strap to secure any size avocado. Top rack dishwasher safe.


Amalie Pull Out Organiser

from $9.95

Smart clear plastic construction. An easy grip handle at the front and two rear wheels allows easy slide out access. Also available in a wide version.


Classic Grey Wastebin

W24 x D18.3 x H28cm.

Easy clean. Slimline design.


EKO Soft Close Pedal Bin 10L


10L. Soft close lid. Removable inner bin. Finger Print Proof. Other sizes available. 3-Year Warranty.


Smooth Swing Bin 11.5L

W17 x D28.5 x H41cm.

Space saving shape. Fuses modern design with superior functionality. Easy to open swing lid. Other sizes available.


Zeal Tilt and Serve Colander Red, Violet, Lime


Non-slip base. Dishwasher safe. BPA free. Available in violet, red and lime.


Zeal Chop and Slide from


BPA free silicone. Mess-free cooking. 10 year guarantee. Dishwasher safe. Available in Red, Lime and Purple.


Heritage Pepper Mill

White $39.95
W6 x D6 x H22cm.

Rubber wood. Stainless steel trim/drive shaft. Refillable. 25 Year guarantee.


Rosti Teabag Storer

W22.5 x D16 x H8.6cm.

Removable six compartment divider with airtight seal. Stackable.


Zak Cannisters

from $10.95

Clear quality acrylic. Silicone seal. Stackable. Top shelf dishwasher safe. Stain resistant. Use in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom.


Cuisipro Foam Suction Pump

Dia9 x H20cm.

Suction base to keep in place.

Available in multiple colours. Dishwasher Safe.


Under shelf Holder

W48.3 x D29.8 x H10.2cm.

Creates a handy extra space where a large shelf space is being under utilised. Slots onto the shelf above.


White Magic i-hook Paper Towel Holder

W23.1 x D10 H8cm.

Can be removed and reattached hundreds of times. Elegant wire design with a lip to keep rolls in place. Easy installation. Rust-free. Polished stainless steel.


White Magic i-hook Bath Corner Shelf

W22 x D22 X H14cm.

Uses a unique patented bonding nano suction system that binds to any smooth surface. Easy installation. Holds up to 8kg. Versatile


White Magic i-hook Shower Head

W10 x D4.5 x H10cm.

Easy installation. Instant use. Water/heat/cold resistant

Holds up to 8kg.


White Magic i-hook Towel Rail

45cm $34.95
W45 x D10 x H14xm.

70cm $44.95
W70 x D10.4 x H 9.5cm.

Easy installation. Polished stainless steel.


White Magic i-hook Pantry Rack

W30 x D10 x H10cm.

Easy installation. Holds up to 8kg. Maximise space. Polished stainless steel.


White Magic i-hook Hairdryer Holder

W10 x D12 x H23cm.

Easy installation. Maximise space. Polished stainless steel.


White Magic i-hook Bath Station

W25 x D6 X H14cm.

Easy installation. Rust-free. Polished stainless steel. Holds 4 toothbrushes/2 razors/2 tumblers


White Magic i-hook Large

W10 x D3.5 x H10cm.

Easy installation. Instant use. Water/heat/cold resistant


White Magic i-hook Handle

W10 x D3 x H10cm.

Apply to any smooth surface. Water/heat/cold resistant


White Magic i-hook Bathroom

W10 x D1.5 x H10 cm.

Ideal for storing soap, toothbrushes/toothpaste and razors.


White Magic i-hook Mini 4 Pack

W4.5 x D1.3 x H4.5cm.

Instant use. Water/heat/cold resistant. Reusable.


White Magic i-hook Toilet Paper Roll Holder

W14.2 x D7.1 x H3.8cm.

Rust-free. Polished stainless steel.


White Magic i-hook Sponge Holder

W8.8 x D4.3 x H6.7cm.

Heart-shaped product is made from quality polished rust proof stainless steel.


Howards Underbed Roller Box 52 Litre

W58 x D80.5 x H17cm.

Quality plastic. Wheels. 52 litres


Flocked Hanger Value Pack 20 Pack


Non-slip finish with chrome plated hooks. Ergonomically designed ends preserve garment shape.

Also available in cream.


Flocked Hanger with Bar Value Pack 20 Pack


Non-slip finish with chrome plated hooks. Ergonomically designed ends preserve garment shape.

Also available in cream.


Spacebag 2 Pack Travel


The pack contains one medium and one large travel bag. No vacuum required.


Spacebag 2 Pack Travel Bag Roll Up


This box contains 4 Roll up Bags, 2 Large Bags & 2 Medium Bags No vacuum required. Triples your storage space and protects from dust and bugs.


Easi-Store 45L Underbed with Wheels

W45 x D84 x H17cm.

Wheels. Locking lid. Stackable


Howards Totes from


Soft storage bin with chrome tote handles. Available in 3 sizes and a variety of colours. Totes will nest within each other.


Sweater Drawer Organisers

from $22.95

Includes a handy pull handle at the front for easy access. A range of storage drawer organisers available. Made from a beautiful polyester/cotton blend.



Tubtrugs are made from durable, virtually indestructible plastic. Designed with integrated handles and flexible, deep sides these ‘original flexible tubs’ are easy to clean and available in a range of bright colours and sizes.


Cesto Shopping Basket


Perfect for doing laundry, shopping or taking to the beach. Durable and versatile. Lightweight. Available in multiple colours.


Portable Clothes Dryer


Portable Clothes Dryer – 20 Peg. Perfect for drying small items of clothing. Hang where desired


Pop Up Hamper


Lightweight. Side handles. Large external pocket. Folds flat to save space.


Damp Rid Odour Genie


Damprid eliminates excess moisture in the air, prevents stains and damage cause by mould and mildew and eliminates odours caused by moisture.


Damp Rid Fragrance Free Hanging Bag


Great for bathrooms, wardrobes, laundry rooms, bedrooms, offices, kitchens, storage closets, boats and anywhere that excess moisture and stagnant air are a problem.


Leifheit Capri 10 Rung Clothes Airer

W102 x D58 x H93cm.

Will fit inside a bath if space is an issue. 10 metres of drying space. Child safety lock


Jaclyn Collapsible Box

W35.8 x D49 x H23.4cm.

Collapsible. Durable clear plastic design. Stackable.


Flex Box with Lid 45L

W49.6 x D37.5 x H35cm.

Quality plastic.Clip-on lid. Other sizes available.


Tabletop Ironing Board


Iron holder on side. Collapsible for easy storage.

Light weight making it easy to carry around the house


Need assistance? View our full range of products online or alternatively, take a few photos and sketches and visit our in-store experts (with measurements in hand!). We’re only too happy to help.

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