Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Part 2 : Student Wardrobe Makeover

Whether you’re a student or simply trying to overhaul your wardrobe when space and money is tight, we’re here to unveil the five essentials for a wardrobe makeover on a budget. We previously met with Karla and her partner Will during Part 1 (The Kitchen) of our two-part Student Budget Makeover.
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Part 2: Student Budget Wardrobe Makeover - 5 Essentials

When space and money is an issue, thinking outside the box without spending up big can really make a difference. Here are 5 essentials for a Wardrobe Makeover on a budget.

Part 1 - Wardrobe Makeover - The Basic Setup

Doing your wardrobe on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean going for the cheapest alternative. With a little forethought and planning your wardrobe makeover can be created in stages, not only allowing you to save for the ultimate solution but allowing you the time to determine what inclusions you really want.