There’s never been a better time to get organised!

……We were discussing the rapidly changing Covid 19 situation and how in a few short days it had impacted our friends, families and working lives. Maybe self-isolation at some point is inevitable. Here are some tips for using the extra time at home productively.

Weekly Meal Planner

Looking to get organised and take inventory of what food you have and meal plan for the week? Download the Howards Weekly Meal Planner to take the stress out of what to cook and eat for the week ahead.

Double Duty Laundries

Amy Kennedy, Professional Home Organiser from The Organising Bee explores 4 common types of double duty laundries. With careful planning of the layout and organisation, these double duty laundries can be both multi-functional and a beautiful space that you actually want to spend time in.

elfa Pantry – Get the look

To design a great pantry, you need to consider aesthetics, functionality, storage and workflow. We show you how to create an elfa pantry stacked with Howards organisers that will tick all the boxes!

elfa wardrobe

How to successfully share a wardrobe

So how do you successfully and harmoniously share a wardrobe? Here are TIDEE’s Top 5 Tips to make this everyday space practical and beautiful, whilst maintaining the peace with your wardrobe buddy.

Top Tips to make Meal Prepping work for you

Rebecca Mezzino, Professional Organiser and Declutter Coach shares her favourite tips for meal prepping. It’s all about working smarter, not harder to save time, money and energy every day.

An Organised Pantry

Love cooking but wish your pantry was a little more organised, tidy and had some kind of system in place? It can be easily achieved. Here is a little inspiration to help your create the organised Pantry you’ve always dreamed of great shelving, organised zones, space efficient containers and caddies. Howards shows you how.

Progressive ProKeeper Freezer Portion Pods

There are some products that are just really handy….and clever. Lexi Klaebe from Mum Central reviews the Progressive ProKeeper Freezer Pods and calls them a GAMECHANGER. See why…..


At Joseph Joseph they love solving everyday problems through intelligent design. The NEW Cupboardstore and Doorstore Ranges fulfill their mission to create storage with a ‘Brilliantly Useful Design’. See more….


Meet Strucket! The world’s first strainer-meet-bucket. An innovative system set to modernise the way you soak and drain. Invented by Sunshine Coast mother of 3, Kelly Lavery, the idea was spawned from a single moment of desperation. The very best of practicality with clever, innovative design.

Setting Routines for the School Year

Are you breathing a sigh of relief that the holidays are finally over and the kids are back at school? Professional Organiser Stephanie King shares her tips for setting good routines for the school year ahead.


Mandy Merlin, Professional Organiser, shares some simple steps and tips for reducing the stress of creating a healthy lunchbox that comes home empty.

The 6 top tips for creating an optimum study space for your kids

Jacqui Lea from Gervaise Interior Design shares her 6 top tips for creating an attractive functional space for the kids to study.

How Do You Store Your Christmas Decorations?

Chyka shows you how to pack away your Christmas decorations so they are in tip top shape for next year!

Celebrating In Style

Chyka says spending precious time with family and friends is the highlight of my Christmas season, and I love nothing more than welcoming them all into my home. One thing I always make sure I have on hand is a delicious drink…..

Are You Travelling These Holidays?

Travel Tips from Chyka Keebaugh – When you travel a lot, you work out very fast what is worth lugging across the other side of the world and what is not!

5 Helpful Hints on How to Organise Your House More Efficiently

Jules Hopkins from Housetipster shares 5 Helpful Hints on How to Organise Your House More Efficiently

Good Storage Sells Houses

Looking to sell your home? Professional Organiser Anita Birges has styled 100’s of houses for sale and says ‘Good storage sells houses’. Here she show you you some easy ways to add value to your home.

Shelving Systems At Howards

Do you ever feel that you have no room to store anything?
Good shelving can increase and maximise your storage space and literally transform the way you live every day.

Howards the Wine Storage Specialists

Wine cellars come in many shapes and sizes as does the wine that resides within them. The way we store our wine really comes down to how much we need to store and how often we need to access the collection. Howard are specialists in wine storage…..

Makeovers That Don’t Cost The Earth

Is your home looking tired? Are you feeling uninspired? The good news is you don’t need a total home renovation in order to change things up. There are plenty of easy and inexpensive things you can do to your home that will make it look bright and fresh again. And the good news is there are also plenty of budget ideas that are earth-friendly too.

Creating order even in the smallest bathrooms

No matter how big or small your bathroom is it is easy to maximise space and maintain order in your bathroom while keeping everything within easy reach. Decluttering coach Ulrike Cao explains how.