5 Items to Toss From Your Kitchen Right Now!

kitchen organisation

The kitchen is possibly the most active room in the house and there’s every chance your centralised hub may need a clean ASAP! The Howard’s step-by-step guide for a clean kitchen is perfect for anyone!

Regardless of how overwraught with extra shopping bags and tins of tomato it may be, you don’t need to set aside hours and hours to get it organised.

We’ve got five easy-to-action quick tips that’ll leave you feeling pretty chuffed with yourself, and your kitchen ready ‘n’ raring for the impending entertaining season.

Read more for the best tips and tricks for a clean kitchen! Let’s go!

1. Clean Out The Crisper For A Clean Kitchen

There’s nothing worse than finding limp fruit and veg in the bottom of your crisper. Not only is it a waste of food, it’ll take its toll on your hip pocket too. Here’s the thing, fruits and vegetables give off ethylene gas; exposing produce to ethylene gas speeds up the ripening process, causing it to over ripen and go bad. But we’ve got a solution or two for you! Firstly, pull everything out of the crisper and discard anything that is no longer edible. Give your crisper a good clean out with soap and water; and dry it well. Now you have a clean fresh slate, consider using a Keep Fresh Cartridge. The first crucial step for a clean kitchen.

keep your fruit & veg fresh

This handy and inexpensive product will keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 6 weeks longer and ensure it retains its vital nutrients for longer too. You see this safe and non-toxic device eliminates harmful ethylene gas from your crisper. To use simply place the Keep Fresh cartridge in your refrigerator and it’ll do its job for three months. Once used, you can safely discard the sachet of Keepfresh power pellets with your regular rubbish disposal and continue to extend the life of your fresh food thanks to a Keepfresh Refill.

Keep Fresh Cartridge

Alternatively, our Oxo Greensaver Containers (available in 1.5L, 4L and 4.7L capacities) use an activated carbon filter to absorb ethylene gas. Inside each container is an elevated basket, which promotes airflow to prevent rotting (this can be removed and used as a colander too). Given that fruit and vegetables require the perfect balance of humidity to keep them crisp and prevent wilting, each container has an adjustable vent that slides open and closed so you can manage humidity levels. The perfect way to compartmentalise your crisper and keep fruit and veg fresh. Greensaver, like all Howards kitchen products is BPA free.

2. Check Your Condiments

It’s easy to lose food to the depths of your pantry. Whether you store your cans and condiments on a shelf or within a walk in pantry, food can get lost in the pantry abyss when not organised correctly. But we can fix that. Much the same as your crisper, pull everything out of your pantry, and throw out anything that is past its ‘used by’ date; you may find yourself surprised at what’s been lurking up the back! Give your shelves or drawers a wipe down, group the remaining items together and consider one of these handy solutions:

Enter the Howards Wide and Narrow Pull Out Organisers. When it comes to storage space, these handy products maximise the full depth of a shelf. With two handy, movable dividers this durable plastic organiser features relatively high sides as well as an integrated lip/handle to ensure your food is easy to find and reach; and you never lose anything to the back of your shelf again!

Similarly, our range of Interdesign Linus Pullz will keep your pantry organised and make light work of maximizing usable space too. Hard-wearing and durable, these lightweight “pullz” ensure you have easy accessibility and visibility to stored items. From cans and condiments to spices and packets, the contents of your pantry are safe to store here!

Our tiered shelf helpers will help to combat the ‘back of the cupboard’ problem too; take our Mesh Expandable Three Tier Step Shelf for example. Made from a steel construction, this handy solution creates three layers of tiered storage, will boost visible space and can be extended/retracted to suit your cupboard or bench space. Alternatively, it can be used as two separate units. Lightweight and easy to store, this step shelf is versatile and is key to ensuring your storage space stretches that little bit further and ensures a clean kitchen.

3. Out With the Old, In With the Airtight

What’s the state of your breakfast cereals? Indeed, how are your open packets of pasta and other dry goods faring? When not stored in an airtight container, these foods will fall prey to the stale-side; not to mention, give pantry moths an open invitation to your kitchen. Throw out any stale dry goods, give your shelves a quick wipe over while you’re here and invest in a series of good quality airtight containers! Airtight containers are the easiest solution for an organised and clean kitchen.

Take the Oxo Pop Container system. The containers have a unique push button mechanism that creates an airtight seal with just one touch. The button also serves as a handle to lift off the lid.

The Oxo pop Containers are designed for modular stacking so that you can efficiently organise your bench or pantry. Their square and rectangular shapes make the most of any storage space, whilst their corners allow for easy pouring.

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, and with a handle, you can’t go past the Aamina Storers. These are genius. Available in 9.6L and 4.8L capacities these are the ultimate container for storing items such as cereal, rice and flour. The body of the container is made from clear plastic, which makes it easy to see what’s inside, and the handle ensures simple and safe access when needed. Stackable and complete with a flexible lid, this system is dishwasher safe and is perfect for keeping your dry goods in ship shape for longer.

4. Recycle Excess Shopping Bags

Australians use about 3.9 billion lightweight supermarket shopping bags every year! Mostly as a single use item, so there’s a good chance you have a number of shopping bags stockpiling in a kitchen cupboard right now. Don’t keep any more than you need and group those bags in an easy to access spot within the kitchen. The pressing question is; what to do with your leftovers? While some council’s accept plastic bags in their kerbside recycling bins, you should check with your council to see if that’s indeed the case for your address, otherwise keep them out of the recycling bins as they can get caught up in the processing machinery and contaminate other recycling streams. Alternatively, many supermarkets have a front of store bin that accepts single use plastic shopping bags and reusable ‘green bags’ for recycling.

For those that want to say no to plastic grocery bags once and for all, consider purchasing Reusable Trolley Shopping Bags. To use, hang the bags at the back of your trolley and shop as normal. With your groceries on the conveyor, simply rack the trolley bags into your emptied trolley; spread out the trolley bags and instantly you have multiple bags to pack and sort with both hands!

5. Lose All Non-Essential Items

Having enough storage space is key, particularly when you’re organising the kitchen.

If you have any non-essential items taking up prime real estate within your hub, it’s time to move them along. Hands up if you have an appliance or two hanging around the kitchen that you never actually use? Well we’ve all been there. Depending on the state of those under-utilised items, save on storage space by donating, selling or tossing them. Don’t put it off – today is the day! Pull them out of the pantry and deal with them now.

Naturally some appliances can be cumbersome, so if you’re having difficulty storing the remaining items, consider grouping these in appropriately sized storage boxes. By incorporating repetition (and a good labelling system!) you create consistency and visual calm, making the space feel organised, neat and tidy.

Consider Howards Easi Store. Made from high-grade plastic, Easi Store is durable, food safe; great for long-term storage, stackable and each tub contains a locking lid so you can store anything, anywhere. Furthermore it’s BPA free and available in multiple sizes.

Similarly, Howards Flex Box with Lid is available in three handy sizes, is made from quality easy clean plastics, has integrated handles and is complete with a sturdy clip on lid.

Take these suggestions as words of encouragement  to let go of the old and embrace what works for you, and turn your kitchen into a clean kitchen.


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