5 Simple tricks for a Man’s Organised Wardrobe

By Professional Organiser Linda Eagleton

In general, men’s wardrobes can be easier to organise than women’s. Men usually don’t need as much full-length hanging space and they don’t have as many different ‘types’ of clothing as women – skirts, short dresses, long dresses etc. Having said that, if it is not organised properly it can be a cluttered mountain of mess in no time! So, here are my 5 simple tricks to a man’s organised wardrobe.


Declutter what no longer works

Yes, regardless of who you are, this is always the first step to an organised space. If it no longer fits but is still in good condition, donate to your local charity. If clothes are ripped or stained – it’s time to go! This can be a challenge if it’s the favourite t-shirt or a sentimental footy jersey from a previous sports life. Even in my house, hubby does not want to part with the history of past season jerseys. Our solution – just keeping the patches from each one as memorabilia.


Sort clothing into different categories

Sort into piles of shorts, pants, t-shirts, dress shirts, jumpers, pyjamas etc. Think about the space you have and what will work best to fold versus hang. If you are short on hanging space, fold all short and long sleeve t-shirts as well as jumpers. Also, jeans can be folded in either half or thirds, depending on the depth of your shelves.

My preference is always to fold jumpers to keep their shape better. These can be stacked on an open shelf or folded and stored ‘Marie Kondo’ style in a drawer so you can see all of them properly, for an organised wardrobe.


Add drawers for gym gear

Gym and sports gear are often made of material like nylon and polyester, that is hard to keep neatly folded. Rather than constantly battling with toppling piles on open shelves, considering using drawers like the Elfa Mesh system that can sit within the wardrobe. Think about storing the socks in here too, separating them from everyday and work socks. This will help you gain space for an organised wardrobe.


Use quality hangers

Suits and work shirts can be expensive. Help ensure their longevity by using good quality hangers so the clothes can sit nicely. Suit jackets tend to be heavy so the hangers need to be strong and sturdy also, like the Timber Wide Shoulder Hanger.

If clothes are dry-cleaned, get them out of those plastic bags as soon as possible, airing first if needed to get rid of any chemical odours. Then make sure to transfer clothes to the proper hangers. Put the wire hangers near the front door to return to the drycleaner next time you’re there!

For any formal suits or a tux that may only be needed a few times a year, think about a suit bag to protect them from dust and dampness.

Hopefully, a few of these tips can help create an organised wardrobe and make it a bit less daunting every time you go to open it!

Linda Eagleton is a Professional Organiser and founder of Creative Surrounds based in Sydney. Linda is also a Professional Member and Advisory Board Member of the IOPO – Institute of Professional Organisers.



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