5 Spring Clean Activities for your Wardrobe

Can you feel that? It’s a warm spring breeze and it’s signaling that it’s high time you spring-sorted your wardrobe. With winter all but over for another year, it’s time to sort through your wardrobe, pack away your winter blankets, archive your out of season clothing and make a little extra room for those spring items lurking in your online shopping cart! It’s the best time of the year for a spring clean!

We know the wardrobe purge can be exciting and yet stressful at the same time. So here are five spring clean activities that’ll declutter your life and get the job done…

1. Pack Away Your Winter Quilts

The nights are warmer and with spring now in full swing it’s time to relegate your winter doona and blankets to the linen cupboard. Before you archive these bulky items (and bust out the spring/summer quilts), give your winter wares a good clean. Whether you wash these at home or make a trip to the dry cleaner, ensure your items are dried thoroughly before you pack them away as any wetness will attract mould and mildew. Once clean and dried, use quilts bag to keep your doonas fresh until next year.

Howards Storage Bag Large – Black is a heavy-duty, durable archiving solution that will reduce bulk and protect your belongings from mildew, insects, dirt and moisture. It features a zip closure and it’s easy to wipe clean.

Alternatively Howards Storage Bag Large – Black is another great way to store out of season blankets, quilts and other bulky manchester. This bag features a zip closure and thanks to its transparency, it’s easy to see what’s inside.

Space Bag Vacuum Bags are another good option for those with limited storage, condensing the volume of these bulky items and the Howards Easi Store Underbed Box with Wheels will help to utilise any space under the bed while keeping your blankets and doonas clean for next year.

2. Archive Out-Of-Season Clothes

With your bulky items now packed away, it’s time to tackle your clothing. Just in time for a spring clean. Firstly, pull out all your winter jackets, coats and jumpers and give each piece a good inspection. Now is the perfect time to mend anything that needs it, donate clothes you no longer want and clean those items you plan to keep for next winter. Consider though, when packing away your kids clothes they will do a lot of growing in a twelve month period, so unless you plan to hand clothes onto a sibling, there’s no point in hanging onto your child’s entire winter wardrobe for next year.

The same goes for you! If there are items in your wardrobe you no longer wear, donate, sell or toss them away. To ensure your clothing lasts, its imperative you ward off pests and mould. Did you know dry cleaning your natural fibre clothing will kill moth larvae and adult months? Alternatively, if you’re not mad on dry cleaning, freezing your clothes will kill any pests the same way dry cleaning does (strange but true!).

As with your manchester, make sure your items are completely dried before storing away. For instance, in terms of storage, if you’re after a stackable solution, consider Howard’s durable Easi-Store Tubs with wheels and locking lids. Alternatively our airtight, watertight, reusable Space Bag vacuum bags will triple your storage space.

3. Pack Away Winter Boots Properly

Hands up those with at least one pair of boots? Let’s be honest, they’re a winter staple; so to ensure they’re ready for you next winter it’s important to store them correctly. It’s true, boots are often cumbersome. However, the key is finding a solution that will suit you; all the while protecting your boots from dust, creasing and being crushed.

Let’s find one for you:

Inflatable Boot Shaper

Protect your boots from the inside out. Perfect for knee high boots; these inflatable supports prevent your boots from bending and creasing. Space saving, lightweight and available in three new designs, these are reusable and ensure your boots can be stored either upright or horizontally. Even better? They simply deflate when not in use.

BTS1630 boot storer

Boot Keeper Clip

Easy to use and a cinch to store, this product will keep your prized winter boots upright, in-shape and wrinkle-free. Complete with a rounded handle/hook, when you’re not using your boots, simply hang the ring on a doorknob or store them neatly in the base of your wardrobe.

Underbed Easi-Store with Wheels

Whether you’re archiving out of season clothing, storing linen or clothes, this item provides endless storage opportunities and it will sit neatly under your bed! Made from high-grade plastic, Easi-Store is great for long-term storage, is stackable, has a locking lid and wheels for easy access.

PJ066 HOwards Easi Store with wheels

Set of 3 Boot Boxes

While ventilation holes keep the fresh air flowing through these boxes, transparent sides reveal contents so it’s easy to find your favourite boots when you need them.

Complete with lightweight plastic frames, these products simply fold up when no longer needed – and what’s more – they’re stackable and economical.

4. Reorganise your Underwear Drawer

With your wardrobe all but organised and your winter doonas, clothes and boots under control, spring heralds a big farewell to stockings and tights and all those other layers that help keep us warm throughout winter. Yep, it’s time to overhaul your underwear drawer!

The main cause of underwear drawer turmoil is frankly having TOO MUCH OF IT. Take a close look and there are bound to be items you’ve been meaning to throw away for years… and do it!

This is a great opportunity to toss out any underwear that is past its prime and stock up on new staples that will keep you comfortable throughout spring and summer. Furthermore, when you’re re-organising your drawer, divide and conquer your space with a Diamond Drawer Organiser and consider what you wear more often than not (so you can ensure those items are at the front of your drawer!).

Customise your drawers and create separate sections in a drawer with Dream Drawer Dividers.  The spring loaded drawer dividers stay put and are perfect for the bedroom to separate your socks and undies!!

5. Put in a Fresh Humidifier

Prevent mould and the health problems it causes! When archiving your winter wares, keep humidity to a minimum as it causes mould, marks and odours. Not sure where to start? Here at Howards we have so many different options to help you.

Damprid; this handy helper comes in various hanging or freestanding bucket forms, eliminates excess moisture in the air, prevents stains and damage cause by mould and mildew; and removes odours caused by moisture. These won’t dry the air excessively and they’re ideal to use anywhere that excess moisture and stagnant air is a problem.

Need to repel bugs? Cedar Fresh is a reliable natural choice!

closet tools
ken32173 Wardrobe helper

Follow these steps and your wardrobe will be spring-ready & organised for everything to come. Enjoy!


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