5 Top Ideas For Making Your Kitchen School Ready

You may have already been to the uniform shop, stocked up on stationery and purchased a new lunch box and drink bottle for your little one(s) but as the new school year commences, new routines call for revised organisation strategies within the kitchen. Get school ready, save precious time as well as your kitchen from chaos with our 5 Top Tips…

Tip 1: Create A Breakfast Zone

It all starts with a good breakfast, or indeed, easy access to it. We all have different shaped kitchens so suffice to say, it makes no difference whether you allocate a drawer, shelf or cupboard to your breakfast essentials, they just need a designated spot. Allowing your kids to be self sufficient from an early age will set them up for good habits, so group your breakfast items at your child’s height and encourage independence from the start of the day. To ensure you make it easy to transfer breakfast items from the fridge / pantry to your table, place your cereal in airtight containers to maintain freshness and group condiments in easy to reach caddies.

Tip 2: Start a Lunch Box and Snack Station

Keep small snacks corralled within one of our many caddies. In much the same vein as the Breakfast Zone, the Snack Station should be easy to access by the kids and filled with nutritious, help-yourself-healthy treats as well as lunch and snack bags/containers. Not only will it speed up the ‘lunch box’ pick and pack process it’ll be easy to keep an inventory and see when supplies are running low. More than just an accessible snack stop, by storing these school essentials alongside your high access breakfast items you continue with the ‘self sufficient’ message as the kids pack their own lunches.


Tip 3: Prep Your Fridge and Freezer

This lends itself to Tip 2 in so far as creating space for school lunch items; naturally, these ones need to be chilled. Clear out a section of your lowest fridge shelf and store items such as sandwiches, pre-prepared chopped veggies, fruit, yoghurts and cheese sticks. Each weekend, freeze sandwiches and any home made treats for the week and place pre-cut veggies and fruit into individual serves within the fridge; the kids are more likely to opt for healthy foods if the prep work has been done for them (and think about how much time you’ll save each morning!).

Bananas are always hard to keep in their prime. Use a Banana Bag and keep your bananas in the fridge. This can extend the life of your bananas by up to 2 weeks. The Banana Bag provides the exact amount of insulation and air needed to stop a banana over-ripening, while keeping the skin warm enough to prevent it from blackening.


Tip 4: Be Ready For Afternoon Tea

Ever noticed that kids are always so hungry after school? Things can spiral into an afternoon funk pretty quickly when kids are hungry and tired. Make it easy for them (and you!) by being a little organised with snacks that won’t spoil their dinner. Whether they’re homemade or store bought, keep baked goods in durable airtight containers to extend the life of your food. Throw in some good health and get creative with an apple corer and peeler!

Tip 5: Review Your Containers

The majority of us use containers every single day so have you got the right system in place for the school year ahead? Whether you’re searching for a smaller container for housing veggie sticks, a mid-sized storer for containing leftovers or a large container for bulk homemade freezable food, we have the huge range of high quality, BPA free containers on offer that will streamline the pantry, keep your fridge in order and ultimately help you and your kitchen to sail through the demands of the coming school year!

Why Not?

  • Place a white board in the kitchen for all family members to add groceries to? Either write down the list before you head to the shops or take a photo of the list on your phone.
  • Take your kids with you on your next grocery run? Talk with them about the foods they’d like to have in their lunch bag and start the conversation about nutrition and well-being.
  • Talk with your kids about your weekly meal plan; if the leftovers from one or two dinners can double as ‘lunch’, you’ll save time and stretch the weekly grocery bill.

Seems easy to make the kitchen school ready right? Let’s get it done!

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