How to get the best from your collection

Hands up those of you who (way back when!) enjoyed playing dressups? As kids it was so much fun accessorising with mum’s string of pearls and her oversized bangles, fossicking through drawers brimming with scarves, and tottering around in extra large high heels. Well, we’re here to say that assembling the right adult outfit can be a lot of fun too, particularly when you can see what accessories you’ve got to work with.

Truth be told, whether you’re getting ready for work or a night out, the right accessories will make or break an outfit. Whether your collection of jewellery, belts, scarves, hats and shoes is big or small, having them properly stored, protected and easily accessible will help preserve the longevity of these coveted items, and ensure getting ready is quick and, well, fun!


Why and How to store your Jewellery with Stylist Natalie Edel

Photo by : Phil Sheather

We spoke with personal Stylist and Founder of TheStylistCo, Natalie Edel on how to extend the life of your accessories…..

Why is storing your accessories so important?

A recent study revealed that on average women spend over $125,000 on clothing and accessories in a lifetime. These ‘pieces’ are essentially investments. While clothing is more often trend-driven, accessories tend to be timeless so we need to store them correctly so they stand the test of time. Having your accessories organised will also make life so much easier too. I always say to my clients; when you present your wardrobe nicely, it’s like shopping in a shop everyday.

How should we store our jewellery?

Separate your sentimental pieces from your junk jewellery and cull anything you no longer wear. Anything that didn’t make the cut set aside to sell, donate or pop in the kids dress up box. Quick and easy access is really important. By the time you get to accessorise you’re probably close to running out the door. Personally I use an in-drawer solution similar to the flock lined Howards Jewellery Trays but the transparent Allure range is also great for access and easy visibility. If you’re looking to save space the 8 Pocket Organiser will hang neatly in your wardrobe.

So how can you get the best from your collection of accessories? Lets take a closer look…

1. Know What You Have!

Accessories can all too often be found shoved into the top shelf of a wardrobe, strewn across any number of small jewellery containers or (gasp!) dumped at the base of a wardrobe (think handbags and shoes). Pull everything out; see what you have, compare your accessories to the clothes within your wardrobe, separate the sentimental pieces from the items you wear everyday items and cull anything that no longer suits or that you simply don’t wear. It’s going to take a little time but it’ll help in the long run. Anything that didn’t make the cut set aside to sell, donate or create a truly fun dress up box for your children! As you’re going through this sorting process, remember that quick and easy access is really important. By the time you get to accessorise you’re probably close to running out the door; be clear on what’s in your collection!

2.  Look for Vertical Storage Opportunities

This point really applies to all your accessories; hats, scarves, belts, ties, shoes, jewellery; you name it. You see, with your much love ‘pieces’ tucked away in drawers and unlabelled boxes, it can be really hard to keep a track of what you have, much less where it’s located. If you’re starting from scratch, consider using Elfa, Neata, or Easy-Build to customise a wardrobe or a ‘station’ which includes dedicated vertical storage areas for all your accessories.

Elfa Wardrobe and Accessories Solution | White and White Trim

Neata wardrobe | Classic White and White Trims

Easy-Build Units create great versatile storage

For those of you with an existing wardrobe, try rearranging the contents to allow for the use of specialised clear shoe boxes, high quality storage boxes, jewellery stackers or one of our other temporary wardrobe solutions; and remember to utilise the space behind your door! With a solid vertical solution to work from, you’ll essentially create an easy to see and access place for all your favourite accessories.

3. Hang It!

Have you seen our range of hangers?

You see, with over 60 hangers in our range, Howards are hanger specialists and yes, we’ve got a juicy collection dedicated just for accessories.

Here’s where your vertical storage solution really comes into play.

For your scarves, consider the Flocked Scarf Hanger which holds 14 scarves, or Howards Timber Scarf Hanger  which has space for up to 10.

Use a Belt Hanger for Long Necklaces, and a 5 Tier Open Hanger for Scarves

Hold 12 belts with Howards Timber Belt Hanger  or the chrome plated Elfa® Tie/Belt Rack which, as it’s moniker suggests is a handy two-in-one hanger – it has an impressive 36 hooks! 24 ties and 4 belts can be kept neat and accessible on the Howards PVC Tie Hanger or consider using a Howards Timber Tie Hanger which holds 12 ties. All of these solutions will save space and keep all your accessories grouped in one easy to access spot.


4. Protect Your Handbags

Handbags, so often, tend to draw the short straw when it comes to storage; essentially investment pieces, caring for these items is key to ensuring they last the distance. Keep handbags that are on high rotation easily accessible and seasonally archive any other handbags, remembering to stuff archived bags with tissue paper – it will help to keep their shape! So what should we be using? Howards Handbag Holder  will hold 14 handbags, includes a number of small pockets for clutches and will quite simply hang in your wardrobe. For those of you with limited in-wardrobe space, we have a wide range of over the door solutions including (but not limited to!):

The 5 Hook Over-The-Door Butterfly Hook  fits standard door sizes, while the 8 Knob Over-The-Door Hook  has a satin finish and 8 wooden knobs. Do you have a smaller collection? Try the 3 Prong Revolving Over The Door Hook – with three swivel hooks and no installation required, this chrome option will certainly last the distance!

Add an Over the Door Hook for extra storage without the need to drill!

Use a Dedicated Handbag Holder to protect your handbags and purses

Use the space under your bed with a 45L Easi-Store Underbed Box

5. Invest in Quality Jewellery Storage

Howards really shines in the jewellery storage category. We have a huge range of solutions which vary in style, cost and size; all of which will help preserve your treasured jewels and many which are designed to grow with your collection of jewellery.

Take the Stackers Expanding Jewellery Drawer Tray for example. This large sized expandable organiser is complete with 14 flock-lined sections (12 when not expanded). The ultimate jewellery storage solution this luxurious, customizable item is designed to fit inside most drawers, can be placed on a shelf within your wardrobe or on a dresser and extends from 40cm to 67cm. Couple this solution with other trays from our Stackers range (all sold separately and available in multiple configurations and sizes) as your collection grows.

Click HERE to see our other Jewellery Organisers.


Prefer to hang your jewellery within your wardrobe or on the back of your door? The double sided 44 Pocket Organiser is in-wardrobe friendly, as is the Umbra Little Black Tee (which features 19 hook and loop tabs, as well as 28 clear pockets).

6. Contain it, Box It!

Howards have a great selection of storage boxes and shoe boxes; and while storage boxes are perfect for housing hats and handbags, it’s important to label each storage box so you can quickly and easily identify the contents. Our Elegance range of premium boxes are the top of our wishlist!

A Shoe Box will stack really easily and protect your shoes. Similar to your bag storage, pop tissue paper in the tips of your heels so they don’t lose their shape; and take care of your boots by placing these in a long underbed easi-store 6 Shoe Box with inflatable Boot Shapers or a dedicated Boot Box

View our detailed article on shoe storage HERE.

Totes are the answer for easy hidden storage for other accessories. With a range of sizes available, group your belts and scarves for easy accessibility.

Dedicated Shoe and Boot Boxes will protect your investment

Storage Boxes protect from dust, stack and maximise space

7. Sort your drawers

Out of sight out of mind, the drawer is prime real estate when storing your accessories. For ties, jewellery, scarves, and bras, a little infrastructure goes a long way!

And last, but definitely not least:

8. Consider the Cost

You can spend a fortune on accessories so it makes sense that you invest in solutions to store them properly. It’s almost unfathomable to think we are happy to hand over hundreds of dollars for a pair of shoes only to throw them in the wardrobe at the end of the day. While clothing trends change all the time, jewellery and accessories are timeless and they can stand the test of time if we take care of them with effective storage.

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