Oxo pop 2.0 Containers

Oxo Pop 2.0 Containers and Accessories

Oxo Pop Food Storage Containers keep food fresher for longer. Quality containers with a unique push button mechanism creates an airtight seal with one touch and clever accessories simply make cooking easier. See why we love them! Once you POP.....
christmas-Present and socks

Secret Santa Gift Giving

Professional Organiser Jennifer Mainfield shares her top tips to Kris Kringle gift giving. Make it fun, make it fair, enjoy the buying and the giving!


Amy Kennedy, Professional Home Organiser from The Organising Bee shares her top 6 tips to refresh the bin and under sink areas so that they are functional and easy to maintain.
Christmas Decoration Storage

Make Space for Christmas

Rebecca Mezzino Professional Organiser and Declutter Coach shares 3 ways you can Make Space for Christmas so your holiday can be stress and clutter-free!

Christmas Gifts for Her

Unwanted gifts that become Christmas clutter can be avoided. Lauren Winzar – Decluttering & Organising Coach shares her srategies to get what you want for Christmas!
Maria Patisso - Organise My Life

Planning Your Festive Menu

Christmas the time of the year to showcase beautiful culinary delights and over indulge a little. Plan your festive menu so you can enjoy the day with loved ones, rather than being stuck in the kitchen stressing out. Professional Organiser Maria Patisso shares her tips to prepare and enjoy the day!
Christmas Cards Display

Planning for the end of the School Year

Arwen Dropmann shares her tips to be ready for the end of the school year. Her 4Ps - Planning, Partying, Preserving and Prepping, will help you feel calmer, more in control and ready for the new year.
Smartstore Compact Organisers

Sharing a Bathroom with Children

Sharing a bathroom with multiple people can be tricky. Simplifying the organisation and storage systems within a shared bathroom, can make it easier for your children to comfortably share the space. Here Amy Kennedy, Professional Organiser from the Organising Bee shares different ways to maintain an organised bathroom when shared by children of different ages.
Bonnie Black and little home organised

Little Home Organised

Bonnie and Lily are sisters and the super talented duo behind The Little Home Organised podcast. Their aim is to help the everyday person take small steps to declutter and get organised and reclaim time for the things they love. ‘Progress, not perfection’ is their motto. Read their inspiring story....

Refresh your Pantry

In your Spring clean out, tackling and refreshing your Pantry is usually top of the list of things to do. An organised Pantry will save time and money every day. Fiona Mason from Ace of Space has some top tips to organise this hard working area of the home.
organised fridge

Fridge Refresh

Spring is the perfect time to refresh and organise your Fridge ready for the beautiful, healthy fresh produce of the seasons ahead.
Anita caravan kitchen

Organised caravan

An organised holiday is a relaxed holiday, says Anita Birges, Professional Orgnaiser from mise en place.Anita shares some clever tips, tricks  and guidelines that will set yourself up for success on your caravan trip and show you how to stay organised whilst you are away.
baby hands

Things Dad doesn't know he needs to be organised

There are many areas where 'Dad' or the man in your life could benefit from being organised and some items that can help him get there that he may not even know about… Linda Eagelton, Professional Organiser shares her tips to get him organised :)
Nicki Kenvyn - Vineyard

Wine Storage: Nicki Kenvyn Shows Us How

Wine is a living, breathing substance, and how you store it can directly affect how it tastes in the glass. Nicki Kenvyn loves everything to do with wine, from drinking to making it. Here she shares her tips to store and organise your wine at home.
Interdesign Linus Drawers Spice Rack

Storing Spices

The best place to store your spices is going to depend entirely on the layout of your kitchen and how much space you have available.and there are many options (including cupboards, drawers, and wall-mounted racks). Beverley Sheepers from Home and Life Organising shares her tips on making space for spices.

Toilet Brushes to suit every bathroom

Toilet brushes are a bit of a taboo subject. Professional Organiser Anita Birges shares some of Howards favourite toilet brushes. Our extensive range of stylish, innovative toilet brushes really is hard to beat!

5 Steps to Help You Organise for the Unexpected

When unexpected things happen in your life it can really throw you. Arwen Dropmann from Calm Space Professional Organising looks at some simple steps you can start taking right now to help you organise your home and life for when unexpected events come knocking.

4 steps to organising your household waste & recycling

Managing waste can be overwhelming. With a bit of thought and planning, you can create a system that is easy to manage and also contributes to a better future for our planet. Sarah Deitz from Reclaim Your Space takes you through the 4 steps to organise your waste and recycling at home.

Do you Love Food, But Hate Waste?

How much food do you throw away every week? According to the NSW government, the average household in NSW throws away almost $80 worth of food a week, or $3,800 per year… The good news is, there are plenty of ways to reduce the amount of food waste you produce! Professional Organiser Stephanie King shares her tips.
Stasher Bags

Stasher Silicone Bags

Designed to fulfill the profound need for an environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic sandwich bag comes the Stasher! Here are some great recipe ideas you can use with your stasher bags.

Recycling Bins

We are all more mindful of recycling our rubbish better these days. Look for a quality bin, one that is not destined for the rubbish tip itself in the near future!! Here a 5 of our best recycling bins.

Attic Conversion - Use Your Roof Space

Realising the potential of your roof space will add value to your home. Get in the experts to transform it into a clean, safe, accessible, functional and cost-effective space. An extra room with easy access and a few clever storage organisers can be life changing.......

3 Simple steps to conquering the laundry

Laundry and washing clothes can be even more challenging coming into the colder months, especially if you are in a unit or place where space is tight. Professional Organiser Dawn Tindall shares some tips for conquering the laundry.
Tansel in the kitchen

How to be organised

We live in a chaotic world and dream of an organised life. But one persons idea of 'organised' can be very different to an others. It is really finding your balance and contentment with the organised space.
clutter buster

Makeup Makeover

Are you looking to simplify your makeup routine? Or do you want to be able to access it all easily? Here are some tips to Makeover your Makeup.

There's never been a better time to get organised!

......We were discussing the rapidly changing Covid 19 situation and how in a few short days it had impacted our friends, families and working lives. Maybe self-isolation at some point is inevitable. Here are some tips for using the extra time at home productively.

Weekly Meal Planner

Looking to get organised and take inventory of what food you have and meal plan for the week? Download the Howards Weekly Meal Planner to take the stress out of what to cook and eat for the week ahead.

Double Duty Laundries

Amy Kennedy, Professional Home Organiser from The Organising Bee explores 4 common types of double duty laundries. With careful planning of the layout and organisation, these double duty laundries can be both multi-functional and a beautiful space that you actually want to spend time in.

elfa Pantry - Get the look

To design a great pantry, you need to consider aesthetics, functionality, storage and workflow. We show you how to create an elfa pantry stacked with Howards organisers that will tick all the boxes!
elfa wardrobe

How to successfully share a wardrobe

So how do you successfully and harmoniously share a wardrobe? Here are TIDEE’s Top 5 Tips to make this everyday space practical and beautiful, whilst maintaining the peace with your wardrobe buddy.

An Organised Pantry

Love cooking but wish your pantry was a little more organised, tidy and had some kind of system in place? It can be easily achieved. Here is a little inspiration to help your create the organised Pantry you've always dreamed of great shelving, organised zones, space efficient containers and caddies. Howards shows you how.

What's new from Joseph Joseph?

At Joseph Joseph they love solving everyday problems through intelligent design. The NEW Cupboardstore and Doorstore Ranges fulfill their mission to create storage with a 'Brilliantly Useful Design'. See more....

Strucket the Straining Bucket

Meet Strucket! The world’s first strainer-meet-bucket. An innovative system set to modernise the way you soak and drain. Invented by Sunshine Coast mother of 3, Kelly Lavery, the idea was spawned from a single moment of desperation. The very best of practicality with clever, innovative design.

Setting Routines for the School Year

Are you breathing a sigh of relief that the holidays are finally over and the kids are back at school? Professional Organiser Stephanie King shares her tips for setting good routines for the school year ahead.

Reducing School Lunch Stress

Mandy Merlin, Professional Organiser, shares some simple steps and tips for reducing the stress of creating a healthy lunchbox that comes home empty.

Celebrating In Style

Chyka says spending precious time with family and friends is the highlight of my Christmas season, and I love nothing more than welcoming them all into my home. One thing I always make sure I have on hand is a delicious drink.....

Good Storage Sells Houses

Looking to sell your home? Professional Organiser Anita Birges has styled 100's of houses for sale and says 'Good storage sells houses'. Here she show you you some easy ways to add value to your home.

Shelving Systems

Do you ever feel that you have no room to store anything? Good shelving can increase and maximise your storage space and literally transform the way you live every day.
Cellarstak Wine storage

Howards the Wine Storage Specialists

Wine cellars come in many shapes and sizes as does the wine that resides within them. The way we store our wine really comes down to how much we need to store and how often we need to access the collection. Howard are specialists in wine storage.....

Makeovers That Don't Cost The Earth

Is your home looking tired? Are you feeling uninspired? The good news is you don’t need a total home renovation in order to change things up. There are plenty of easy and inexpensive things you can do to your home that will make it look bright and fresh again. And the good news is there are also plenty of budget ideas that are earth-friendly too.
Rebecca Mezzino portrait

Behind the door

Professional Organiser Rebecca Mezzino shares her top tips to utilise behind the door and maximise your storage. There are many ways to use the space behind your door, using both temporary and permanent measures..
Hanna Ferrier Below Deck Mediterranean


Hanna Ferrier formerly from Below Deck Mediterranean, sought the expertise of Anita Birges to makeover her pantry with elfa and revolutionise the way she used this space. See the makeover...
Brooke Townsend Bella Abode Portrait

Work Smart

Work and home life have merged into one in the last couple of years, more than ever before, and working smart and an organised desk is essential. Brooke Townsend shares her top tips for getting back to work.

A New School Year

Get organised for a new school year with Maria Patisso Professional Organiser and a mum of 2. Ensure the kids ready and prepared for Back to school with these great tips.


To have a Cellar is a dream for many of us. Storing our wine at optimum temperatures and aging it to perfection is an art. Julie Whiting, Company founder and Professional Organiser of the Decluttering Co shares her top tips to cellaring wine.
Maria Patisso Professional Organiser - Organise My Life


Preparing your for home Christmas can make the festive season a little less stressful and make your home welcoming and organised. Maria Patisso, Professional Organiser at Organise My Life shares her top tips to get ready for the festivities.
Gifts for Christmas


Selecting the right gift for her, the special woman in our life, takes thought and consideration. Amy Kennedy From the Organising Bee shares her top tips for gifting this Christmas.
Beautiful wardrobe


When organising your wardrobe, think about the lifestyle you lead and the clothing you need to get through the day, week, or month. Does your wardrobe contents currently support that? Professional Organiser Brooke Townsend shares her Top tips to create a Wardrobe to love.
Stanley Rogers Platters for food

Food Prep at Christmas

Preparation is key to entertaining at Christmas. Think about food storage, serving platters and utensils needed for the festivities. Brooke Townsend shares her tips to a stress free Christmas.
Summer fun at the beach

Tips for summer

Professional Organiser Scarlette Martin of Organising Perth shares 3 tips to incorporate some easy organisation tips to step up the holiday fun!
elfa shoe storage

Smart Shoe Storage

If you have 5 pairs or 50 pairs of shoes, caring for and storing your shoes properly is key for ensuring you’ll always put your best foot forward! Smart shoe storage is key to maximising your space and protecting your investments. Linda Eagelton Shares her top tips to getting organised.
Britta Reinecke Professional organiser Image

Get your Kitchen Organised

Britta Reinecke from The Urban Organiser, shares her tips to get your kitchen organised. We are spending more time at home, and in our kitchens than ever before, now is the perfect time to get it sorted!
Carolyn Verhoef from Outside the box

Cost of Bathroom Chaos

Taking control of bathroom chaos will not only save time and money, but can improve the health of your whole family. Professional Organiser Carolyn Verhoef shares her top tips for solving Chaos in the bathroom.

A Pantry Tidy

The Pantry is the all important space in the home, it works so hard. It is the beginning of breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the meals in between! Even those of us who live on instant noodles and coffee peer into the pantry several times a day. Therefore, a pantry tidy in this key space is well worth the effort. . Let’s get started.
Kids travelling

Travelling with family

Travelling with family might seem like a distant concept. It has been a while since most of us have been on a plane at all, let alone travelling with the family in tow. Having children in the equation can make exploration fun but can also pose additional challenges. Here are some tips and tricks to smooth the bumps out of your next family holiday.

Sort your Washing

How can you get on top of the laundry chores? Ulrike Cao shares her tips and tricks to streamline the laundry and sort your washing.

elfa Garage Makeover

Megan, Professional Organiser and founder of The Organized Life, shares a garage makeover on Sydney's Northern beaches. See how every bit of available wall space was utilised in the garage using the elfa Shelving System and some other clever organising ideas......

elfa Shelving System

Why choose elfa? elfa is a flexible, durable, completely customisable, easy to install and looks great too! Swedish designed and built to last. elfa can be used in every room in the home. Read why elfa is a great choice for your organised space.
Oxo Greensaver Containers

Oxo Greensaver Fridge Range

Greensaver Fridge Storers by OXO will revolutionise the way you store your produce to keep it fresh for longer; saving on wastage, time and money.

Space Invaders

Across Australia families are battling a clutter crisis and desperately need an intervention. Declutter guru Peter Walsh, renovation queen Cherie Barber and treasure hunter Lucas Callaghan transform peoples' homes and lives.
Tansel Pantry Makeover with Anita Birges

Pantry Makeover

Howards and Professional Organiser Anita Birges makeover a families cupboard pantry. Tansel Premium Pull-Out Storage is used to replace exisiting shelves to increase storage by as much as 30%. Howards favourite pantry organisers are used to complete this amazing organised solution. Read more.
cute kids saying hi

Successful Road Trips with Young Children

Travelling with with young children is all about being prepared and organised. Professional Organiser Amy Kennedy from the Organising Bee shares her 5 top tips for a successful road trip for both children and parents.

Planning a New Storage System

Professional Organiser Britta Reinecke from the Urban Organiser says a good storage system that works well will save you time, money and a whole lot of stress....

Making Homes for Awkward Waste

These days, there are so many different categories of waste that it can be hard to find ways to manage them all. Rather than just giving up and putting it in the landfill bin (which for many items can be actually illegal!), creating homes for all of them can mean you’re doing your bit for the planet.

Shoe Storage 101

Real solutions for shoe storage depends on your space and needs. Susanne Thiebe a Professional Organiser, shares with us her tips for organsing your shoes.

My Journey to becoming a Professional Organiser

Master KonMari Consultant Gemma Quinn shares her journey..........Even at a young age, being neat and tidy gave me a sense of relief and calmness. Perhaps that’s why tidying and organising always came naturally to me -- it was just part of my personality. I loved how objects would sit in a house and how people would interact with them.

5 Top Tips for Reducing Ironing Time

Professional Organiser Ulrike Cao shares a few simple tips she has picked up over the last few years of organising homes and wardrobes, which can significantly cut down on the volume and duration of the ironing task.

When it rains for a week

Professional Organiser Leanne Barker shares her step by step guide of what she did to implement her laundry routine and some hints and tricks she has learnt along the way.

Organise Your Nursery

Susanne Gray a first time mum to be, enlisted the help of Professional Organiser Anita Birges from mise en place to set up her nursery in time for the delivery of her baby.

How to Organise an Awkward Pantry Space

Although it is the dream of many to have a large, walk in style pantry, a large space is not essential to create a functioning and organised pantry. Even the smallest and most awkward of spaces can be practical and functional.

Time for a Seasonal Wardrobe Revamp

Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams - yet you still can’t find a thing to wear? Rather than wrestling with a lion every morning, try taming your wardrobe into a seasonal one and start off your day in a positive way.

My Favourite Howards Organising Product

Nicola Evans, Professional Organiser from 'Sort it Now' shares her Favourite Howards Organiser......Howards Storage World has so many great products to solve your organising challenges so it’s hard to choose just one favourite!  However, the latest addition to my favourite products is the new Evovac Suction storage range as it provides flexible storage around the home and can be installed and reused again and again as your needs change.

War On Waste When Shopping

We can all make some changes in our lives that will also have an impact on our environmental footprint. Here are some great ideas that are simple, effective and eco-friendly.

Elfa Open Pantry

Marianne had a corner in her Kitchen that was being used as an open pantry. With kids and working, she felt that it was difficult to keep things tidy.

Get the best storage for your shoe collection!

We spend a lot of money on our shoes. Storing them correctly will not only keep them in tip top shape, you will be able to see what you have and will extend the life of them. LOVE your shoes, and give them the home they deserve.

Pantry Overhaul

This pantry had a mix of drawers and shelves and with the addition of a few key organisers and a little organising know how, they were sorted in no time!

Get back to school ready

Keep lunches bacteria free with an insulated lunch bag and avoid the soggy school bags with a leak proof Dink bottle. Here is the best of Howards Lunch Bags/boxes and Drink Bottles!
Christmas Gifts

Give The Gift Of Organising

We are so generous at Christmas with gift giving. Time is so precious to all of us, maybe it's time to think outside the box and give the gift of organisation this Christmas.

Storing And Caring For Your Jewellery

The one storage dilemma that can get even the best organising buff in knots has to be Jewellery! With so many beautiful options, which storage is best for your space? And what types of items do you need to store? But it's not just how they are stored, is it? You also want to make sure you're taking the best care of those precious jewels.

Recycling Stations Around The Home

The good news is your home does not have to look like a tip! There are plenty of practical and stylish options to organise your recyclables around the home, that will not break your budget.  To store your recyclables successfully, you need to consider space, looks, convenience and of course, what to recycle.

School Canteen Makeover

The school canteen is often a very important part of the school community, going far beyond simply serving good food efficiently. Its a vibrant place where students, teachers, volunteers and canteen staff all come together.

The Swag Fresh Produce Bag

Do you wish your fruit and vegetables would last longer, instead of continuously throwing them out? This ingeniously designed Swag Produce Storage Bag will keep your fruit and veggies fresher and nutrient rich for longer.

Howards Laundry Rescue

This Laundry Rescue with professional Organiser Anita Birges, has completely changed the way this family uses this space. What's more, the laundry is not only functional, it looks great too!

Top 5 Tips for Wardrobe Heaven

Your wardrobe is the first thing you see everyday, and sets the tone for the rest of the day. If you are running late because you cant find what you want to wear, then chances are, you are stressed and overwhelmed - even before you have stepped out the door!

Step By Step Garage Organisation

In all its multipurpose glory, the garage is a space that is often under utilised, but it is full of potential. In these nine easy steps, you can tackle this project in one go, or focus on one step at a time.

The Do's and Don'ts of Archiving

Goodbye Winter…Hello Spring! Effective archiving will help you to eliminate clutter, provide valuable space in your cupboard and ensure your items remain fresh until they are needed again. Archive your clothes the right way with this handy guide.

Empowering Kids To Be Organised

As parents we want the best for our kids and for them to grow to be the best versions of themselves. A good education is also important but this is not just limited to the classroom. There are so many learning opportunities within the family home that get overlooked......
Howards Desk File BoxHowards Storage World

Tax Time 'Start the Financial Year Right'

TOP 5 ORGANISING TIPS TO MAKE TAXES LESS TAXING! By Nicola Evans, Professional Organiser and Member of IOPO With the end of the financial year just ending, the task of doing your tax return might feel daunting - especially if you have paperwork and receipts scattered everywhere! Instead of letting stress take over, why not seize the opportunity to get your tax paperwork organised by putting a system in place that you can follow throughout the new financial year? By breaking the job down into manageable tasks, with some of these easy to follow tips, doing your next tax return will be far less stressful. Who knows, if that isn’t incentive enough, you might even discover you are eligible for a tax refund or at least a reduced tax bill!

Top Tips For Better Ironing

Time. It’s a precious commodity. With busy work schedules, ever present family demands, domestic chores and the occasional social activity; finding time, saving time and using our time wisely have all become common catchphrases. So what if we could give some of it back? It’s all in the laundry and in particular, the way you iron…

Different Types of Clutter

Clutter can be defined as belongings that you own that aren’t needed, used or loved, and get in your way as you try to live around them. They are things that overwhelm you, annoy you and cramp up your home. Clutter can come from many sources and take many forms.

How to Utilise Awkward Spaces

Professional Organiser, Amy Kennedy from The Organising Bee explores clever ways to turn awkward spaces into functional and practical storage spaces

The Perfect Organised Laundry

The laundry can very quickly become a catch all space, where we hide away those items we cleared from our kitchen benchtops when guests arrive or those bits & pieces that you simply don’t know where else to store. So how do you go about creating a space that is not only functional but an organised space that’s not overloaded with unnecessary content?

How To Organise Your Wardrobe

Howards Expert Organiser Cathy Player teamed up with Houzz to answer common questions about wardrobe organisation. Here are her top tips to sort your wardrobe and save you time every day!

Premium Bins

When it comes to making rubbish look good, it’s all in the bin. Here at Howards we have a bin for all occasions. Whether you’re after a slimline, wall mount, in-cupboard, family sized or recycling bin we can solve your rubbish needs. The thing is, our solutions not only look great, they’re engineered for longevity. Here we put the spotlight on a few collections from our range….

Small Projects around the home

If you’re thinking you don’t have the time to organise your home, think again. Professional Organiser Robyn Amott shows us how small changes around the home can make a big difference.

A New Year, A New Way

Simple fixes around the home, can make a big difference to how we feel in our home. If you have a space that isn't working for you, a complete overhaul is not always needed, a simple fix can be the answer.

Christmas Decoration Storage

Here are some great Christmas decorations storage solutions from Professional Organiser Anita Birges, that will have your precious items stored beautifully until next year!

Stress Free Travel

Whatever your holiday style, whether it be relaxing by a resort pool or outdoor adventuring, getting there should be as enjoyable as the destination. Here are a few top tips to ensure your next holiday will be super easy, stress free and fun. Safe travels!
Christmas decorations

How to Plan for a Stress Free Christmas

There's no need to feel overwhelmed each year when Christmas rolls around. A little pre-planning and a Countdown Checklist will take the stress out of Christmas and allow you to enjoy the day!

Pots and Pan Storage

Storage for your pots and pans is usually the number 1 problem in the kitchen, here we help you solve this perennial problem.

The Joseph Joseph Story - design innovation

With innovative design and function at its core, Joseph Joseph products for the kitchen or bathroom is a smart choice. Not only will it stand the test of time, they are easy to use, space efficient and look good!

Achieve an Organised and Efficient Kitchen

The kitchen is without doubt one of the busiest and most hard-working spaces in our homes - so it makes sense to have it working for us in the most functional way possible to become not only an efficient space, but also a pleasurable one to spend time in too.

Create a Child Friendly Pantry with Elfa

How child friendly is your pantry? In this pantry, we created a “self serve” zone to empower kids to pick and pack their own lunches and serve themselves breakfast.

Quick Ideas to get your Kids Ready for School

It's that time of year again, organising school uniforms, ticking off the stationary checklist, and ensuring that the kids are ready for the first day back to school. Having a leakproof drink bottle and a lunch container that will keep your kids food safe to eat is also a must on the to do list!

Innovation from Thermos

Thermos. It’s a household name and has been for years. A trailblazer with innovation within the food and beverage container arena.

A Christmas Wish List

Christmas is a time for a bit offun! Here is a Naughty or Nice Barometer you can use for the whole family. Also a downloadable Wishlist to give out to each person in your family for a sneak peak into their Gift wishes this Christmas.

How To Give At Christmas - In More Ways Than One.

Ways to support others in the lead up to Christmas ......Checking on neighbors, cooking a meal for someone who is less mobile, help makeover a friends cupboard if they are going through hardship. Give a little thought to how you can help others.

Prep Your Space For Santa’s Stash

It’s time to sift out those toys the kid’s no longer use, clear out items that have missing or broken pieces and create space to hide Santa’s stash... Also finding the ultimate hiding spots is half the fun. A good job to tackle pre-December!

Top 5 Space Creators For Small Homes

How to make the most out of the space you have. Using the backs of doors and space pockets in cupboards and wardrobes to maximise storage.

Quick Mini Makeover

Mini Makeovers for your fridge, drawer, bathroom vanity, office and toys

The Science Behind Spring Cleaning

Over the years, ‘spring cleaning’ has become somewhat an automatic ritual. You awaken from a winter hibernation of couch surfing the cold nights away; you turn off the heater, put out the fire and take a good look at the interior of your home which has been locked up for the best part of three months. However, this incredibly important task is about more than just throwing open the windows and letting the sunshine in. Spring cleaning can have a positive impact on your health.

Smooth Move Part 2

Like to know the top organising picks when people move into a new home? We share the top picks.
Decluttering Your House Ready For Sale

Smooth Move Part 1

Top ways to prepare your house for sale. Featuring products to help contain your clutter.
EOFY tips

Top 3 Fixes in the Office for EOFY

The end of financial year is nigh. It’s a time to hit the ‘reset’ button on your office, overhaul your systems and get totally organised for the financial year ahead. Lets face it, if you’re organised, you’re less likely to feel frazzled and out of control, and you can reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed. An organised office, where ultimately money comes in and goes out; will relieve the stress of finding your financial papers when tax time comes! So where to start? We’ve carved our ‘organised office’ into three easy categories…
How to save time in the laundry

Top Laundry Time Saving Strategies

Love it or hate it, there’s no escaping the laundry. Whether you pop one load on a day or you dedicate a few consecutive hours to cleaning clothes and linen each week, it’s a job that simply can’t be avoided. We can, however, suggest a number of time saving strategies that will minimise the hours spent pre-sorting, removing stains, ironing and distributing cleaned items. Let’s take a closer look.

Shoes Glorious Shoes

From the modest to the mid size collection and beyond, there is a shoe storage solution for you. Here we show you storage - perfect for heels, best for flats, quality basics and great ways to hide them away! Plus the ultimate solution every girl dreams of!

Dream Wardrobe

Anything you can dream, we can create. There are no limits to creating a wardrobe space to reflect who you are. Come in-store for a FREE personalised wardrobe design session and create YOUR dream wardrobe.

Howards Hanger Secrets

Hangers are the quiet achievers of the wardrobe, an essential workhorse, when used correctly will love your clothes! There are specialty hangers designed to hold items renowned to create clutter. Howards are a hanger specialist. See some of the 'out of the box' hanger solutions that will amaze and delight!

Accessories - How to get the best from your collection

Accessories can make or break an outfit! Having your jewels, belts scarves and hats easily accessible can revolutionise the way you dress. Here are some top tips to organise your accessories and help you step out in style…

Lorna Jane Loves Decor

We’ve found a big fan of the Décor Range in Lorna Jane Clarkson, founder of the iconic active wear brand Lorna Jane.

Wireware - The Quiet Achievers

In a pantry, on a shelf, in a cupboard or in a drawer, a little bit of structure goes a long way! Howards are specialists when it comes to organising these spaces. Sometimes all it takes is the addition of a rack or specialty organiser to utilise height, add a shelf or create order in a space.

What's New in Bins at Howards

When it comes to making rubbish look good, it’s all in the bin. Wesco Bins, NEW to Howards shows German engineering at its very best. Not only functional and durable these bins have been designed with looks in mind! The New Howards Range of Bins have some great features and includes slim designs to suit narrow spaces.

Glass Food Storage - 5 Reasons to Love it

Glass is the hot new trend in food storage. Glass is freezer, microwave and fridge friendly, and does not stain or retain colours or smells. This means that food can go from freezer/fridge/pantry straight into the microwave for reheating. Whether using Kilner or Le Parfait Jars for preserving or as a display, or Décor Realseal or Snapware for leftovers, glass is the smart choice.

Top 6 Pantry Essentials

There is always a few essential items in the pantry that will revolutionise and organise your world. Here are Howards Top 5 Pantry essentials to make your everyday easier.

Budget Pantry Makeover

It doesn’t cost a lot to go from a disorganised pantry to one that is ordered. With the inclusion of a few clever organisers to help group items and maximise your cupboard space, you will not only have more room, but will save money as you will not be doubling up on items hidden away.

Bento Box Lunch Ideas

Suitable for both adults and children alike, the multifunctional Bento Lunch Box has room for multi courses. The compartmentalised interior containers are great for separating your sandwich from your salad and pasta, particularly for children. Here are some lunch box recipes and ideas to make the perfect lunch and save money.

5 Top Ideas for Making your Kitchen School Ready

With a little organisation your kitchen can be the hub for the brekkie rush, prepping for school lunches and the hungry munchkins for afternoon tea. It all starts with a good breakfast! Allowing your kids to be self sufficient from an early age will set them up for good habits going to school in the future. Stocking breakfast and lunch items in easy to access containers will allow them to pick and pack their morning tea and lunches.

Festive Cocktail Recipes

Cocktail recipes we've found to help you get Christmas ready. Time to try out your new bar tools!

Prepare your Christmas Meal Plan

A stress free Christmas lunch or dinner comes with good planning. Prepare your meal plan in advance and enjoy the day, the food and the company!

Avoid The Christmas Blowout

Set a budget and get organised this festive season. Create a special day without the budget blowout.

Favourite Christmas Recipes

Recipes to inspire your Christmas feast. Pavlova, Ham Glaze, Baked Pumpkin Fruit Cake, Christmas Tuffles, No Cook Fruit Cake Pudding Balls, Stained Glass Biscuits, Baked Ricotta, Lychees with Macadamia Nuts and Cream Cheese.

Product Review: Trolley Bags

Have you heard of Trolley Bags? Well they are the latest thing in making your shopping trip easier and faster! We review this product and show you how it works.
madesmart Carbon Range Drawer Organisers

Organising Drawers

Organising your drawers, is a quick and easy project. A great way to acheive maximum outcome from minimum effort. Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom drawers, here a re some great solutions to get the job done.

Pre Christmas Pantry Preparation

It’s seems a little scary but Christmas decorations will soon be gracing the stores in the lead up to Christmas. It’s time to spring-clean the pantry and get Christmas ready; so get rid of unwanted items and pave the way for a system that will see you through the festive season and beyond!

Innovative Storage from simplehuman

Backed by rigorous research and development, simplehuman continue to design products that make everyday life super efficient. View the full article HERE

Ten Drink Dispenser Recipes

Enjoy some fabulous summer Drink Dispenser Recipes that will allow you to sick back, relax and enjoy your day!  

Going Away "Home and Packing" Checklists

Here's 2 quick checklists to ensure you don’t end up at your holiday destination without the kids! One for the home and one for your packing. It's a top way to reduce stress before going away.

Create your Own Traditions

Christmas is a personal event. It’s the time when many of us set up our own traditions that are upheld year after year. Here are five Christmas tradition ideas…

How to Organise your Utility Cupboard

A practical guide to the do’s and don’ts when organising your utility cupboard. As seen in the September 2014 Howards Catalogue. View the full article HERE.

Hanger Space Guide

Howards is a hanger specialist, check out the Free E-Book Hanger Guide

Sonia’s Laundry Makeover

Anyone with a large family knows that the smooth running of a laundry is fundamental to a busy household. With three young boys and a husband, no one knows this more so than Sonia. Let it be said, that pre-makeover Sonia was very organised but her laundry presented ‘limited space’ and ‘next to no storage’ challenges. See how we helped convert her laundry, into an amazing space that Sonia is incredibly proud of. Interestingly, when we stopped and really broke down the issues, the solution didn’t just focus on her laundry. A supreme solution was created by adding a family distribution station in the utility room next door where the ironing was being done….

Laundry Workflow

If you’ve ever folded your clean washing on your dining table or rummaged through baskets of clean clothes you were “yet to put away”, well this one’s for you. With a little planning, your laundry can be everything you need it to be. It makes sense really; improve the overall effectiveness of your laundry with a well-organised workflow and you’ll save time each and every day. This solution shown enables you to pre-sort, wash, dry/drip dry, fold and distribute your washing. elfa is so flexible it can be modified to suit your needs and changing requirements.

Love Your Laundry – We Show You How!

Shannon Lush, author of the international bestselling book 'Spotless' and all round cleaning guru explains how to love your laundry the eco friendly way. Shannon shares tips on washing, stain removal, drying and how to cut down your time in the laundry.

Back to School Checklist

With the new school year imminent, it’s time to get 'Back to School’ ready with these Top Tips.