10 Ways To Stop Your Kids Lunches

Coming Home Uneaten

Cast your mind back to your childhood and the lunch box you used to open up each day at school. At the time, it probably looked about as enticing as your best friend’s lunch box and so together you would wade reluctantly through your limp lettuce and cheese sandwiches, but mostly you wouldn’t because the summer heat won out on the day. Fast-forward to today and if your kids lunches are coming home uneaten, we’re here to say there is a better way, in fact, we’ve found ten ways to ensure their food remains fresh, healthy and eaten!

1. Keep It Cool

Aside from ending up squashed and a little tepid by lunchtime, if food isn’t fridge fresh it can actually prove to be a very serious health issue. Perishables, when kept out of the fridge remain safe to eat for an absolute maximum of two hours. Their health is everything so keep your child’s food chilled by choosing for an insulated lunch box or bag; using a small freezer brick or store their lunch with a frozen bottle of water.

2. Make It Easy To Open

Give the kids a break and make sure their lunch box, containers and drink bottles are easy to open. By the time your little one gets to school they’re expected to be fairly independent. Consider that kids, particularly those in infant school (Kindergarten-Year 2) can find it difficult to open certain packets. Why not go rubbish free and decant certain foods into specialized easy to open containers. If they can open it they’re 100% more likely to eat it!

3. Let Them choose A Lunchbox

We have some great lunchboxes and bags available in-store and online. Whether your little one is into Frozen, Starwars, or Paw Patrol; or they’d prefer a more ‘grown up’ pattern-free chilled container, let them choose from our huge selection of back to school lunch bags and accessories. If they’re proud to show off their lunch box, they’re more likely to get stuck into its contents.


4. Portion it Out

Choice is everything and if you can pack your child off with an assorted lunch, in a specialized container (where the flavours don’t mix!) they’re highly likely to get excited about the contents of their lunch. Here’s where you get to have a little fun with their lunches, be creative and clever in arming them with a balanced, nutritious lunch. See our range of Bento Box Lunch Ideas here. Creating small portions of healthy food they’ll love has never been easier!

5. Make It Fun

Imagine a drink bottle that can also spray mist on a hot summers day; or fun reusable food pouches! They’re kids and if there’s one thing that kids love, it’s a bit of fun. Here at Howards we have a range of lunch accessories that will keep their food fresh and can also spark creative play or a fun conversation with a friend…Consider, if it’s fun to play with, it’s fun to eat and drink from!

6. Make Crunch and Sip Interesting

The same crunch ‘n’ sip day in and day out will lose the most avid fruit and veggie eater. Mix it up by alternating between fruit and veggies each day! To get organised simply chop and pre-pack your healthy snacks in an airtight container on a Sunday afternoon for the week ahead. Alternatively when you’re prepping dinner the night before school, just chop a few extra veggies and put them aside. NB: some vegetables and fruit will dry out and become unappealing if you cut them up too far in advance.


7. Get Imaginative With The Menu

We can safely say, dishing up the same old sandwich each day might get a little boring for your little one. With a little organisation you can get creative with the menu. Think sushi rolls, savoury muffins, scrolls, last night’s leftovers, wraps or salads interspersed with pretzels, popcorn, rice crackers, dried fruit, cheese, sweet muffins, mini tomatoes, kiwi fruit slices… stocking up on a Sunday will have your fridge and pantry well and truly organized for the week ahead.


8. Brighten Their Lunch

It’s no secret, kids love colour so if it’s a brightly coloured lunch kit you’re after, well you need to see our range! Visit us in-store to see our full selection or go to our eShop at hsw.com.au and type ‘lunch’ into the search field to find our incredibly colourful collection. We really do have something for everyone…


9. Get the Kids Involved

Ultimately, your kids know what foods they do and don’t like – so whether you grocery shop online or in-store, get their input! Talk to your kids about what they would like in their lunchbox, discuss healthy options and choose together. Encourage your kids to help prepare their lunchboxes. While older children will be able to prep most of their lunch themselves, younger ones can help with making sandwiches or cutting up soft fruit.

10. Make Sure It’s Leakproof

There’s nothing quite as underwhelming at lunchtime as realizing your leaky drink bottle or lunch box has made a mess of your school bag and made your sandwich soggy. Shop wisely and purchase a quality, durable lunch kit and drink bottle that will see your kids right throughout the school year and beyond. All lunch products found at Howards are BPA free and our drink bottles are free from bottle taint.

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