5 Pre Christmas Day Jobs

To Make Your Christmas Easier!

It always seems to draw gasps when we realise just how close we are to Christmas; while relaxation is on the horizon, it can often feel like there’s an overwhelming list of things to do before you get there. Pacing your preparation is key so we’ve come up with five simple jobs you that will pave the way to a stress free break.

1. Prepare Your Pantry

Pre-Christmas is a great time to sort through your pantry and get it ready for summer entertaining.

Remember with your pantry, visibility, accessibility and clever containers are key to effective organisation. Group similar items together and create various ‘zones’ within your pantry using bulk food storage containers, shelf organisers and wire baskets. This will allow you to better identify the item you’re after and maximise space (including the back of the pantry where items often disappear!).

Top 3 Pantry Must Haves:

Aamina Storers are a top storer as they are easy to handle, have a soft plastic lid and they come in 2 stackable sizes. Made from food safe plastic – a few of these in your pantry will soon sort things out!

An Expanding Shelf Organiser can make a big difference to the how you manage your bottles and jars. One of these will ensure you won’t end up with four bottles of cranberry sauce hidden at the back of the shelf.

Need to claim extra space? These Mimi Separator containers keep items grouped and help you use the “air space” on your shelf with their high sides. Use these in every cupboard in your house as they are an organising must!

Aamina Organisers are food safe and air tight.
Expanding Shelf Organiser allows you to see jars, cans and bottles more easily.
Mimi Separators are ideal for packets and bottles.

2. Prepare your Fridge

Next stop? The fridge. Most are filled with extra food and drink on Christmas Day so it’s essential that items are easy to access and the space within your fridge is used to its full potential. Take stock of what’s inside your fridge and get organised with these simple solutions:

Marie Fridge Baskets: Group food and maximise space with these large and small helpers.

Amalie Pullout Organiser: Clear, easily accessible and great for grouping foods.

Oxo Greensavers: Keep your veggies fresh longer! Innovative cartridge that absorbs ethylene gas that is the natural hormone that promotes ripening.

With so much extra food around at this time of year, you’re likely to need a few additional quality containers for leftovers! We recommend:

Décor Matchups: Thanks to its soft silicone seal, these containers are airtight and leak proof.  Skillfully engineered for use in the microwave, the lid utilises a clever air vent designed to release steam once food has been reheated. Colour match your lid with base, whatever size container you’re using.

The Rosti Cheese storer features a removable anti-condensation plate for increased ventilation and an airtight seal, extending the life of your cheese.

A fresh Ham Bag is a nice way to get prepared for Christmas. Just remember to rinse it every couple of days and it will keep your ham up to 2 weeks!

Ham Bag

Ham Bag

3. Time Saving Gadgets

The kitchen. It’s one of those rooms that people tend to hang around in, especially at Christmas! Improving its efficiency is key, particularly at this time of year. A few simple additions will help you maintain control during this busy festive season. So, if you want to save time, reduce waste and well, make life a little simpler, prep and serve with these nifty products. They’ll be the envy of all your relatives!

Thermobaste Silicone Baster – This compact three-piece set includes a heat resistant silicone baster, thermometer and cleaning brush. The silicone baster ensures that meat remains tender and evenly cooked, while the leave-in meat and poultry thermometer ensures you have a clear view of the perfect cooking temperature at all times. A handy cleaning brush fits neatly inside the baster.

Spiral Veggie Cutter – Save on cooking preparation time with the Spiral Vegetable Cutter in black. Perfect for use on cucumber, zucchini, carrot and radishes, the Spiral Vegetable Cutter will help you encourage your family to make good food choices. Featuring two razor sharp slicing barrels (one large and small) with surgical grade stainless blades for optimum cutting results, this product will create vegetable spirals and ribbons; perfect for healthy meals and getting the kids interested in creating fun food!

Blubber Cover – Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap? The incredible small CoverBlubber(TM) in Pink will revolutionize the way you store leftovers! Made from a new food safe material called StickyRubber(TM), CoverBlubbers are engineered and intended for use inside the fridge or freezer. From sealing cut fruit to covering glass bowls, as long as it’s round or square-shaped the Coverblubber can get to work. BPA-free and airtight these fully reusable food savers are great for the environment and for extending the life of your food. Do not overstretch. NOT microwave safe. Hand wash only.

4. Prepare Your Bathroom

Whether you’re having guests to stay this holiday season or you’re having people around for Christmas lunch, rest assured, your bathroom will be used! A little organisation will go a long way so turn your bathroom from drab to wow with a few special touches that are sure to impress guests.

Invest in an attractive Bathroom Set including a new toilet brush, a nice new Makeup Mirror and an Aquala Bath Bridge. Give the room a good clean and pop an infuser, a candle or some fresh flowers in this space to make sure your bathroom is an inviting place. Oh so simple, yet very effective.

5. Prepare Your Spare Room

Are you having house guests this festive season? Then there’s a good chance your spare room may need a little update. Creating space for your friends and family is essential but sometimes it’s a problem working out where to “hide” the things that have found residence in this room! Clever storage is the answer. Look for opportunities under the bed, behind the door and in the wardrobe. Here are a few of our favourites:

Easi Store Underbed Shoe Box: This has divided compartments for 6 pairs of shoes, has a locking lid and wheels (for easy access!).

Easi Store Underbed Box: This is ideal for storing toys, linen and more. It too has a locking lid and wheels and it’s also stackable.

Create wardrobe space by using Space Bag vacuum bags to store your extra clothing so your guests can unpack their bags and settle in during their stay. Don’t forget to place a few extra hangers in the wardrobe!

Over-door hooks: They’re quick and easy to install and will help utilise the space behind the door. Or hang your guest robes here!

Add a few personal touches such as a small mirror, magazines and a vase of fresh flowers to the bedside table.

With all these simple solutions in place in the Spare Room, Pantry, Kitchen and Bathroom, all that’s left to do is enjoy a wonderful Christmas with friends and family.

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