5 Reasons Why Premium Elegance Hangers Are Better

Premium Hangers

Howards Storage World has been a hanger specialist for many years and in 2014 in response to customer demand, developed a premium range of hangers for those who want the best of the best.

Exclusive to Howards, Elegance Hangers are unique. The range is sleek, modern, elegant and high quality. You may be asking however – why would you invest in premium hangers?

Here are five very good reasons why. Plus we take a tour into the Elegance Hanger range and see what style blogger Chris Carroll suggests about “dressing for success“.

5 Reasons to Choose Premium Hangers 

1. Quality

Quality materials and craftsmanship are hallmarks of the Elegance range. By choosing the finest of materials and finishes, you can rest assured that on Elegance hangers your clothes will store better and the hanger itself will last longer than a regular one. For example, Chrome Elegance Hangers are made from high polished thick gauge chrome for a sleek modern look. They won’t bend and warp like wire hangers and are often found in high end dress shops.

Beauty is not just skin deep with the sleek timber Elegance hangers. Beneath the brilliant luxe “piano style” high gloss finish you’ll find A grade Lotus wood, free of the usual knots and imperfections found in cheaper hangers. Furthermore, you’ll find many quality options across the range from smooth flocked shoulder tips, to non-slip trouser bars that are worth a closer look.

If quality is important to you, you simply can’t go past Elegance. 

Jim Toby – Howards Category Manager

“The Wooden hangers are the jewel in the crown of premium hangers. Crafted from A grade Lotus wood with a brilliant high gloss finish, the curvaceous design is kind on clothes making them a substantial companion for quality suits.”

2. Keep your Clothing in Shape

Someone once said that quality hangers are like ‘good posture for your clothes’.

According to a 2012 Money Smart report (1), Australians spend, on average, $44 per week on clothing. Multiply $44 by 52 weeks and again by a number of years and that number quickly reaches the thousands. So it stands to reason then that if you store your clothes well, they will stay in shape longer and potentially give you many more years of wear.

The best way to maintain the life of your clothing is to use the most appropriate hanger and allow space for the garment to breathe. Cramming will hinder the regular breathing of the fabric and also cause creasing. This is especially important for suits.

3. Instant Uniformity

If you want to give your wardrobe an instant makeover, the fastest way to achieve an update is by replacing your hangers with consistently shaped hangers and banishing your old dry cleaning hangers back to the drycleaners.

Our top tip here is to make the change at the same time to quality Elegance hangers as they are such great quality and so kind on your clothes. Save space with the chrome hangers and treat your expensive suits to the timber Elegance hangers. Your clothes will thank you in the long run and you’ll have the joy of seeing a wonderfully organised wardrobe everyday. It’s a beautifully Elegant solution!

4. Longevity

Good coat hangers will last a lifetime. Therefore its worth collecting hangers worth keeping instead of being fooled by cheap imitations that break and end up out of shape. It not only costs you more in the long run replacing inferior hangers but it also costs you TIME. When it comes to buying hangers, a quality product ensures you do it once and do it well.

5. Specialised Options – The Choice is Yours

There is no such thing as an ordinary hanger in the Elegance range. Whether you’re hanging dresses or tops with straps, your favourite suit jacket or a collection of suits and skirts, the Elegance range has a hanger to match your needs. Benefit from Howards years of experience in quality storage and organisation by allowing the team in-store to help you best match hangers to your needs. To give you ultimate peace of mind, there is also a generous returns policy to ensure you achieve the dream solution you are after.

The Elegance Hanger Range

Chrome Hanger with Notched Shoulders 
Great for hanging shirts, dresses and summer blouses, The Elegance Chrome Hangers with Notched Shoulders for Straps are slim line enabling you to maximise space in your wardrobe. These hangers are high polished chrome and scream quality!

Chrome Hanger with Bar

Great for hanging shirts and trousers,  Elegance Chrome Hangers are slimline and and super durable.

Premium Pant Hanger with Adjustable Clips

Great for hanging skirts and trousers, The Elegance Premium Pant Hanger is an executive wardrobe staple. The clips are adjustable and have an inner padding to protect your clothes.

Premium Timber Hanger with Non Slip Shoulder Inserts

These have non-slip shoulder inserts designed to preserve the shape of your garment and prevent items slipping onto the floor of your wardrobe!

Premium Timber Hanger with Non Slip Shoulder Insert and Bar

These hangers include non-slip shoulder inserts designed to preserve the shape of your garment. A bar is also integrated into this luxury hanger for storing trousers.

Premium Timber Hanger with Felt Ends and Non Slip Bar

These hangers include felt end and a non-slip bar designed to protect your garments and prevent items falling.

Premium Timber Hanger With Felt Ends

Created with luxury A-Grade Lotus Wood these hangers include non-slip felt ends to protect your garments and prevent delicates from slipping off.

View our full range of Elegance products online HERE.

Dressing for Success

Chris from The Life Creative Blog shares his insight on how to prepare a working wardrobe and why premium storage is a good investment.

Click HERE to see the video of Chris’s Wardobe Tips.

Read what Chris has to say about Caring for a Corporate Wardrobe HERE .

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(1) https://www.moneysmart.gov.au/managing-your-money/budgeting/spending/australian-spending-habits

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