An Organised Pantry

How to create the organisational masterpiece you’ll be proud to show your friends.

The Pantry.

It works hard. It’s easily the one of the busiest places in the home that can make a real difference to the way you start your day and how much you spend (or save) on food.

If a few changes could make your pantry a joy to use, would you do it?

If you are reading this article then you are certainly interested in knowing more!

So where do you start?  Here’s an action plan:

  1. Assess your Shelving, keep, upgrade or replace
  2. Plan out your Pantry Zones, and allocate appropriate space
  3. Pick the right Food Containers for your needs, space and budget
  4. Add Shelf Helpers, a genius way to create space
  5. Add Caddies and Containers to keep items grouped

The good news is that it doesn’t matter how big or small your pantry is. There’s always a way to make it better. Even if you have to be a little inventive and create one. Howards is here to help you unlock your pantry’s potential and make you HAPPY every single day with your pantry organisational masterpiece.



Good shelving is the backbone of a great walk in pantry. Is your current shelving working for you? Quickly work out if you can keep it, improve it or if it needs to be replaced. Howards is a shelving specialist so you are in the right place to get advice about clever shelving to suit your needs, space and budget.

Shelving Improvement Ideas:

There are all sorts of things you can do to improve your shelving to increase usability and efficiency.

  • Tansel is an Australian designed Stainless Steel pull out storage system, that can increase your usable space by up to 30%. Mount to existing shelves or totally replace them. A popular choice! See more about Tansel here
  • The elfa Shelving System is a Swedish designed “dream’ solution that has efficiency in its DNA. Howards can custom design a solution for your specific needs, that is fully adjustable to your changing needs. Choose from shelves, drawers, freestanding basket systems and so much more. It’s definitely worth a look. See more about elfa here
  • For a freestanding solution Howards easy-build is the answer. It’s fully adjustable and is available in kits or components in Chrome, White or Black finish and super popular for a “quick fix”. See more about Howards easy-build here

Once you are happy with the infrastructure in your pantry, we can move on to how you use your pantry and maximising your space to make it work for you.

Have a look at some of Howard’s pantry successes below and be inspired!



Believe it or not, this is often the NO. 1 mistake made in an efficient pantry set up. There is no point putting your grandma’s pickles in the easiest place to access, if you never intend to eat them! Get the picture? Organising 101 is making sure that the things you use the most are easiest to get to. Let’s step through the thinking:

“EVERYDAY” Zone: This is where your everyday items are kept – think breakfast cereals, tea and coffee, plus what ever you use frequently. It’s in the middle of the pantry, waist to shoulder height. No bending or reaching required. This is your PRIME space and needs to be used wisely.

“LESS USED” Zone: This is where things like bulk food reserves live because you don’t need to access these on a daily basis. Use your higher or lower shelves for this zone.

“RARELY USED” Zone: This is where you store the items that you use only now and again (like grandma’s pickles and the baking equipment you purchased on a whim and never used again!). Its really up high or in the corner of your L shaped pantry. If you really can’t bare to throw it out, the least you can do is get it out of the way in this space.

“KIDS” Zone: Don’t forget the kids! Younger children are shorter than you so why not empower them with a zone just for them, at their height? Think breakfast essentials, recess, drink bottles, lunch bags and food for packed lunches. A great way to encourage independence.

It all really makes perfect sense doesn’t it? We have often been very inspired by Peter Walsh’s famous words about “not letting the life you had, get in the way of the life you want to live”. Your pantry needs to reflect the way you cook today. It’s a wonderful process of being true to who you are, right here and now.

You’ll never look at your pantry the same way again!


Food Storage Containers

There’s nothing quite like matching food storage containers. They stack, look amazing and when you open the pantry there’s that aaaahhh moment when they are all lined up so beautifully.

What to look for in a container? Let’s face it, not all containers are created equal or to the same quality.

We recommend you choose clear containers so you can see the contents inside. Plus airtight seals are super important and consider how easy they are to open. The best containers tick all these boxes and are super durable to give you years of good service.

Here are just some of the food storage containers available at Howards. It’s great to have choice!

Felli Flip Tite Containers

Felli Flip Tite Containers for dry food storage when you are using standard shelves.  They are modular and stack,  so you can utilise the shelf space. They feature an easy open and close ring top that simply flips up allowing you to open, and flips down to close securely.

The containers are clear to make it easy to see contents, and made from a durable acrylic with a silicone seal for freshness.  Flip Tite containers come in a large range of sizes, look good and work well in any kitchen.

They are a super popular choice.

Felli Loc Tite Containers

With clear lids and body, these containers are great in any pantry and are also perfect for drawers with their clear lids.

They are space saving, stackable, easy to open and feature a seamless airtight seal so contents remain fresh.

Loc Tite containers come in a large range of sizes.

See the range in-store and will be available online shortly.

oxo pop 2.0

OXO is a trusted brand for good reason. Featuring an airtight seal, OXO POP are space efficient, making them easy to keep your dried foods fresh and your kitchen organised.  They have a unique push button mechanism that creates an airtight seal with just one touch. The button also serves as a handle to lift off the lid.

Designed for modular stacking,  so that you can efficiently organise your bench or pantry. Their square and rectangular shapes make the most of any storage space, whilst their corners are shaped for easy pouring.

OXO POP 2.0 containers will stack with your first generation original POP Containers which is great news. So you can simply add to your your existing collection of OXO POP containers.

Lock & Lock

The Lock & Lock containers are absolutely air and liquid-tight. This means your food stays fresh longer all while staying exactly where it is meant to stay, which is in the container and not all over your fridge, cupboard or bag. A lot of thought went into the space-saving and stackable BPA free design, which means less time fighting to find space in your fridge or pantry. The unique 4-sided patented lid locking system clips on and off easily and features a silicone seal that compresses and restores time after time.

Lock & Lock now includes a Euro Glass range.



The simplest solution and also one of the best. Group like items and make them easier to identify. Use caddies and baskets to create a home for packets, sauces, pasta, oils and bulk goods etc to help you maintain a tidy pantry.

Here are some of Howards TOP pantry organisers.

Marie Storage Basket with Handle

The Marie is super versatile, perfect for grouping sauce packets or like items in the high access area, as well as vitamins and medicines on the highest shelves. With a clear plastic ventilated design and an integrated handle for easy accessibility, this clever helper is ideal for the pantry, cupboard or fridge. Available in large and medium, it’s easy to clean and thanks to its easy and safe reach handle, it’s great for storing items up high.

Amalie Pullout Organiser

Available in narrow and wide versions these handy organisers essentially create a drawer on a shelf. With a smart clear plastic construction, two rear wheels which allow easy slide out access, as well as a lip for easy pull and access, the Amalie Pullout Organiser maximises space by utilising the full depth of the shelf.

Mimi Separators

Mimi, the very best in simple, useful design. Perfect for grouping oils, vinegars and sauces within this pantry solution, Mimi Separators have any number of uses. The high side design with clever integrated handles allows you to make the most of your deep shelf space; while a extra wide, wide or narrow option enables you to make the most of the horizontal shelf space too.

WARNING 🙂 If you buy one of these, you will definitely be back for more!

Aamina Easy Access Storer With Handle

These Aamina Storers come in 4.6 or 9.6L. They are  perfect for keeping dry goods such as cereal, rice and pasta fresh within an airtight environment. They are stackable, capacity calibrated and dishwasher safe, a clear plastic design makes for easy identification while the handle makes for easy access.

Feeling inspired? Let’s get started!

For your very own Pantry makeover come into store, bring some pictures of your space and some measurements of your pantry. We will happily help you find the best complete solution or simple upgrade to create a pantry to be proud of.

Need shelving? Howards are shelving experts. Ask us for a FREE design session to create the perfect pantry for your needs.


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