In-shower mini blitz


In Shower Solutions

If the floor of your shower contains shampoo bottles, soap dispensers or even kids toys, our in-shower mini blitz will help you maximise space right where you need it.
  • Stop and assess the situation

    What do you need to store in your shower? Make a list.

  • Sort

    Pull everything out of the shower. Group and prioritise items: hair care, beauty, shaving and kids bath/shower toys.

  • Throw away

    Discard items that you don’t need

  • Solve - Choose a shower caddy

    If you’d prefer to suspend a caddy from your shower head try one of these :

    Indo Oval Shower Caddy (the simple option)

    the 3 Tier Nesting Shower Caddy (hanging baskets),

    the Lotus Shower Caddy (great value),

    the Drizzle Shower Caddy (includes bottle dispensing function) or

    our Shamboo Shower Caddy (great for large bottles).

    Each of these solutions will store your hair care and beauty products, soaps and shavers.

    An Over the Door Splash Shower Caddy is great for the same sort of storage in the shower but offers out-of-the-shower storage too (and here’s where you can get that extra towel hanging space from your list above!)

  • Solve - Choose your accessories

    Everloc has a number of great items in the Endure Stainless Steel range. These improved rust resistant quality accessories hold up to 15kg, they are easy to remove/clean and require NO tools to install.

    Try doubling your storage with the Everloc Double Corner Basket – it’s ideal for busy bathrooms; Neat and petite, the Everloc Corner Basket is perfect if you’re just after a little extra space.

    The Everloc Dental Station is the perfect spot to hold soap, your toothbrush, shaver and a cup, while an Everloc Set of 2 Small Hooks will house your loofah and face washer.

  • Solve - Kids toys

    For a solution to kids toys, attach a Bathtub Toy Bag to your shower screen and keep their toys in one tidy spot.