Caring for a Corporate Wardrobe with Chris Carroll from The Life Creative

Chris from The Life Creative Blog talks about caring for a corporate wardrobe using Howard’s new Elegance range. As seen in the January 2015 Howards Catalogue. Click here to read the catalogue.

Looking your professional best doesn’t just happen by itself. You need to plan, budget, shop for it and most importantly use quality storage to preserve the life of your clothing. We caught up with Chris from The Life Creative Blog to discuss caring for a corporate wardrobe using Howard’s NEW Elegance range.

What are your top tips for preparing a working wardrobe?

So often people cram too much into their wardrobe. When it comes to a working wardrobe, it’s important to give your clothes room to breathe and space so you can see exactly what you have. It’s about displaying the clothes that you’ve got in a really functional and smart way. We spend a lot of money on our clothing and Howards Elegance Range will protect your investments and allow you to see your key pieces as well.

What sets this range apart from other wardrobe storage?

What I love about this collection is that in true Howards form they’ve gone ahead and designed a solution that merges form and function. Not only does the range look amazing, it’s going to transform the way you interact with your clothing. I always say that every pocket of your home deserves to look amazing and that’s what the Elegance range does for your wardrobe. With your wardrobe in order it’s going to make you feel better about getting dressed in the morning; it becomes more of an experience, than just an everyday task.

How can premium hangers preserve your suits and work attire?

We invest a lot of money in our clothes so it makes sense to take care of them properly. Not only will quality hanger support your clothing and keep your favourite pieces in shape, having the same style of hanger helps maximise wardrobe space. Whether you need to hang shirts, heavy jackets or coats, t-shirts, dresses or pants, the Elegance range has you covered. The collection includes hangers made from luxury A-grade lotus wood, chrome and others with a non-slip finish. Everything’s at a high spec and designed to last.

What are your suggested ‘standouts’ from Howard’s Elegance Range?

It’s hard to choose just one! Perhaps my favourite part of the collection is the Totes. The signature design adds a bit of lux to your space but these have been designed with bigger eyelets, they are easy to use, easier to hold onto and access is really simple. The chrome eyelets also make them a heavy duty and top end storage solution for your wardrobe. If you’re into shoes you’re going to love the Elegance Shoeboxes. The shoe storage boxes are stackable, made from virgin acrylic and are complete with small ventilation holes to allow shoes to breathe; and the range of Elegance Hangers are high end and really durable so they’re going to keep bulky jackets and coats protected and in shape. The Storage Boxes complete the range and they’re also amazing. They feature the signature Elegance pattern and are great for storing your everyday essentials or precious keepsakes in your wardrobe.

Why the Elegance Range?

It’s a complete solution; it feels high end, it’s going to bring a sense of lux to your space. I see a lot of wardrobes that could do with a helping hand from a decorative perspective as well as functionally.  That’s exactly what the Elegance range is going to do; it will transform your functional space, make it look great and house your all-important clothing for when you get ready in the morning.

Dress for Success with Chris’s 8 Style Tips:

Making the right impression at work isn’t hard if you consider a few basic principles when buying clothes for a working wardrobe:

  1. Presentation counts; understand what’s appropriate in your industry and dress as you want to be seen – client ready!
  2. “Casual Day” does not equal an unkempt outfit; stick to crisp, clean and well-fitting clothes and if you opt for denim, steer away from anything that is fading or has rips.
  3. Keep it simple yet on trend with a good quality jacket; pair it with a business shirt on a regular day or a fitted t-shirt on casual day.
  4. Ensure you have at least two good suits in your wardrobe. Classic colours are easy to match and accessorise with; and go for fabrics that won’t crush easily.
  5. Take a classic skirt suit and accessorise with a scarf or a key piece of jewellery but don’t over-accessorise; ensure your accessories complement your outfit not overpower it.
  6. Wear presentable, polished shoes and if wearing heels, avoid anything that’s too high. If you plan to wear a strappy sandal, ensure your toes are well groomed.
  7. Be aware of personal hygiene; don’t overdo it with perfume or cologne. For men, remember that facial hair needs to be kept trim and tidy; and for women, never head to the office with a head of wet hair!
  8. Be clever with the items in your executive wardrobe; so often less is more. When it comes to purchasing items, consider what you already have as part of an overall clothing strategy. A small collection of key pieces can be interchanged with a handful of shirts, scarves, belts and shoes to create a new look for everyday of the working week.


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