Conquer Hard to Store Items

The kitchen can be a battleground for ‘hard to store’ items. From juicers to food processors, blenders to wine bottles, these items can so often be tricky to store and access. So with efficiency and a streamlined kitchen in mind, we’ve come up with a number of solutions for taming cumbersome objects…

Size up your needs

Before you move a fry pan lid or lift up a mesh food cover, determine whether you’re trying to cram too much into your space and what it is that’s going to improve the functionality of your kitchen. If you’re holding onto items that no longer work or you rarely (if ever) use, it’s time for a cull. With those items removed, take inventory of what’s remaining and consider your storage opportunities.

Start with a solid storage framework

Pressed for storage space? Howards Custom Wine Rack Unit (DAD00041) coupled with a Custom Shelf Unit (DAD00042) could be the answer. The beauty of easy-build is it’s flexibility; perfect for storing tall and odd shaped appliances and wine bottles, the wire shelves can be re-positioned to suit your needs and should your storage needs change over time, these units can be re-purposed throughout other rooms within your home or office. Made from triple coated chrome, easy-build is durable, easy to assemble and completely customisable.

Contain Odd Shaped Items

To reduce wasted air space between shelves and effectively store odd-shaped items such as a food processor, use an easi-store plastic box on the bottom shelf.  This durable, food safe container with locking lid and wheels, is BPA free and made from quality plastic. But don’t just utilise one! Incorporating repetition you create consistency and visual calm, making the space feel organised, neat and tidy.

Utilise the Full Depth of Your Shelves

Do you know what’s at the back of your shelves? Most people don’t! The solution is so simple. Install Cabinet Organisers that effectively turn a shelf into a sliding out drawer to ensure you can access easily 100% of your available space. Howards has lots of choice in this department. Here are a few of our favourites:

Hang your Pots and Pans

They’re awkward in shape and yet used on a daily basis. Stored well, you’ll save time when prepping and cooking each evening. When storing pots, consider hanging these from hooks on your easy-build Custom Shelf Unit (DAD00042).

Cupboard Organisers

Like to store your pots, pans and bakeware in a cupboard? You might find these organisers useful:

Saucepan Lid Holder

Made from durable plastic coated metal, this organiser has room for six saucepan lids of various sizes. Install it anywhere; inside cupboards, on your kitchen walls or inside walk-in pantries. (PKH0001)

Rubbermaid Pan Organiser  

The beauty of this product is that you can stack your pans horizontally or vertically. It features five titanium shelves to stack pans without causing damage. Includes mounting screws so you can attach the organiser to walls to prevent toppling. (RUB4200)

Slide Out Lid and Pan Organiser

The whole organiser slides out like a drawer. Two fry pans can be held securely in a plastic contoured space. A sturdy powder coated metal rack will hold 4 to 6 lids that nestle in slots on the base. It’s a clever way to store pans in a cupboard.


Organiser Rack

Simple organiser rack, designed to hold anything from cutting boards to cookbooks. It’s ideal for taming your bakeware too. Made from durable chrome. (EIC1167)

Butcher’s Knife Organiser

Store knives blade-down to prevent accidents with this in drawer solution. Each section has a place to rest handles, keeping contents secure. Completely rubber-lined, this tray will protect knives from slipping and damage. Made from quality plastic with rubber feet. (DNE4544).

Magnetic Knife Rack

Prefer vertical wall storage? This rack keeps knives accessible and visible. Add metal spice canisters too if you like! Installation is easy; simply screw the knife rack to your wall. (EIC9860)

Like to see more?

This article includes a selection of solutions; to view the whole range visit your local Howards Storage World store or head to our eShop to view the collection online at

What is easy-build?

easy-build is a free-standing and fully adjustable shelving system engineered to be flexible enough to be used in any room in the home or workplace. Choose from pre-designed kits or from a wide range of components.

Why easy-build?

  • Simple to assemble. No tools required
  • Available in kits or individual components
  • Strong, durable chrome finishes
  • Suitable for light commercial use*
  • 5 year Warranty

Like to know more about easy-build?

If you would like more information about easy-build from Howards Storage World, view the easy-build section of the Howards’ website which includes suggested solutions, pre-configured kits, individual components, accessories, assembly instructions and warranty information.


Components and prices may change over time. Some stores may not stock all components however they can usually be ordered. We suggest that you check with your local store prior to commencing your own makeover.

*The easy-build storage system is a robust modular system built from quality triple coated chrome. It is ideally suited to in-home and light commercial use (e.g. retail, offices) within reasonable bounds.  Please refer to the easy-build warranty.


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