Create your Own Traditions

Christmas is a personal event. It’s the time when many of us set up our own traditions that are upheld year after year. Here are five Christmas tradition ideas…View the Christmas Catalogue HERE.

There’s something about having a Christmas tradition; like an heirloom, it’s something for you and your special people alone. Whether it’s family or dear friends, creating a year in year out ritual will signify the festive season and in some way create a sense of belonging that will be remembered for years to come.

Like to create your own special tradition? Here are five ideas that might spur you on…

1. Collect a new tree bauble each year

Purchase or make a Christmas bauble for each of your children each year. Ensure you inscribe the ‘date’ on each bauble and watch as your treasured collection grows. When you children leave home, package up their lifetime of baubles and give them a sentimental gift they can treasure and a tradition they too can create.

2. Camp in the same spot each Christmas

Remember those ‘annual Christmas holiday friends’? If you ever holidayed in the same spot at the same time of year over the course of your childhood you can attest to the memories and long term friendships that can be made. A camping holiday is a great low cost, fun adventure for kids of all ages.

3. Open one Christmas present on Christmas eve

So often with the build up to Christmas the actual day can go so quickly and be somewhat of an anti-climax for children. Whet the kids ‘present’ appetite, extend the delight of the day and create a tradition at the same time by allowing each family member to unwrap one present on Christmas Eve!

4. Walk the lights on Christmas eve

There are many dedicated people that decorate their homes with Christmas lights to entertain kids at this time of year. Anticipation and delight is in the air on Christmas Eve; so why not drive to a nearby “Christmas Light Street”, park the car and walk the lights with your family.

5. Enjoy community carols with your family

Great December weather plays host to Carols by Candlelight at various locations across the country throughout December. Check with your council to confirm the date of your local ‘Carols’ then grab your picnic rug, hamper, folding chair and join in the Christmas spirit with your community.

This year make Christmas Different. Have a look at our Christmas Catalogue and we’ll show you how! Click here.

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