Creating Space in a Modern Bathroom



We all know that less clutter equals more space but what if your modern bathroom is light on when it comes to storage? Help is at hand thanks to a few key storage accessories…


Whether you’re after a temporary or more permanent storage fixture, look too easy-build. Made from triple coated chrome, easy-build is a simple to assemble, freestanding, fully adjustable system.  You don’t even need tools to build it – however a rubber mallet is handy to tap the shelves snugly into place. Filled with rolled towels, scented candles and shower essentials, you can quite literally create your own day spa at home.  To add that extra freshness to your bathroom create a vertical garden in your easy-build unit. View our ‘how to’ hints and tips in our solutions factsheet here

Over The Door Solutions

Vertical space is prime real estate but that’s not to suggest you race out and purchase a pair of floating shelves (although we do love a floating shelf and highly recommend them if you’re after a quick shelf solution with a minimalist profile!). No, we’re asking you to consider the smaller variations of vertical space; the space behind the bathroom door, the glass shower screen, the inside of your bathroom cupboard door. All of these smaller “vertical” spaces provide the perfect spot for an Over The Door Solution. Think shower caddies, hooks, hair care organisers, towel racks. What’s more, as the name suggests, they are indeed ‘over the door’ solutions so you can put the drill away because there’s no installation required. Sounds good to us!

Howards Pick

Over the Door Towel Organiser, Chrome. Code: PLT814

Suction Solutions

From dental stations to in-shower solutions, when it comes to temporary yet good quality storage we’re headed back to the vertical wall space again but armed with a suction solution (or two)! We have a huge range available in-store and online. To get a personal demonstration of the new Everloc Endure and Solutions Ranges complete with their Dual Action adhesion, visit us in-store or view the video. Suction solutions are ideal for DIYers, those in need of a flexible storage solution, renters and those of us who need to replace existing fixtures!

Howards Pick

Solutions Hair Dryer Holder, Chrome plated. EVO67034

Endure Double Corner Basket, Chrome plated stainless steel. EVO88202

Baskets and Hampers

One of the great things about a basket or a hamper is that they have this way of fusing fashion with function. What’s so great about a basket you ask? Well not only will they group like items together, they will sit neatly within an easy-build storage unit and equally as well in a cupboard or on your bathroom bench top. If you have the space within your bathroom, consider a matching laundry hamper and say goodbye to dirty clothes strewn over the edge of your bath or worse yet dumped on the bathroom floor.

Howards Pick

Howards Storage Tote Large Black

Available in three sizes and a comes in range of colours and designs.

For more tips visit one of our expert organisers’ in-store.

Like to know more about easy-build?

If you would like more information about easy-build from Howards Storage World CLICK HERE to view the easy-build section of the Howards’ website which includes suggested solutions, pre-configured kits, individual components, accessories, assembly instructions and warranty information.


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