Are stacked tins and other condiments taking over your pantry? Could your kitchen drawers do with an overhaul? Has a pile of paperwork made a home for itself on your bench top?

Here are our Top 5 Kitchen ‘Clutter’ Areas and a few ideas on how to combat it:

Pantry Cupboards

A well-organised cupboard will provide you with easy (and quick) access to your pantry items, it will maximise space and generally make life in the kitchen a whole lot simpler; remember though, visibility and accessibility are KEY. Use shelf helpers or under shelf baskets to boost visible space and to give you an extra level of storage, group ‘like’ items in any number of our binz and pullz and keep high access items in an easy to reach spot in your cupboard.


Here drawer organisers reign supreme! Whether it’s an expandable, modular or standard tray, having your “go to” utensils and cooking aids in a designated, easy to access spot will save you time while prepping your every meal. Kitchen drawer space is prime real estate so go through your drawers as often as possible and cull items that you simply to do not use!


When was the last time you did an inventory of your kitchen appliances? Go through your appliance cupboard with your realistic (as opposed to rose coloured!) glasses on. If you haven’t used an item for a number of years (yes, that may well be the egg poacher or the juicer!) it might be time to clear it from your cupboard. Furthermore, most appliances have multi-functions so it’s highly likely that one of your remaining appliances will perform the same task as one you’ve culled!

Bench Tops

It’s a great feeling to cook in a tidy kitchen and it starts with an uncluttered bench top. If paperwork has somehow crept into the space, move it straight into your office or family command centre. With space cleared in your pantry and your appliance cupboard in order, move items such as the toaster from the counter to the cupboard and reserve your bench for a limited number of appliances (think the kettle/coffee machine and microwave). Designate one particular spot for prepping and relish cooking in your uncluttered space.


Organisations above and below the sink are important in equal measure. Because dishes, cutlery and sponges can quickly cramp a space; the right above sink storage is essential for maintaining order. Skillfully engineered to make drying and washing easier, our clever range of above sink storage will:

  • Minimise clutter (and water!) on your bench top
  • House crockery and cleaning aids in easy to access storers
  • Save you time!

While under the sink is not the most straightforward storage area our range of under sink storage makes the most of this space. Conquer the clutter with these few clever tricks:

  • Use Slide and Stack baskets to maximise the depth of your cupboard
  • Store sponges and cleaning equipment in easily accessible storers.
  • Use the space on the inside of your cupboard door.

 Hot Tip: The kitchen can quite easily become cluttered so regular maintenance is essential in order to maintain control of your space.

Click here to download the Tame the Kitchen Clutter Checklist