Drawers Masterclass

When it comes to organising your drawers, it’s easy to achieve a maximum outcome from minimum effort. Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom drawers, this is a quick project that’ll have you wondering why you didn’t do it sooner…

Remember though, before fitting your drawers with the perfect organisation solution, use Howard’s Stop, Sort, Solve method to make getting organised easier:

1. STOP:    Access where your greatest opportunity is and what you are trying to achieve (eg make drawers less cluttered, easier to use or safer)

2. SORT:   Pull everything out, sort into groups, discard obvious rubbish and think about the priority “keep” items deserve

then you are ready to:

3. SOLVE:  This is where you put in place a solution that will keep you organised. As Howards is a Drawer Organising Specialist, you are in the right place!

Modular Solutions for Kitchen Deep Drawers

Hands up if your deep drawer has become a depository for all sorts of odds and ends. You’re not alone. The deeper the drawer, the more it’s prone to disorganisation. Layer it up!

Stackable, modular storage such as our range of Like-It Brick Organiser products provide a layered solution that will maximise your drawer space. Simple, modern, stackable and easy to use these clever helpers will provide welcome relief to drawers throughout your kitchen, bathroom, office, kids rooms, playroom or living room!

Deep Drawer Organisers

Solutions for the Shallow Drawer

Searching for a high quality solution for your shallow drawers? Howards have many different ways to help you achieve the perfect result for your needs. Broadly speaking, there are 4 different types of organisers to choose from:

1. Modular Organisers that you can mix and match (most popular choice)

2. Standard trays, that are premoulded can sometimes be cut to fit

3. Expandable trays that quickly make the most of the width of your drawer and are easy to install

4. Specialty trays designed for items like spices and utensils.

With so many to choose from, sometimes its best to simply ask for a little help in store. In fact, we encourage you to bring your drawer into store to guarantee to you’ll get the perfect solution straight away.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Like-It Modular Organisers are also available in shallow modular sizes ideal for cutlery drawers. Beautifully constructed, thanks to a high quality molding process which smooths the materials edging, the Like-It range of products fuses durability with style.

Perfect Picks for the Bathroom Drawer

When you are in a rush in the morning, organised Bathroom drawers can really save you precious time. From make-up to grooming accessories, its worth putting in a good system to get your day off to a good start.

Like-It shallow modular organisers can make quick work of sorting out your bathroom drawers. Their slim profile ensures they take up the minimum of space and provide maximum storage efficiency.

6 Piece Drawer Organiser Set  made from high quality clear acrylic provides separate open top containers in 4 sizes (3 extra small, 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large)

Clutter Buster Tray Sets are available in “large/small” or “two small” sets. They include movable dividers and clever decal stickers. These are a favourite solution for the “junk drawer”, craft drawers and even make-up drawers.

Howard’s Cadi Stackable Organiser Baskets provide a similar solution. Available in three sizes, this stackable solution will store neatly on a shelf or in a drawer. For use right throughout your home or office, this system of baskets is ideal for organising and keeping items within easy reach.

Spice Drawer Solutions

Do you have a smorgasbord of spices stuffed in a drawer? Forget rummaging for the mixed herbs, keep your spices organised and save time in the kitchen. Toss anything that’s old or that you never use bearing in mind that whole spices are good for only three years, ground spices for two. Then, pick a drawer in a cool spot, away from the oven, to store your frequently used spices.

Whether you’re after a modular solution such as the Spice Drawer Organiser with Grip Base, a Spice Expanda-Drawer or a simple Spice Liner, consider that a grip base will prevent spice bottles from rolling around your drawer. All of our spice solutions aim to keep your spices at your fingertips to ensure cooking is as simple as can be!

Spice Drawer Organiser with Grip Base
Spice Expanda-Drawer
Spice Liner

Convert Your Shelf Into A Drawer

If you want to maximise your shelf storage space by turning shelves into drawers, Howards have a number of solutions that can help.

Ideal for those hard to reach places, our range of do-it-yourself cabinet organisers come in a variety of stackable, single/double, plastic or powder coated metal options. When choosing the right solution for your needs, we suggest you use plastic drawers in damp areas like bathrooms and under the kitchen sink and sturdier metal options for heavier items. Our range of organisers are created to group items and can be used right throughout your home and office. As you would expect, organisers that can be fixed to your shelf include mounting hardware.

If you need help choosing, bring your measurements into store and ask a team member for solution advice.

Elfa Easy-Glider

Elfa’s  easy-glider drawer system enables you to secure a basket on an existing shelf or the bottom of a cupboard. Choose your runner depth then add your choice of elfa basket (additional). It’s very easy to install and to customise this system to your space and needs. Popular uses for easy-glider include: the pantry, laundry, linen cupboard, bathroom and wardrobe.

Amalie Pullout Organisers are created from clear plastic and they feature an easy grip handle at the front.  Two rear wheels makes them slide out easily on smooth shelves. Available in a wide version shown or a narrow version, they are an economical customer favourite and popular for use in cupboards, pantries and fridges.


Large Slide n Stack Baskets are ideal for hard to reach places. Given that it is made from plastic, it is particularly suitable for potentially damp cupboards in the bathroom, under the kitchen sink or in the laundry. Made from quality plastic, this handy basket attaches directly to the shelf and there are other baskets available to stack on top adding extra storage.

Simplehuman Cabinet Organisers  are made from heavy gauge steel and also include a removable drip guard that protects your cabinet from leaks and spills. Easy to use, commercial grade ball bearing tracks glide effortlessly. They are available in several sizes and include a 5 Year guarantee.

Makeup Drawer

If you store your makeup in a drawer, the ideal organiser allows you to group like items together so you can see your most commonly used makeup. Here are our top suggestions:

clutter buster

Clutter Buster Tray Sets are available in “large/small” or “two small” sets. They include movable dividers and clever decal stickers. These are a favourite solution for make-up drawers.

Clear Store drawers made from quality acrylic and are a wonderful solution for make-up. You can add extra stackable drawers as your collection grows. Add in dividers (additional) for a nice tidy solution. Drawers and dividers are available in a variety of sizes.

Clear Store

Junk Drawer

Often found in the 2nd or 3rd drawer down in the kitchen, the junk drawer can quickly become the Bermuda Triangle of drawers! It’s good to remember that there is no good reason to store something unless you can find it again. So put a system in place ideal for “little things” and you’ll transform your junk drawer into a functioning “bits and pieces” drawer that’s actually useful.

Madesmart’s Junk Drawer Organiser is made from quality plastic and features two large sections with clever compartments that will keep your junk drawer spick and span. The bottom layer is divided into various sections ideal to separate larger items. The top section creates storage space for pens, paperclips, or small items.

The Linus Junk Drawer Organiser is made from quality clear acrylic, has four separate compartments, has rubber feet to prevent movement/slipping in your drawer; and it’s easy to clean. The beauty of this organiser is we have a wide range of other modular Linus Organisers in multiple shapes and sizes to make mixing and matching easier.

Linus Junk Drawer Organiser

Bedroom Drawers

Whilst many use their bedroom drawers for folded clothes, there is often the need to store other specialty items like underwear, ties, and even jewellery. Here are some of our favourite solutions:

Stacker Jewellery Organisers

2 Tier Jewellery Box Large


Travelling in  a caravan brings with it special challenges. Appropriate organisers can stop items breaking by reducing movement when you are on the go. They can also reduce your overall weight by avoiding double ups (because you can see everything!)

So its worth spending a little time getting this aspect of your epic journey right. To see our whole special feature on caravan storage, click here.  Here are a few clever items for your caravan drawers:

Caravan Drawer Organisers

Available in 3 different sizes, Cadi Stackable Organiser Baskets store neatly on a shelf or in a drawer. For use anywhere from the kitchen to the garage, this system of stackable baskets is ideal to organise items and get them within easy reach. We used them in this caravan drawer as a second tier of storage as the drawer was deep.

Also available in 3 different sizes, FiFi Drawer Separators can be fitted into most drawers. Simply slot together and customise to your drawer dimensions and storage needs. Made from flexible lightweight plastic.

FiFi Drawer Organiser

For more suggestions, hints, tips and drawer storage ideas, visit your local Howards store and speak with one of our in-store organisation experts. Feel free to bring your drawer along with you and we’ll help you to customise a solution specially for your needs.

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