Entertaining on Australia Day

How do you intend to spend Australia Day? Whether you’re entertaining at home, planning a picnic, a quintessential Australian BBQ or day at the beach, there are a few essentials and creature comforts you’re going to need to ensure January 26 is a day well spent. Here, we break it down by venue…

Entertaining at Home

Celebrate Australia Day by having a luncheon for your nearest and dearest! In true “Aussie” style, fire up the BBQ, whip up some ‘slaw and save some room for lamingtons and pav! You’ll need:

  • Drink Dispenser Nantucket 8L $49.95

    PHO0002__DRINK_DISPENSER_NANTUCKET_8LThis dispenser finds its inspiration from retro bottles and mason jars. With a beautiful decor on the front, it features an easy-open lid, ensuring the refilling process is quick and easy. Complete with metal tap, this dispenser can hold up to 8 litres.

  • Champagne Bucket $69.95

    4159_EIC6002bThis attractive stainless steel champagne bucket can comfortably hold 3 bottles at a time. Durable, hardwearing and fuses form with function, this Champagne Bucket could also double as a punch bowl.

  • David & Waddell Acacia Wood Napkin Basket $22.95

    5744_Napkin HolderThis Davis and Waddell Napkin Holder is made from beautiful Acacia Wood with a protective satin oil finish. It has a lovely hinged ball weight that would add a stylish finishing touch to any dining table.

  • 3 in 1 Multi Purpose Server $49.95

    5986_DNE7239 - 3 in 1 ServerForget buying a dip platter, cake plate AND punch bowl because this clever product has all three covered. In just one flip it can become a beverage bowl; turn it around to transform it into a dip platter. Spin it around, upside-down and it’s a sophisticated cake plate with a fancy jeweled handle.

  • Bamboo Two Tier Serving Stand $39.95

    ALB4465_BAMBOO_2TIER_PLATESTANDAdd a sense of sophistication to your Australia Day table setting! Our Bamboo 2 Tier Serving Stand blends elegance with a modern twist. Made from sustainable bamboo, it’s complete with a classic white trim and handle.

Planning a picnic

One thing’s for sure people like to picnic on Australia Day but before you head off to seek out the best picnic spot, remember the key to a carefree day is preparation. Grab the following essentials, find a spot in the shade and enjoy a summer filled afternoon.

  • Mosrepel Bracelet 2 Pack $10.95

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARe-useable for over 180 hours (comes with a reusable container) and made from natural ingredients, this DEET free, non-toxic bracelet comes in an adult and child size. Waterproof and not affected by sweat, it’s the perfect way to keep your picnic bug free.

  • Outdoor Wine Glass Holders $14.95

    2093_VLL6060_01_533These outdoor wine glass holders come packaged as a set of four spikes in four different colours. 100% recycled polycarbonate, these clever wine glass holders are virtually unbreakable and the hands free way to end the frustration of spilled drinks!

  • Non Stick Heavy Duty BBQ and Oven Liner $17.95

    DNE2831_-HEAVY_DUTY_BBQ_LINERPlace this non stick liner down on a BBQ and minimise your clean up! So easy to clean, this mat is fully dishwasher safe and re-usable. Edges can also be trimmed to suit any barbecue or oven. Perfect for use on public BBQ’s as well, take one of these on your next picnic!

  • Picnic Basket Four Person Set $169

    BSK463-SATARA-PICNIC-BASKET-4-PERSON-3A well-stocked picnic basket is a must! This comprehensive product contains glasses, cutlery, salt and pepper shakers ceramic (not plastic!) plates, napkins, a timber chopping board and a bottle opener. It features a beautiful hand-woven wicker exterior as well as a large insulated section to keep food/drinks fresh and cool.

  • Wicker Wine Carrier $69.95

    BSK561_WICKER_WINE_-CARRIER_STYLEDWith a lovely hand-woven wicker exterior, this carrier is complete with a bottle opener and carry strap. On the surface it may appear rustic and quaint but the interior and inside of the lid features thermal insulated lining to keep contents cold!

This great southern land has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world; so if the coast is calling this Australian Day, grab your family and friends and head to your favorite beach spot but don’t forget your:

  • Thermos Raya Premium 24 Can Cooler Tote $34.95

    THR54224-THERMOS-RAYA-PREMIUM-24CAN-TOTE-GREEN-STRIPE-4With a heat-sealed leak-proof PEVA lining, this PVC free carrier features a comfortable adjustable shoulder strap and carrying handles, an extra wide top for loading large containers, as well as Thermos IsoTec insulation to provide superior cold retention. This premium tote from Thermos is sized to fit 24 cans and defines quality and durability.

  • Thermos Picnic Backpack 4 Person Set $99

    THR104_PICNIC_SET-BACKPACK_4_PERSON_OPENThis is the best portable picnic pack around! It has all the usual picnic features (plates, cutlery and mugs and wine glasses) as well as cotton napkins, salt and pepper shakers, and a cutting board! To top it off, an insulated wine-cooler bag and picnic rug are attached to the outside, ready to use. So easy to transport, it can be carried comfortably on your back.

  • Cesto Basket $17.95

    12412_CRS0681-EVO-LIFESTYLE-1Pack your beach towels, sunscreen, hat and other beach essentials in this hardwearing, easy to carry basket. Made from durable plastic, this lightweight basket is also available in three great colours.

  • Wireless Speaker $44.95

    19314_IDS84052-INDEPENDENCE-AMP-IT-UP-SPEAKER-PINK-1Wireless audio technology amplifies the audio from your smart phone speaker without wire, configuration or pairing. Simply position your smart phone speaker on top of the device and your music from your phone’s speaker is amplified.

  • Picnic Blanket $36.95

    10855_BSK680This bright and attractive picnic blanket features a soft filling and water proof backing ensuring damp doesn’t seep through.  Also comes with convenient leather like strapping.