Get Back to School Ready

What to look for when choosing your back to school lunch essentials?

Starting a new school year is a costly exercise. It has been reported that this year Austalian parents will spend around one billion dollars getting there kids ready to go back to school.

Look for products that are good quality, food safe, leak proof, practical and look good.

Also consider your child’s age particularly those in infant’s school (Kindergarten-Year 2). Ensure they can easily open their lunch, the drink bottle is age appropriate, and of course, let them choose from our huge range of back to school lunch gear – as they will be more likely to eat all their prepped food!

Did You Know…..

  • All Howards food containers are BPA Free
  • All Howards drink bottles are leakproof (We’ve tested them!!)
  • Howards stock the best brands and quality products to give you peace of mind and to provide you with the huge range to choose from.

Healthy Lunch, Safe Lunch

With the healthy eating revolution and strict guidelines in schools, meeting these expectations has become a little more difficult.

If food isn’t fridge fresh it can actually prove to be a very serious health issue. Remember, perishables, when kept out of the fridge remain safe to eat for an absolute maximum of two hours so an insulated lunch box or bag and having the right equipment to keep lunches safe throughout the hot Australian summer has never been more important.

Think Sushi, kids love this for lunch, it is easy to eat and good for you, but unless it is kept fridge cold until lunch time, it could make your kids sick.

Howards Favourites from the 2019 Range

Here are some tips for getting back to school ready and the Howards 2019 lunch essentials your kids will love!


Packit, have a great range of lunch bags/backpacks that have built in gel packs that you just pop in the freezer. These bags are waterproof, and will keep your food chilled for up to 10 hours!

Fridge to Go

Why is the Fridge to Go a customer favourite?

  • Includes removable chilling panel
  • Ideal for every day use
  • Great for your complete lunch
  • Fully collapsible to flat
  • Easy-tote handle
  • Hook and loop sealed storage pocket
  • BPA-free, lead and PVC-safe
  • Wipe clean with soap & water
  • Keeps fridge cold for up to 8 hours
  • Panel contains purified salt water
  • Replacable Ice panels available
  • Durable ‘TempGuard’ Fabric
  • The Fridge to go is available in a range of sizes and colours.

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Thermos. It’s a household name and has been for years. Since their inception in 1904 the leading manufacturer has trailblazed with innovation within the food and beverage container arena. Their constant new product development has ensured that Thermos has remained a leader for quality products for over a century!

Thermos Vacuum Insulation Technology

So what is it about their vacuum insulation technology that outperforms other insulated food and beverage containers? The Thermos team has designed this technology to ensure that whatever you put in your vacuum insulation thermos will stay hot or cold. Before the vacuum insulation process is applied, containers will let in the heat or cold; then by creating an airless space between two walls Thermos virtually eliminate the convection process and temperature change within the product. Basically that ensures that the contents of your Thermos container maintains it’s temperature regardless of what elements surround the product. Engineered utilising refined design, ergonomic functionality and premium materials genuine Thermos brand vacuum insulated products are developed and tested for optimised performance – hot or cold, they’re made to last.

Thermos Funtainers

From camping to picnics, lunch boxes to road trips, the FUNtainer 290ml Vacuum seal Insulated Food Jar  will keep your children’s food fresh and delicious. With a double wall vacuum insulation for maximum temperature retention (hot or cold), this BPA free jar will keep food hot for up to 5 hours and cold for up to 7 hours. Complete with an unbreakable stainless steel interior/exterior and an extra wide mouth that is easy to fill, serve from and clean.

The Thermos Stainless Steel 355ml Insulated Drink Bottle features a hygienic push button lid with pop-up silicone straw that’s easy to open, this kid-proof design is made with an unbreakable stainless steel interior and exterior to withstand daily wear and tear. With a flip-up carrying loop, this bottle will stay cold for up to 12 hours exterior that stays free from condensation.

Designs may vary from store to store

Available in a range of fun designs to keep kids happy! These also have a non-slip scratch resistant base and a 5 year warranty. Light, compact, portable and dishwasher safe. Replacement straws are also available.


The Fuel range of containers and drink bottles can be colour co-ordinated.

From Snack ‘n’ Dip Containers, condiment sets and a drink bottle that has a spray mister for those hot days…..the kids will love it!

Fuel Salad on the Go Container with IcePack

You and your family eat healthy food at lunchtime with the Salad on the Go Container with Ice Pack. A convenient size, the Fuel Salad on the Go box is built to last and is perfect for keeping salads nice and fresh.

Made from BPA, lead and PVC-free material, this compact container has an ice pack attached to its lid that keeps food chilled for up to 4 hours. With a separate container for salad dressing also attached to the lid, this handy little container is perfect for those who want fresh lunches every day. Perfect for school and work lunches as well as your next outdoor adventure!

560ml Fuel Mist Hydrator Bottle.

With a two-in-one lid that comprises a water mister and pop up straw, this clever bottle is complete with a soft easy grip and an ergonomic body shape. Eco friendly and made from highly durable Tritan and silicone these drink bottles are perfect for school, work, picnics, road trips and of course, exercise! BPA free and dishwasher safe!

Decor Realseal Lunch Break®

The Decor Lunch Break® lunchbox system is a unique air-tight and leak-proof range designed to keep lunches fresh and your cooler bag mess free. Now you can be confident packing a dressed salad for school or work knowing that it won’t leak over school books or important documents. The system has four modular containers for lunch and snacks that stack neatly into a range of cooler bags. The containers can also be used for reheating, simply pop open the air-tight button before placing in the microwave. Perfect for lunch on the go!

Leak Proof Drink Bottles

There is nothing worse than your kids coming home with a soggy bag because their drink bottle has leaked.

All Howards drink bottles are leak proof, so you have that peace of mind.

Click HERE to view our range of drink bottles.

Kids drink bottle range and designs will vary from store to store

Eco Friendly Lunches

These days we are more conscious of minimising rubbish, and being more eco friendly.

So with that in mind, here are some ideas that are great for the environment and the hip pocket!

Squeez’Ems – 2 Pack Reusable Food Pouches

Squeez’Ems are perfect for lunch boxes or a snack on the run, this product is a great way to inspire healthy eating. Fill them with fruit or vegetables – your kids will get a kick out of eating from a pouch! Completely reusable, the lid simply screws off for cleaning/refilling. Each pouch holds over 170g and features a window at the front so you know how much they’ve eaten. Alternatively, you could also use this product to transport salad dressing/tomato sauce to picnics!

Super easy to clean!

Full Circle Ziptuck Reusable Bags

Ziptuck Bags are an easy, rubbish free way to pack school snacks and lunches!

The sustainable alternative to disposable plastic snack and sandwich bags, pack your kiddies crunch and sip or organise bits and bobs around the home.

Features gusseted  botton so the bags are free-standing. Leakproof, durable and incredibly easy to use. Simply fill, seal, use then wash and reuse!

  • Leak-proof and air-tight
  • Reliable lock seal
  • Easy to use for young children
  • Reusable and sustainable
  • Perfect for kids snacks
  • Rounded internal corners for easy cleaning
  • Label and wipe clean with dry erase marker
  • Can stand upright for easy storage
  • Dishwasher safe

 Sachi Sandwich Pockets

Sandwich Pockets are a  fun way to wrap sandwiches. Easy to open and fully reusable.

When it comes to packing school lunches, think outside the plastic wrap!

These high quality Lunch Pockets from Sachi come in a range of designs and are perfect for sandwiches and snacks on the go. Made from food safe materials, these environmentally friendly, reusable Lunch Bags are dishwasher and washing machine safe; and furthermore they’re lead, BPA and phthalate free.

Jules Ozolins

Jules Smith is the Category Manager for the Back to School range.

“At the Start of every school year, I get excited to launch an array of new products to market, and this year is no different.

We have a wonderful selection of co-ordinated lunch sets from primary school age right through to high school and adult. All our containers are BPA free, drink bottles are leak-proof and cooler bags are insulated, so you can feel comfortable knowing that you’ve purchased a quality product that will stand the test of time.”

We asked Jules some questions about how she chooses the back to school range……

When it comes to “Back to School” lunch boxes and containers it’s important to get the kids involved but what features should parents be looking out for?

“An absolute must parents should look for is, is it leak-proof? Children are more often than not pretty rough with their school bags so food and drink needs to be kept secure. It is not pleasant when food or drink is spilt all through the school bag!! If buying plastic, make sure it is made from food safe plastic and if you intend to use it in the microwave, ensure first it is microwave safe. All of Howards Back to School range is food safe and BPA free.”

What makes the ideal drink bottle?

 One that does not leak! All Howards drink bottles are leak-proof. A wide opening for refilling and ease of cleaning is beneficial. An ideal drink bottle is also easy for kids to open and close.”

Is one lunch box enough?

These days most kids take an assortment of food for morning tea and lunch so often more than one container is required. We have a number of lunch boxes, which have separate compartments for taking sandwiches, fruit and veggies to school.”

How important is an insulated bag?

An insulated bag is extremely important. Food will perish quickly in hot conditions so an insulated bag is a must. Howards have insulated bags, which will stay cool from 4 hours up to 10 hours!”

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