Get Prepared for Tax Time


The end of the financial year is fast approaching! Take control by creating an organised paperwork system. It will make your trip to the accountant e-a-s-y and it will simplify the process of updating your expense data (and filing it!) over the next financial year. Here’s how to get prepared for tax time:

  • Be clear on what you can claim.  Refer to the ATO website or speak with your accountant. This will save you from collecting receipts you simply don’t need!

  • Keep a small container handy in your car or your office for loose receipts and avoid losing those all-important little pieces of paper!

  • Group your records in appropriate caddies, being sure that the ones on higher shelves have handles so that they can be safely lifted down when you need to access old record.

Jaclyn Collapsible Box

It’s incredibly sturdy for a box that collapses flat when not in use. Have a store of these in reserve as they are so handy and take up little room.

Howards Mimi Separators

These are available in both ‘narrow’ and ‘wide’ options and are very well priced. The integrated handle is useful and we like these for journals and magazines in particular in your office.

Viola Storage Box with Lid.

Made from polypropylene, these boxes have a smart labeling system to help you keep your records in order. With reinforced corners, they are built to last.

Howards Odeda Stackable Drawers

Avoid “consolidated clutter” by having a stackable drawer system to divide and conquer your paper. BUT! – remember to assign time to go through these once a week so the paperwork doesn’t pile up! This simple organisation tool will save you hours of sorting though paper work come reporting time.

Howards Easi Store Tub

These are hard core long term storage that will withstand moving houses and can be stacked in the attic or storage area.

TOP TIP! Ask your tax adviser if you can claim the cost of your new storage system.


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Products listed are accurate as at March 2014.

Components and prices may change over time. Some stores may not stock all components however they can usually be ordered. We suggest that you check with your local store prior to purchasing your own system.