Going Away Checklists

Essential Home and Packing Pre Holiday Tasks

It’s easy to fall into the “be ready for anything” trap when packing to go away on holidays; over packing can be a drag, particularly when it comes time to unpack at the end of your break. Whether you’re packing for yourself or a family of five, our packing and home jobs checklist will ensure you get to your destination with everything you need (and nothing more!) for a relaxing break.

Plus our home tips will ensure that your neighbours haven’t had to put up with a house alarm running for days!

View our checklists to ensure you don’t end up at your holiday destination without the kids!

This list of tips will reduce stress as you’re getting ready to go away.

To download your checklists here:

  • Packing Checklist

    3703 - Org Station - Going Away 'Home' Checklist_Page_2

  • Going Away Home Jobs Checklist

    3703 - Org Station - Going Away 'Home' Checklist_Page_3

The ultimate benefit of having these checklists? You’ll be able to simply relax at your destination with everything at home organised and knowing you haven’t forgotten anything. All you have to worry about is having a great time!

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