Guest Ready. Product Spotlight: Everloc Range

Make your bathroom look fantastic, be guest ready and more organised in minutes with Everloc.

Having enough storage around the bath and shower is often a problem. In any other room you would put in a shelf, problem solved. However, in the bathroom, tiles can make such a simple fix incredibly difficult. That’s why Everloc is so clever.

The Everloc range now uses a unique patented Push n Lock suction system to cleanly and easily attach to a wide array of surfaces including tiles, mirrors, glass and laminate.

No drills, no screwing and no damage.

Many people are already familiar with the Everloc range and its collection of caddies and shelves, ideal for giving any bathroom a quick facelift.

However, now Everloc has taken another big step forward with the introduction of two new ranges. The new ‘Endure’ range, is made out of Chrome plated stainless steel and the ‘Solutions’ range is chrome plated steel.

The new, sleek design is cutting-edge and well able to withstand the rigours of bathroom use, thanks to innovations such as a new weld/joining process that is designed to resist soap scum build up.

It’s a perfect solution for renters as the Everloc range can be fitted without causing any damage and removed without leaving a residue – ready for reuse elsewhere. Now you can take your bespoke bathroom set-up from home to home!

People who really like to load up on bathroom products will love Everloc too, as Everloc’s superior load-bearing ability means each suction cup can support from 8kg to 15kg, depending on size. More than enough for an average shower’s worth of pampering.

Of course, the Everloc range isn’t just about the things you need nearby when you’re in the bath or shower.

Everloc Hairdryer Holder is great for storing your hairdryer. As well as being convenient, the Hairdryer Holder is designed with a hook at the bottom to ensure the cord stays neatly tucked away. There’s also a similar product for hair straighteners.

You can house toothbrushes in an Everloc Dental Station, while the area around your toilet can be treated to a breath of fresh air with an Everloc Toilet Brush and Holder, an Everloc Toilet Roll Refill Holder and an Everloc Toilet Roll Holder.

As well as looking great, the added benefit of the Everloc suction system is that the caddies and shelves are height adjustable and can be reused.

So, now your bathroom looks fabulous, why not get stuck into your kitchen in preparation for Christmas entertaining.

Watch a quick video to find out more about the Everloc Range