How to Make Christmas Memorable…

There are so many wonderful stages that make up Christmas Day. Whether you’re watching the wonder in your kids eyes as they unwrap Christmas presents, sitting down to a well prepared family and friend filled feast or enjoying the mandatory post lunch ‘nap’ before Christmas pudding; getting organised will ultimately create the space you need to relax and enjoy Christmas. Here’s how to do it…

Plan and Pay Upfront

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of Christmas spending; so often we’re unaware of the combined cost of gifts, decorations, holidays, and food until our credit limits are reached and we’re feeling the full effect of the debt hangover. Getting into debt can be dangerous; if you can, pay for as much possible before December 24 and where possible leave the credit card firmly in your wallet.

While it may be too late this Christmas, consider creating a budget for 2015 as early as the New Year. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save by putting a small amount away each fortnight. You never can be too organised!

Think Outside the Box

Money a bit tight this time of year? If you’ve been collecting rewards points, now is a great time to exchange your points for gifts of vouchers. From everyday essentials to entertainment and travel, most rewards programs have an extensive network of partners with a huge range of great products on offer.

Keep it within driving distance

So often people spend a great portion of Christmas Day transiting between family functions. Creating that space you and your family need to relax and enjoy each other’s company is essential to a memorable day so consider limiting your Christmas Day to one event. The weekend before Christmas and Boxing Day are great alternate dates to catch up with other family members. To keep things on an even keel, rotate who you spend December 25 with next year. If this isn’t possible, consider a breakfast event and a dinner get together to ensure you weave a middle of the day ‘relax’ into your day.


Nothing says festive season quite like a house bathed in Christmas lights; however, if a Griswold’s take on Christmas is not quite your bent there are a number of other decorative adventures you and yours can undertake: buy a fresh tree, wrap your favourite coloured wool around a wreath base and customize your front door with a pretty homemade wreath, create mood lighting in your home with fairy lights, make and hang your own garlands or simply look to nature for decorating ideas – sprigs of Christmas bush are inexpensive and say “Australian Christmas” through and through.

Travelling this festive season? Throw a few little decorations in your luggage and pop them up in your hotel room, rental or tent while you’re away…

Commit to buying less presents

When it’s estimated that 10 percent of all Christmas gifts are returned why not consider an alternative approach to giving this year? Pool your money with family members to buy a loved one something they really want or consider Kris Kringle. It’s simple and fun and once you and your family agree on a set budget, you essentially only have one gift to purchase. An act of love or non-monetary gift such as your time, a poem, book of photographs or a homemade treat from your kitchen is just as meaningful and won’t break the bank.

Create traditions

Enjoy community Christmas Carols with your family; visit those houses that are dressed in lights; open one Christmas present on Christmas Eve; buy a new Christmas bauble for each of your kids every year (remember to date them!); have iced chocolates at present opening time; dress up in your Sunday Best for Christmas lunch – the options are endless so have a little fun with it and remember whatever special traditions you implement, your family will remember them for a lifetime….

Take photos

It’s a simple one but it’s easy to forget. Photos are an important part of Christmas Day but possibly more significant to your future. You see, kids grow up too quickly, parents get older all too soon and let’s face it, who doesn’t get a kick out of looking back at family and friends fashion faux pas. Take photos – there’s nothing quite like looking back on images of summer days spent with those you love…

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