Introducing the New Elegance Range

Introducing the NEW Elegance range, exclusive to Howards…

The combined total of shoes, suits and other executive accessories can be phenomenally high yet somehow, when it comes to storage; many people don’t protect their investments. With the correct care your garments will last for years to come. That’s where Howards NEW Elegance Range takes centre stage. Complete with a luxurious collection of hangers, shoe boxes, totes and storage boxes, Elegance is designed to maintain the life of your working wardrobe and keep you looking great.

Meet the range:

This collection exhibits insurmountable quality and is key to the preservation of your clothing. When choosing your hangers, consider the best way to maintain the life of your suit is to hang it in a place where it can breathe; avoid cramming your suits into a small space – it will not only hinder the regular breathing of the fabric, it can also cause your suit to wrinkle. As hanger experts, Howard’s exclusive range of luxury hangers designed for the executive wardrobe undeniably fuses form with function. This collection encompasses streamlined chrome hangers, notched chrome hangers, high end A-grade lotus wood hangers, another variation with non-slip flocked ends, a durable trouser/skirt hanger, a flocked bar hanger and more.

To view the range or to purchase Elegance Hangers online, click HERE

Designed with a signature luxe black pattern, the Elegance Totes are hardwearing, durable and available in two sizes (medium and large). Created with large chrome handles, these totes are easily accessible and provide a versatile storage solution for your wardrobe. However, these beautifully constructed totes could also find a home on a shelf in your office, in the living room, bathroom or guest room.

To view the range or to purchase Elegance Totes online, click HERE

Howard’s Elegance Shoe Boxes

Create calm consistency in your wardrobe with a series of shoeboxes. Not only will they protect your shoes, they are easy to access and highly visible. Made from virgin acrylic, these high end Elegance Shoe Boxes are long lasting, stackable and designed with ventilation holes to allow your expensive shoes to breathe. To be used as a sliding drawer these shoes boxes are also accessible from the top of the storer by lifting the lid.

To view the range or to purchase Elegance Shoe Boxes online, click HERE

Howard’s Elegance Storage Boxes

Completing the range, Howard’s Elegance Storage Boxes feature the signature luxe black pattern as seen in the Totes. Ideal for storing your everyday essentials or precious keepsakes in your wardrobe, these storage boxes can be purchased as a Set of 2 (which includes a medium and large box) and are a wonderful quality.

To view the range or to purchase Elegance Storage Boxes online, click HERE

Howard’s Top 3 Tips for Preserving the Life of Your Executive Clothes:

  1. Brush your suit with a lint roller after each use
  2. Air your suits before placing them back in your wardrobe
  3. Fold your knits; these should never be hung.

Like to see more?

Howards Elegance Range is a complete luxury wardrobe storage solution. To see the full range, visit us in-store today or click HERE to view Elegance Online.

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