The Organised Laundry Checklist

Laundry’s come in all shapes and sizes but their primary function is always the same; it’s the place you wash your clothes. The thing is, the laundry can be so much more (think: pre-sorting, folding distribution, cleaning, drip drying and mending zones).

Simply follow the checklist and get the utility room your household deserves…..

  • Think about the items you need to access most frequently

    The thinking is very simple. If you put the items that you use most frequently in the easiest to access space, then it will take less effort and time to get the laundry done. What’s not to love about that!

  • Consider whether you’re after a permanent or portable solution

    For a built in solution, elfa is perfect. Its completely customisable, comes with a 10-year guarantee, a range of different finishes and is simple to install. For a more portable solution, easy-build is freestanding, can be built for any sized room and enables you to maximise vertical space with triple coated chrome shelves.

  • Create a pre-sorting area

    Add a 3 Divider laundry cart to your laundry (for lights, darks and delicates) and pre-sort each morning

    If using elfa add two large elfa mesh storage bags to the elfa framework

    NOTE: if space is an issue in your laundry – try a sorting hamper in your bathroom and sort as you go.

  • Create a Hand Wash/Drip Dry/Airer Zone

    Install a Ruckzuck Airer over your sink and create a drip-dry zone.

    Alternatively drip-dryer garments on one of our portable airers such as 42-rail airer (large enough to hold a fill load of washing !) on castors. This can easily be moved into the sunshine if needed.

    Invest in two ultra-hip hold washing baskets to transport wet garments from the washer to your line/airer.

  • Create a folding station complete with distribution baskets (one for each family member)

  • Ensure distribution baskets are emptied prior to folding more clean washing

    Consider an elfa trolley complete with castor wheels (so you can wheel it out to the clothes line if needed!)

  • Create an Ironing Zone

    Hang your items on a height adjustable ironing rack.  It’s on easy glide castors for simple manoeuvrability. Combine with a brabantia steam iron store which can hold a hot iron as well as your ironing board.

  • Create a Cleaning Zone

    Place cleaning chemicals in a large ultra caddy. Store other “Keep out of reach of children items” in a number of Water Hyacinth Baskets or Wheat Straw Baskets. They’re all functional and look great.

  • Create a Mending Station and hang this from the back of your laundry door

    Use a 22-pocket jewellery organiser and fill it with cotton, sewing needles, safety pins, sewing scissors, buttons and other “mending” type items.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to get you’re laundry organised

We have so many more great laundry products available in-store and online. If you need further assistance setting up your space, simply come in-store and speak with one of our organisation specialists about your laundry needs.

Click here to download the Laundry Checklist