Laundry Workflow

With elfa Shelving

If you’ve ever folded your clean washing on your dining table or rummaged through baskets of clean clothes you were “yet to put away”, well this one’s for you. With a little planning, your laundry can be everything you need it to be.

It makes sense really; improve the overall effectiveness of your laundry with a well-organised workflow and you’ll save time each and every day.

This solution shown enables you to pre-sort, wash, dry/drip dry, fold and distribute your washing. elfa is so flexible it can be modified to suit your needs and changing requirements.

Whether your laundry is large or small, Howards can design for you a customised Swedish designed elfa® solution that incorporates the following zones into your laundry, to multiply the utility of your space:

Pre-sorting station
This is a key time saving component in your laundry workflow. Incorporate a pre-sorting zone into your laundry and have each family member pre-sort his or her own clothes. Position your pre-sorting hampers/baskets/elfa® drawers as close to the washing machine as possible to reduce the amount of steps taken when loading the machine. It’s guaranteed to save you time each week.

Drying zone
Create a space indoors to dry your smalls. In this solution we incorporated an elfa Drying Shelf to save space, but an airer could also work. Not only will you save on your electricity bill, you’ll extend the life of your delicates by drying them away from direct sunlight.

Folding zone
Get your clean washing off your dining room table and back in the laundry where it belongs! Position your folding bench as close to your distribution baskets as possible. Much like your pre-sorting zone, if you can reduce the amount of steps required between these zones, you’ll save time here as well.

Distribution station
Allocate a basket or elfa drawer to each family member and have each person pack away their own clean washing. What’s more, if you’re interrupted while folding your clean clothes, a distribution basket will fit neatly back into your elfa system until you’re ready to finish the job. It beats a washing basket on the kitchen bench any day!

Cleaning zone
Within our elfa laundry workflow solution, the cleaning zone has been divided into 2 zones; Utility track with hooks has been used to accommodate high use items like dustpans, brooms and mops. The second zone is shelving up high out of reach of children to store your fully stocked cleaning caddy and other supplies.

Remember, it’s all about maximising space and creating a bright, fresh work area. Before you makeover your laundry, consider giving the area a coat of paint and see what a ‘lift’ it gives your room!

A durable, customisable solution for any room in your home, elfa, made from epoxy-bonded steel is our ultimate go-to solution for improving your laundry workflow. Aside from all its clever components, elfa’s epoxy bonded ventilated baskets and shelves are perfect for damp areas like the laundry. What’s more, it comes with a 10-year guarantee. Ask in-store for your free elfa design, measure and quote.

Like to know more about elfa®?
If you would like more information about elfa® from Howards Storage World CLICK HERE to view the elfa® section of the Howards’ website which includes suggested solutions, individual components, accessories, assembly instructions and warranty information.

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