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Need a little extra storage in your bathroom but don’t fancy drilling into your tiles or walls to achieve it? Here are 6 important words worth noting: New Everloc Suction Dual Action System. The always innovative Everloc team have made a few changes to their suction range so we sat down with Jim Toby, Howards Buyer and Bathroom Expert to find out ‘what, how and why’.

Jim Toby, Howards Buyer and Bathroom Expert

HSW:  What makes the New Everloc Suction Range your pick and what are the benefits of this new range?

JT:       The new Everloc range has taken suction technology to a new level. The suction is now stronger than any previous product on the market. It is also stylish, contemporary and adds class to any bathroom. This means that if you don’t like it in one spot, or change your mind later; you can easily ease off the suction cups and move the product within minutes without damaging the surface or the product.

HSW:  Can you explain how the suction mechanism has changed?

JT:       The new patented Everloc suction system has evolved from a push and lock system to a Dual Action system. The Dual Action system includes an internal silicon ring, which adds a second adhesion to the surface and fills out small imperfections in the surface. The suction ring is screwed into place via the cap making it virtually impossible to move. Put simply, the new technology makes a stronger bond which gives you greater confidence.

HSW:  How does this compare to the regular Everloc Suction Range? Why did it need to change?

JT:       The Everloc products of the past were always innovative, but this is a new generation in suction technology that is giant step forward from earlier products. Stronger adhesion to the surface, fantastic designs, larger weight bearing capacity equates to more delighted end-users.

HSW:  How much weight can this new range hold?

JT:       The smaller hooks can hold up to 8kgs and the larger hooks can hold up to 15kgs. That is more than enough weight capacity for places like bathrooms, where you store things such as shampoos, conditioners and soap on a shower caddy or bathroom shelf.

HSW:  What types of surfaces can this range be used on?

JT:       All Everloc products can be installed on non-porous surfaces such as glass, laminates, mirrors and tiles. The Everloc products can be installed on porous surfaces like gyprock, however an adhesive disk (available at all Howards stores) will need to be used.

HSW:  How are these removed from the wall?

JT:       Firstly remove product (basket, caddy or holder) from the suction cup hooks. Turn the cap anti-clockwise to loosen the suction vacuum. Once the cap comes off the thread you can remove the hook and cover. You can then peel the rubber disk from the surface.

HSW:  If this is used as an in-shower storage solution will the shower/water have any sort of impact on the suction? i.e. – Does it require regular readjustment?

JT:       Wet areas have little impact on the suction, as this is what Everloc was designed for. Just remember that when installing the suction cups in wet areas you must ensure that the surface is completely dry prior to installing.  If this is done correctly, the Everloc range will require very little to no readjustments.

HSW:  What does the new Everloc suction range consist of?

JT:        The Everloc range is the  complete solution to organizing the bathroom, laundry and/or kitchen with products such as Bathroom Shelves, Hair Dryer and Hair Straightener Holders, Baskets, Shower Caddy’s, Towel Rails, Hooks, Toilet Roll Holders, Dental Stations, Utensil Cup/Toothbrush Holders, Soap Holders…..the list goes on. See the Howards range in-store or online.

HSW:  Who will the New Everloc Suction Range suit?

JT:       People who do not want to damage the surface or people who would like more flexibility to move the products if required in the future. Everloc is ideal for all DIYers, renters and for those looking to replace existing fixtures.

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