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The silly season is all but upon us! It’s an exciting time of year but it can also present as the busiest time of year for many of us which got us thinking, how can we simplify a few tasks in the lead up to Christmas? With a Christmas List App of course! Not only will it help you keep track of the gifts you’ve bought and those you still need to buy, it’ll help you to budget accordingly. So with the help of two organising experts (and present-buying aficionados) we put the spotlight on a selection of apps that might help streamline a few things!

So who uses what and which apps are on Santa’s good list?

Julia BerryJULIA BERRY, Howards Franchisee for Castle Hill and Belrose knows a thing of two about organisation. She uses a Christmas App, aptly named called MGift. A comprehensive buying management list, it allows her to set up details for all the people she needs to buy for, create groups (for work colleagues, family members, teachers etc), collect ideas within a notes field, assign a retailer to each gift, include status details such as “needed”, “wrapped”, “shipped” and will archive finalized purchases. It even has an event countdown. She says, “There are so many great apps out there and I scrolled around looking for the right one for ages. But there are a number of other great ones currently on offer. It’s worth having a look for an app that suits your needs and organising style.”

Julia says, “When choosing a helpful Christmas app consider downloading one with features that include; a grouping option, budget tracker as well as photo and archive capability. The right app will help you to be organised in an ongoing manner; and for those people that are hosting Christmas, or simply want an app that will completely revolutionise the way they meal plan, you can’t go past ‘Paprika’. It’s a highly regarded recipe management app but more than that, it will help you to organise your recipes, make meal plans and create grocery lists. Using a built-in browser you can actually save recipes from anywhere on the web. It will categorise events, such as Christmas, and if you need to access your recipes on your phone and tablet, Paprika’s free cloud sync services allows you to seamlessly sync your data across your devices. Having something like this, that’s integrated into one app makes everything so much easier.”

Cathy_small comprCATHY PLAYER, Howards Expert Organiser, prefers to use the Shopper app at Christmas as well as right throughout the year. Shopper aims to save you time and money every day by making any shopping lists quickly and easily. While you can use it for grocery shopping, you can also use it for gift giving too! Cathy explains, “I use ‘Shopper’ because it’s a free iPhone app, therefore I always have it with me and it allows you to password protect your lists (very handy with inquisitive kids!). I have a large list of gifts to buy so it keeps me on track, ticking off items when bought, I can see what we gave a person last year in last years saved list and you can share the list (very handy when shopping with my husband).”

Available through iTunes as well as Google Play, Shopper enables you to build a shopping list from pantry categories including grocery, home improvement, electronics, beauty and baby. It features a shopping list template for pantry tracking or repeat grocery shopping as well as notes and photos on all grocery list items which makes planning and shopping easy. Cathy explains, “I highly recommend it as it’s simple to use and a great app all year around for organising your grocery shopping lists.”


  • Research! Scout around iTunes and Google Play to find the right Christmas app for you.
  • Either through your app or simply through your phone, take a photo of your gifts prior to gift wrapping to keep track of your actual purchases per person
  • An integrated app with the ability to write ‘notes’ next to a purchase is key
  • Password protect your shopping list!

Stick to your budget and find the perfect gift for everyone on your list with these helpful Christmas shopping apps:


    Shopper saves you time and money by making any shopping list quickly and easily; great for Christmas and it’s also great all year round! Make a shopping list in a snap. Sync your shopping list with family and friends. Scan barcode items directly onto your shopping list; enjoy web and cross-device shopping list access, budget and plan!

    Appple app imageGoogle Play image

  • mGIFTS

    mGifts organises your gift giving by keeping you on budget and managing your gift list to make sure your friends and family get a great gift from you. In a nutshell mGifts for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will enable you to view and edit lists by gift, person, store, and groups; view gift list by store to better plan your shopping trips; create groups like family and co-worker to better budget and prioritize your gift list; uses status flags like “needed”, “purchased”, “wrapped” or “shipped”, to help track the entire gifting process; snaps a photo of a gift to make sure you get the right item; saves photos and notes of your family and friend profiles to remind you of important details; while a ‘View by Store’ option makes your shopping trips more efficient.

    Appple app image


    Revolutionize your Christmas shopping experience with Santa’s Bag for iOS. Import Recipients, Set Budgets, Plan Gifts, Create Wishlists and Shopping Lists, Track Progress, Share – and so much more. Each step is carefully designed to make sure you don’t forget anyone or anything. Christmas shopping has never been easier or more fun!

    Appple app image


    Track Christmas gift ideas as you receive them by quickly entering them in the app. Set a gift budget for each person and mark the gift as purchased as you do your shopping. What’s more this app includes password protection, supports multiple currencies, and enables you to mark each gift as ‘purchased’ as you buy them! Includes useful stats such as money spent so far and total budget and automatically archives your gifts once the New Year rolls around.

    Google Play image


    Want to stick to a budget this Christmas? Want to manage what gifts you have bought for your family and friends? Have ideas during the year and want to keep track of them? Well then this is the app for you. Simply add your family and friends, set a budget and add the gifts you’ve bought or are planning to buy. In addition, there is also a gift ideas section that is continuously updated, so if you’re unsure what to buy someone this app includes a few recommendations in the ideas section.

    Appple app image


    Organise your gift shopping with Gifted. While this is great for Christmas it can also be used right throughout the year (think birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, Valentines Day!). This app helps you keep track of old gifts, new gift-ideas and important events for your contacts. Automatically keep track of birthdays and other important events, customise notifications for upcoming events, scan barcodes and download product information from the internet, keep track of gifts bought on previous events, take pictures of gifts and protect it all from preying eyes with a password!

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