Organising Your Decorations

Each year many of us haul out the old cardboard box filled with tangled lights, twisted tinsel and broken baubles. To help you reclaim the joy in the lead up to Christmas next year, we have gathered some simple ideas and tools which will help you avoid the post-Christmas dump and embrace a new and efficient way of storing all those wonderful decorations.

When you pack up this year, toss out those that have passed their ‘Use-by’ date – the paper decorations that are torn, any bald tinsel or fairy lights that have simply stopped working. Restring baubles, repair tears in precious paper ornaments and salvage trinkets with a spot of glue, then group your decorations into separate piles.

Throw out that old cardboard box and invest in durable boxes that will help to keep your decorations safe and sound – ready for next year’s decoration-a-thon – here are our top picks:

Easi Store Tubs Stackable tubs: These come in a range of sizes from 6L to 110L. They are strong, versatile and will protect your decorations from the elements.

The Easi Store Underbed Box: If your cupboards are full this handy number can store your Christmas gear safely under your bed until next year.

7 Days a Week Organiser: This brilliant system allows you to store all your decorations in the one place, filed in separate drawers to hang in your garage, laundry or cupboard.

Large 6 Compartment Storage Box: Baubles can be separated from each other, keeping them safe from chips, cracks and tangles.

The best time of the year to replace old decorations is in the post-Christmas sales so make sure you keep this in mind when purchasing a new set of storage containers for next year. Remember to factor in storing wrapping paper. If you love to decorate presents with ribbon, try our Ribbon Dispensing Box.

To make Christmas decorating even easier next year, remember to label your boxes to alleviate rummaging come December 2014! We have a range of labels available including Avery Removable Multi-use Labels, Avery Oval Labels and Avery Dry Erase Labels. How easy is that!

Quick Tip: Remember the have all your Christmas decorations down by the Twelfth Night of Christmas

Our recommended list of Christmas decoration storage essentials: