Part 1 : Student Kitchenette Makeover – 5 Mini Solutions

Whether you’re in a share-house situation or living on campus, if you’re a university student it’s safe to say you generally don’t have a huge living space and it’s highly likely you have a limited budget to undertake certain things. So what do you do if you need a budget kitchen makeover? Uni student Karla and her partner Will called in the organisation experts here at Howards to totally transform two key spaces within their apartment (Part 1: The Kitchen | Part 2: The Wardrobe) for around the $1000 mark. Lets take a closer look at The Kitchen…

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When you’re working to a budget, and indeed when you’re conducting any sort of makeover, planning underpins the project. There simply isn’t any point in overdoing it in the makeover stakes or just adding storage for the sake of it. You need a considered approach to your needs and the space in which you have to create your solution. Here in Karla and Will’s kitchen using economical choices was imperative; and that’s where we got a little clever with five mini solutions…


Create a Framework

You may not have considered a small corner an opportunity for storage, but with some clever thinking an unused space has been transformed into prime storage.

Regardless of whether your budget is large or small, a makeover requires a solid framework. By combining one or two big-ticket items, in this case a Custom Easy-Build Kitchen Rack with smaller, yet just as important and effective organisation caddies such as Mimi Separators, not only will your budget stretch to accommodate all your organisational needs, you can be guaranteed that you’re making a sound investment into the backbone of your solution. Our framework here, the Custom Easy-Build Kitchen Rack is a quality brand that very simply and successfully, does the job.

Add Some Organised Flare

Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t add some personality to your space. In this instance Karla and Will had a fair swag of stylish red cookware that was crying out to be ‘featured’ within their Easy-Build Kitchen Rack. By incorporating some Howards red metal crates, coupled with a 45L red Flex Tub, certain ‘go-to’ items were corralled within consistent looking red feature baskets. A five pack of stainless steel hooks gave the space an industrial edge and were used to hang pots and pans from the easy-build shelves as well as to store shopping bags on the side of the solution.


Divide and Conquer the Contents

Grouping your pantry items is just one part of it; grouping these items and placing them in easy to reach, easy to see and easy to transport (from the pantry to the bench top) caddies is another thing entirely. For this makeover we included a series of medium sized Marie Baskets within the pantry. No home should be without these inexpensive caddies. Durable, handy and versatile right throughout the home, we teamed these with the Medium Red Wire Mesh Storage Bin within Karla and Will’s pantry solution and the results were fantastic.


A Three-Part Solution

Organising the space under the sink can often be tricky thanks to various pipes that also reside within this space. However, we were determined to maximise this storage space by creating a simple recycling system in an accessible spot! Also finding a home under the sink are Karla and Will’s breadboards and cake tins which are now kept within the confines of an easy to access Bamboo Plate Stand; as well as handy storage for their pots and pans which nest within a red Oval Storage Tub.


Use Vertical Wall Space

It’s so easy to let clutter creep onto your bench space. Spices, cooking oil, salt and pepper will quickly take over a bench top if not corralled considerately. The trick is to look to the walls and clear the bench top from any non-kitchen-related items completely. Vertical storage space really is prime real estate here.

Don’t want to drill into the walls? Howards have a number of solid, yet temporary solutions such as our collection of iHooks.  The best thing about these hooks is that you can use them immediately. The hook is attached to an invisible piece of plastic that can be applied to any smooth surface. You simply position it, smooth out any bubbles and it’s ready to use. Heat, cold and water resistant you can use these hooks in any room of your home and a collection of these in your kitchen will certainly help to maintain order. We positioned an i-hook handy basket for storing spices and go-to cooking essentials, above the stovetop in an easy to see and reach position.

Give High Access Items a Home

When you’re overhauling a kitchen the emphasis really needs to be on creating a workspace that’s easy to navigate and providing easy access to items that are on high rotation. Housing coffee, tea and sugar? Give items like these a proper home with a Set of Canisters. Because dishes, cutlery, pots and pans can quickly cramp a space; the right dish rack is essential for maintaining order too. We incorporated the Large Dish Rack with Rubber Base, as it’s a quality, functional and durable solution that will make washing, drying and life around the kitchen sink easier. Made from quality stainless steel, this is complete with a cutlery drainer and ten plate rails; and sits neatly next to the sink.


Create Order On the Outside!

The front of a fridge can be good for so holding many things; photos, reminder notes, study notes, bills to pay. We were able to have a little fun with the front of Karla’s fridge thanks to our range of magnetic clips!

So what did Karla and will think of the first phase of their makeover?

“Not only is the design practical and efficient, but it has made our home feel so much more comfortable. Keeping our house tidy is now so much easier, which is such a valuable time and effort saver where my partner and I both lead busy lives. We are ever so grateful and would highly recommend your products and design to others,” explains Karla.

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