Part 1. Neata Wardrobe Makeover

The Basic Setup

So you want to overhaul your wardrobe but there’s a little thing called ‘money’ that’s standing in your way? We’re here to show you that there is a way to makeover your wardrobe on a budget (and there’s not a single plastic coat hanger in sight). Here’s the secret; it’s all in the planning.

Welcome to stage 1: The Basic Set Up

The Challenge

Our team recently had the privilege of overhauling Jenny’s wardrobe; a space that she shares with her husband Martin. A challenging u-shaped area with minimal infrastructure, this wardrobe was crammed with clothes and shoes; and as a result, it was overcrowded and underutilised.

Frustrated by a lack of usable storage, Jenny and Martin decided to install a custom designed Neata wardrobe solution for just over $1000. Their plans included starting with a basic solution and then an upgrade, when their budget allowed.

Neata is a totally flexible shelving system, allowing them to move components around and add more specialised components in their upgraded plans.

BEFORE : Left side

BEFORE : Back wall

BEFORE : Right side

It’s a scene that’s probably not too unfamiliar to many of us; handbags were mixed with hats with spare pillows, bedding, winter clothes and summer clothes; and there’s no judgment here, we understand how easy it is, without the framework, for a wardrobe to suddenly become unmanageable.

As with all makeovers, before we could get too handy with our solutions, a declutter and cull was in order. A perfect chance to create ‘donate’, ‘throw away’ and ‘keep’ piles, Jenny was pleasantly surprised at what she uncovered throughout the sorting phase. She explains, “I was amazed at what had sat idle in my wardrobe for years and not been worn. I could never find anything and tended to wear the same things; items that usually never made it to my wardrobe as there wasn’t room!”

For those of you about to embark on your own wardrobe overhaul, embrace this stage of the process. It’s a great opportunity to lighten your clothing load. If there are items in there that no longer fit, you haven’t worn in over twelve months or you’ve simply grown tired of, get ruthless and get rid of them. Remember though, if you are donating any clothing, to wash and dry those garments carefully before bagging these up for charity.

The Blank Slate

With everything removed from the wardrobe, Jenny was able to refresh the walls with a lick of paint; and with that, it was time to make the most of the recharged space. Enter the basic, yet customised Neata Basic Solution.

Empty wardrobe with existing shelving

Shelving removed and patched ready to paint

Installing the Neata Top Track

The Basic Solution

Phase one saw the installation of the Neata framework, which included a combination of shelving and hanging solutions. Made from high-grade epoxy bonded steel, this simple to install solution can be reconfigured as required; the perfect solution to an otherwise unusual shaped wardrobe space.

Wardrobe Shelves – Left side

Long hang and double hang

Hanging and shoe storage

Left side using Baskets that were already in the wardrobe.

Long hang has been used on either side with double hang in the middle

Specialty hangers have been used for handbags and necklaces.

With three “sides” forming the u-shaped wardrobe, our team made use of an existing drawer set from the “before” wardrobe to keep costs down. This was placed this on the left hand side; above these drawers three Neata shelves were incorporated to make clever use of the vertical wall space and to provide much needed storage for garments that needed to be folded.

On the right side of the wardrobe, a Neata shelf with a hanging rod was installed where accessories such as handbags, scarves, jewellery now reside (on a 5 Tier Pant Hanger and a Timber Belt Hanger). Directly underneath this accessories zone, a Neata shoe rack holds up to twelve pairs of shoes.

The back wall of the wardrobe is the high access part of this solution. Here we’ve been able to double Jenny and Martin’s hanging space with a combination of ‘double hanging’ and two ‘long hanging’ zones. An extra shelf was added under the long hanging area on the right of the back wall to further utilise the space; this now acts as a secondary shoe space which is perfect for storing flat shoes.

Shelves and baskets shelves used for extra storage

Flocked hangers were used for consistency in this makover

Extra shelves were added to utilise all available space

Using this basic, affordable Neata solution, this wardrobe is now fully functional and primed for the UPGRADED SOLUTION – which we’ll unveil in Part 2 of this inspirational wardrobe makeover.

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