Part 2: Student Budget Wardrobe Makeover – 5 Essentials

Will and Karla

Whether you’re a student or simply trying to overhaul your wardrobe when space and money is tight, we’re here to unveil the five essentials for a wardrobe makeover on a budget. We previously met with Karla and her partner Will during Part 1 (The Kitchen) of our two-part Student Budget Makeover.

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With their kitchen streamlined for around the $700 mark, we conquered Karla and Will’s challenge of maximising their wardrobe and fine tuning the functionality of this space for approximately $300. We show you how…

Click HERE to view the video of this Student Wardrobe Makeover.



1. Double your Hanging Space with Double Hang

With two people sharing the space we needed to find a way to compensate for the wardrobe’s single hanging rail; so we incorporated a ‘Double Hang’. Simple and practical, this handy product features two steel poles with sturdy plastic hooks on the end that literally hang over your wardrobe rod. These create arms that screw into a horizontal pole to create another layer of hanging space. This durable yet temporary organiser helps you to optimize the space you have and can then be easily taken with you when you move on.

2. Add in Temp Shelves with Hanging Organisers

When you’re a student, there’s always that possibility that you’re living arrangements can change in a flash. It’s a good quality, hardwearing temporary wardrobe solution that will see you through the coming years. Enter the Hanging Sweater Drawer Organiser; we placed two of these within Karla and Will’s wardrobe because they will, quite literally, help to declutter a closet in an instant. Simple and effective, this product will keep all your wardrobe essentials at your fingertips. To use simply attach the top of the organiser to the rod in your wardrobe and it’s ready to be filled! Layer clothing on each shelf to maximise space! Jumpers, t-shirts and shorts are kept secure by deep pockets and soft material, preventing wear and tear while smaller items such as socks and underwear were grouped together in two Sweater Drawers. What’s more, it’ll pack down flat when not in use.

Two Sweater Drawers create instant additional storage

3. Tame shoes with an expandable Shoe Rack

If shoes are your passion (or even if they aren’t!), it makes sense to give them the home they deserve. With your shoes in order, they’re protected, they’re easy to access, easy to see and it’ll make compiling an outfit quick and (you guessed it) easy. We included two Adjustable Shoe Racks with MDF side frames into this student budget wardrobe makeover. This particular shoe rack was chosen because it’s simple to assemble and the quality chrome plated tubes will boost shoe storage space and expand to fit Karla and Will’s wardrobe or growing shoe collection (from 6 to 10 pairs in each). With two tiers, this clever rack creates additional room for your investments in an instant, and is perfect for small rooms or narrow wardrobes.

Expands over a meter to fit the space

Here we have used to hold shoes and bags

4. Use Archive Space with Totes

What do you do with all those extra wardrobe ‘bits’ that you don’t necessarily need everyday but you need to keep somewhere? Whatever space you’re overhauling, there is always room for a tote (or four in this instance!). Lightweight and durable this fashionable grey storage tote has a polyester exterior, is available in 3 sizes (small, medium and large) as well as a variety of colours. Perfect for archiving items within your wardrobe, thanks to the chrome tote handles, these are easy to access whether they’re stored up high or down low within your space. So versatile, should you wardrobe configuration change, these handy totes can be used to group items right throughout your home.

5. Control Laundry with a Hamper

It’s one of life’s more ‘constant’ lessons – when you move out, you’re in charge of your own laundry! For some people that will mean heading to a laundromat each week, for others it’ll be hands on in the laundry; either way in order to keep your wares under control you need a sturdy laundry hamper with handles. For this makeover, we incorporated the Crunch Can. Made from quality canvas, this product can be stored flat yet easily opens once pulled from storage to create a handy laundry hamper as needed. Two large easy carry handles ensure it’s easy to move while the canvas lid prevents contents from spilling out. The clear mesh strip on the side ensures easy visibility and breathability.

Hamper with handles perfect for an external laundry

Hamper collapses flat for easy storage

With their makeovers for Part 1:The Kitchen and Part 2: The Wardrobe now complete, what do Karla and Will think and how has it made a difference? Karla explains, “Thank you so much for the fantastic make over of our flat’s wardrobe and kitchen! We now enjoy spending time at home even more and have been inspired to transform the rest of our house into similarly well-organised areas with optimal storage.  It is amazing to see how much can be achieved with around $1,000 in such little time.”

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