Part 2 – Neata Wardrobe Makeover

The Upgraded Solution

In part one of this series, we learnt how Jenny and her husband Martin were frustrated with the lack of usable storage and prepared their wardrobe for the Neata Wardrobe Basic Set Up. Almost instantly, they added double the amount of hanging space, maximised the functionality and capacity of their wardrobe and can now see exactly what they have in terms of clothing, within their space.

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We all understand that makeovers and storage systems can cost money, so with Part 2 of this inspirational wardrobe overhaul we’re adding extras such as drawers, sliding shoe racks and archive storage. These additions help to create their “ultimate” wardrobe. Naturally your wardrobe will fully function if you were to stay at the “Basics” stage; phase two is really like fine-tuning what you’ve got. With the Basic Set Up complete, it’s time for Part 2.

Here the Howards team demonstrates how a few extra touches to an already great solution can create the AAAHHH solution!

As mentioned in Part 1, it’s all about the planning; and so begins the start of our next phase. Before making any further additions we had a review of Jenny’s wardrobe and asked her three key questions:

  • What does she like about the Basics Set Up?
  • What’s missing from this that she would really like to include?
  • What needs to change in order to improve workflow?

With the ‘sorting’ stage completed in Part 1 of this makeover and bearing in mind Jenny’s and Martin’s requested updates, we skipped straight to adding a few ultimate changes to this soon-to-be-upgraded solution.

Starting at the left hand side of the “U”, we upgraded the old exisiting freestanding wire baskets to Neata Mesh Gliding Drawers. Durable and well ventilated, these Mesh Gliding Drawers are a sophisticated addition, utilising the space much more effectively.

Left Wall – Basic Set up

Left Wall – Upgraded solution, using Neata Gliding Drawers

Meanwhile the Ventilated Basket Shelf from the left hand side was added to the back wall and totes were incorporated for archive storage and placed on the top and bottom shelves. With items stored within a tote, these essentially act as a mini drawer; easily accessible thanks to a chrome integrated handle, these totes can store plenty of extra items – from accessories to clothing.

Use extra shelves under short and medium hanging to maximise the storage

On the right hand side, gliding shoe shelves were added and the shoe racks were moved up on the right hand side to create a shoe wall. On the back wall a boot bar was created to maximise the usage of space under the double hang.

Use a Hanging Rod to Create a Boot Bar

Creating a shoe wall allows you to display and store them

A ‘Space Bag Combo’, which includes two medium and two large Space Bags were used to house doonas and alternate seasonal clothing.

Space Bag will reduce volume and increase protection for your out of season wares.

Space Bag Combo 4 Pack

The fastest way to transform your wardrobe is to get rid of any old wire hangers and invest in matching hangers. We included a combination of Howard’s hangers into Jenny and Martin’s solution:

High quality timer hangers are perfect for skirts and trousers

Flocked hangers have a slim profile to maximise space and the flocked finish prevents clothes slipping

Use specialty hangers for handbags, necklaces and scarves.

Timber Belt Hanger – Perfect for long necklaces

5 Tier Open Hanger, perfect for hanging scarves

The Result

This overhaul has been about creating space, easy access and high visibility to the contents of Jenny and Martin’s wardrobe. With this solution now purpose built for this pair, what do they think? Jenny says, “It’s absolutely amazing! It’s so easy to find things and having everything within our wardrobe so organised, it’s so easy to put items away too. Getting rid of clothes I was holding on to for years really has cleared the decks so to speak, what is now in my wardrobe I actually wear and everything really does have a home. Martin (Jenny laughs) still doesn’t lay claim to much of the space as he has his own hanging wardrobe, so it’s pretty much all about me!  I open the doors and it just makes me smile, it looks beautiful and getting ready each day is  so much easier! These small changes have had a such a big impact on the functionality this space. I just love the way it looks, all my friends have a bad case of wardrobe envy!!”

In part one of this series, we learnt how Jenny and her husband Martin prepared their wardrobe for the Neata Basic Wardrobe Set Up.

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