Recipe: Butter Cream Icing

Decorate your cupcakes to make them truly spectacular. We share a simple butter icing recipe and give you tips about creating icing trees and wreathes on your cupcakes. View the Christmas Catalogue HERE.

While mince pies aren’t for everyone, who can resist a Christmas cupcake? Use this simple butter icing recipe to create icing trees and wreathes on your cupcakes, as featured in our 2014 Christmas catalogue.

This recipe is perfect to ice any cup cake or cake.


  • 250g, butter, softened
  • 480g icing sugar, sifted
  • 1 – 2 tbs milk

Prepare the butter

Beat butter with an electric mixer until it is as white as possible.

Add sugar and milk

Gradually add sifted icing sugar before adding the milk .

Christmas Tree Cup Cakes

Omit the milk from the above recipe to allow the icing to be a bit firmer. Add a few drops of the green food dye and mix, until completely blended. Use a piping bag with a #11 nozzle and pipe on top of cake in a circular motion. Add silver balls and stars and a sprinkle of food glitter.

Christmas Wreath Cup Cakes

Omit the milk from the above recipe to allow the icing to be a bit firmer. Using a piping bag with a #3 nozzle, pipe onto cup cake; Finish with a red food writing pen: dot on the balls and draw the bow.


  1. The trick in making the best icing is to make sure your butter is at room temperature.
  2. When you beat the butter, beat until the butter is white.
  3. Butter cream keeps in the fridge for a week
  4. You can buy disposable piping bags, saves the cleaning up of washing the nylon pipe bags
  5. Keep your pantry tidy and place all left over cake decorations in a Bakestack until next time.

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Delicious! Enjoy the recipe.

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