School Term Organisation – Back To School Weekly Planner

We know what a relief holidays can be. For two short weeks you can forget about getting the kids to all their wild and wonderful extra curricular activities and for a limited time, you can simply let go of that fabulous memory game “Who has to be where? And at what time?”

One thing’s for certain, school term will commence again and you’ll be running between school pickup, dance class and soccer practice quicker than you can blink. So to make life a little simpler, we’ve created a “Back To School Weekly Planner”. Simply print it out, laminate it, fill it out each week with a whiteboard marker and hang it in the kitchen. The whole family will see in an instant where each person needs to be on any given day and it’ll serve as a gentle reminder for mums taxi service too.


We’ve included a notes section for upcoming dates so if you know today that it’s Music Day at Kindy in two weeks time, you can write yourself a note to ensure you pack the kids off with everything they might need on the right day!

Click here to download your Back To School Weekly Planner