Organise Your Plastics Cupboard with Décor Realseal™ Match-ups.

If you’ve got a spare 20 minutes try this simple (yet very effective!) ‘before and after’ kitchen project on for size.



Howards own Organisation Expert Cathy Player shared her plastics cupboard with us for this overhaul. Our before shot indicates that this plastics cupboard was already fairly well organised, yet, while Cathy’s shelves were filled with neat stacks of containers of varying sizes, the biggest problem was visibility and accessibility. Cathy says, “Traditionally I have stored my containers with the lids on as I have always found that this saves time. There were always however, good containers at the back of the shelf that were rarely used as we simply couldn’t see them. Also smaller containers have a habit of tumbling out when you are in a hurry and don’t have time to tidy up! So clearly a new system was needed.”

Tip #1: Regardless of whether you store your containers with their lids on or off, visibility and accessibility is of utmost importance.

Having decided upon replacing all of her old containers with the new Décor Realseal Match Ups Container System, Cathy commenced the makeover by removing all of her old containers and giving the cupboard a good clean. Once clean, she placed two Howards Mimi Separator Wide Containers (for the Décor Match Ups LIDS) and two Howards Wide Amalie Organisers (for stacked Décor Match Ups BOTTOMS) into her kitchen cupboard.

Tip #2: Group lids and bottoms in separate storers for easy accessibility and to maximise the full depth/width of your shelf.

The Mimi Separators and Amalie Pull-Out Organisers have integrated handles so they’re easy to reach. They are ideal for this solution and an economical choice for the lids and bottoms.

A simple overhaul can make a phenomenal difference as Cathy can attest, “Wow. What a result. The efficiency of the storage space was instantly improved. This truly is a “system” and the speed at which you can find & put away the correct sized container is increased immediately. Furthermore, the cupboard looks so much tidier. I was also very impressed by the idea that when the kids go to the cupboard to get containers, there is virtually no chance that they can mess the system up!”

Tip #3: With Décor Match Ups, simply match the coloured lid with any base from the same colour range. One lid fits multiple bases.

Decor Realseal Match ups

What’s more, Décor Matchups are ideal for storing food in the fridge, freezer and pantry and perfect for school and work lunches. Being airtight and leak proof, the storers keep food fresh longer, and they can also go directly in the microwave for reheating using the integrated vent.

Dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe, all Decor Match-ups® are food safe, free from BPA, PVC, Lead and Phthalates. There are also glass bottoms in selected sizes to complete your system.

Cathy explains, “The colour coding is a stroke of brilliance and worthy of design awards for its simplicity. I also really like the sealing mechanism on the containers. They appear to be more flexible than previous versions and thus easier to seal.”

It looks good to us but what’s Cathy’s verdict? “I score this solution a 10/10 and recommend that you donate your old containers and start fresh with this clever Décor Match Ups system,” she says, “but don’t forget to include the Howards organisers to provide the infrastructure to keep it all accessible and organised.”

The whole makeover took approximately 20 minutes to complete. Now that’s time well spent in our book.


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Accurate as at July 2014.

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