Speedy Airing Secrets

Doing the laundry – we won’t sugarcoat it – is a chore. But the good news is that of all the stages of the laundry “process”, the air-drying component is where you can really save. Naturally, you will save money by not using the dryer; equally you will do your part to save the environment. With a few simple drying strategies, you can also save time…

Get your clothes on the airer first thing!

Of course you can dry clothes overnight, but there are extra benefits of using the heat and light of the day. For example, the UV light from the sun helps to kill dust mites and bacteria. Plus it gives you a good opportunity to get your daily dose of Vitamin D. So start your day on the front foot; throw a load of washing on and hang it out on your airer before work – by the time you get home it’ll be dry and ready for you to fold and put away.

Location, location location!

To shorten your drying time, it’s best to position the drying rack in the warmest room of the house; if you’re using your airer indoors, a room with plenty of light and in warmer climates – an open window – will help to speed up your drying time.

If your airer is outside, chase the sun and re-position the airer throughout the day.

Consider how you hang your clothes!

Good air circulation is essential. Don’t just pile all your wet clothes onto your airer. Take the time to hang your clothes individually; a little time spent now will save you considerable time later. Consider that the tops of the laundry always dry faster than the underside. If you’re at home while you’re clothes are drying, halfway through the drying process, flip the laundry over so that the other side is exposed to the circulating air and sunshine.

Utilise hangers

Place shirts and other important items of clothing on a hanger when wet and hang the hangers from the drying rack. Efficient, effective, and very convenient, when the clothes are dry, simply transfer them straight to your wardrobe!

TOP TIP: Have you see the Leifheit Pegasus hangers? Made from plastic, they are designed for hanger drying and snap on to most Leifheit airers to prevent your washing from flying away.

So which airer should you purchase?

When purchasing an airer ask yourself, whose clothing does this need to accommodate and where will it be placed (is your space large or small?). Look for ease of set up, stability and any special features (such as a mesh layer on top for air drying knits) specific to your circumstance.

Our Top 5 Airer Picks:

Exclusive to Howards, this airer features adjustable multi drying positions, castors, a shoe rack and quality high impact plastic frames. What’s more, this robust airer folds flat when not in use and is complete with 18 metres of drying line.

  • Family sized
  • Wings to hold hangers
  • Folds away flat

Exclusive to Howards this airer has adjustable multi drying positions, quality stainless steel drying rails with high impact plastic frames and a shoe rack.  This sure footed airer has 25 metres of drying space and folds flat when not in use.

  • Mid-sized family airer
  • Very stable with lots of fold up wing racks
  • Folds away flat


Exclusive to Howards, this low line airer has adjustable multi drying positions, quality stainless steel drying rails with high impact black plastic frames and castors. This airer is complete with 13 metres of drying space and folds flat when not in use.

  • Perfect for a couple
  • Low line suitable for balcony’s
  • Very stable and folds away flat

Exclusive to Howards this is a large, mobile airer with 42 rails across 3 tiers and 31 metres of drying space, which can be locked flat or dropped down for extra hanging height! A great indoor/outdoor drying solution, this airer features lockable castors for both mobility and stability.

  • Mounted on lockable castors for both mobility and stability.
  • Folds for easy storage.

Sitting neatly inside your shower this garment dryer is a perfect way to get those warm woollies dry when the sun is shy. With a middle shelf that folds down so you can hang longer items, this airer is complete with 19m of drying line and a 3-year guarantee. 

  • Perfect for a half load of washing
  • Stands in the shower or outside
  • Very stable

Need a few more reasons to use an airer?

  1. No need for electricity, you will save money and your clothes will last longer when they are air-dried.
  2. Not just for apartments, air-drying is much better for the environment than using a dryer in any home.
  3. Airers can be easy to setup and reposition, to achieve speedy drying results. Plus, look for airers that are easy to store and hide-away.
  4. Mobile for use in and outdoors, airers are practical and convenient to dry items on the fly such as swimmers and towels.
  5. Some airers are expandable so you can fit more on the rack at one time.
  6. Beat the weather! An Airer can be positioned under cover if you are unsure.

Howards are airer specialists; for more information or for a demonstration, visit your local Howards store and speak with one of our friendly organisational experts.

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Fact Sheet accurate as at May 2015.