Spring Cleaning Checklist

Ultra Caddy

When Spring cleaning, it’s easy to become focused on the day-to-day projects: organise the cutlery drawer, sort out the linen cupboard, etc. But what about the major jobs that make an in-depth Spring clean special?

The Spring clean is an opportunity to go above and beyond, and tackle the tasks that can easily get overlooked. Here are 5 Spring Clean Jobs that will take a bit of effort but give you results you’ll love PLUS we share with you our Top 5 Products to Make Cleaning Easier.

5 Spring Clean Jobs

  • It all starts with dusting.

    Think of all the hard-to-reach places: light fixtures, on top of cupboards, vents, and blinds. Always dust from top to bottom, starting with the highest point first, to avoid going over surfaces twice. Here’s where the White Magic Handy Duster comes to the fore thanks to its flexible extension handle and specific dusting head.

  • Vacuum and shampoo your carpets

    Take all your rugs and cushions outside for a vigorous shake and airing. If you have a clothesline, hang your rug over it and improvise a carpet beater with a piece of bamboo or the end of your broom.

  • Wash down your walls.

    Repainting a home can be a major task, especially when a lot of the time the marks are superficial and can be washed off with a little care. Always wash walls from top to bottom, but start by testing an inconspicuous area first. A White Magic Eraser Sponge will give you far better results than a conventional sponge as it is made from fibres 10,000 times finer than a human hair, creating millions of surfaces to pick up dirt, stains and grime. It’s better for the environment too as you wont need to use chemicals.

  • Clean the windows

    Dirty panes can be an actual pain when you spend longer dealing with streaks than feels necessary. However, modern technology has made this age-old problem a thing of the past. Now you simply have to pull out a bucket containing water and set to work with the White Magic Glass and Window Cloth. It’s 77% larger than other cloths, plus it buffs and polishes while you clean. Easy!

  • Flip your mattresses over

    Over time mattresses can start to wear unevenly as people tend to assume the same position every night as they fall asleep, leaving a permanent impression of their body. To avoid mattress sag, enlist the help of a friend and simply turn it over. For best results you should really try to do this every three or four months, rotating the mattress as well as flipping it, so that the head end and feet end swap around for a while too.

Top 5 Products to Make Cleaning Easier

1. Tubtrug

Built to last, Tubtrugs are made from durable, virtually indestructible plastic. Designed with integrated handles and flexible, deep sides these ‘original flexible tubs’ are easy to clean and available in a range of bright colours and sizes. Fill them with water or use them as a dustpan, these multi-purpose tubs will find a use long after you’ve finished cleaning.

Tub Trug
White Magic

2. White Magic Microfibre Eraser Sponge

Your clean-anything cleaning aide, White Magic Microfibre Eraser Sponge uses fibres 10000 times finer than a human hair to remove stubborn marks with only WATER. The fibres are so small they can get down into the nooks and crannies of a smooth surface to lift out the dirt and grime.

Simply wet, erase and wipe.

3. White Magic Hand Press Spin Mop

This award-winning product includes three fabulous heads: Microfiber (for wet mopping), Dusting (for dry) and Microfinger (for windows/car cleaning). Featuring a clever 360-degree rotation design, it will effortlessly banish dust, dirt and grime from the hardest to reach places. Complete with an extendable aluminium handle, this lightweight mop also comes with a large bucket with anti splash guard for easy cleaning.

Hand Press Mop
Ultra Caddy

4. Ultra Caddy

As you move from room to room doing your cleaning, keep all your cleaning products in the ultra caddy so you’ll always have everything handy, avoiding costly double ups of products. Time is saved as you avoid trips back and forth to the cleaning cupboard. It also helps you keep your products safely out of reach of the children. Enough said!

5. Full Circle Grout & Tile Brush

Designed to make one of the most unpleasant household chores a whole lot easier, the outer softer bristles clean tiles, while the tough narrow middle bristles do a killer job on grout. What’s more it stands on end for a quick drying preventing bacteria build-up and has a curved handle that allows for convenient hanging storage. We really like how the bamboo is coated with natural oils to make it water resistant. A really well designed product.

Tile and Grout Brush

The entertaining months are just around the corner so spring into cleaning action today! All these products and many more are available online or in-store.


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