Spruce up the laundry with an organised face-lift

Timeafter time the humble laundry is looked over in favour of the kitchen and bathroom when it comes to getting the home organised. However, this everyday room can be extremely versatile– so we thought it was time to put the spotlight on how you can get the most out of its space, whatever its size.

When it comes to the laundry it’s all about how you can maximise the space to establish a system of workflow. Why settle for just doing the washing, when you can pre-sort, wash, dry/drip-dry, fold, iron, distribute and mend. So how do you create a space where you’re able to get all of this done in the shortest possible time and by any member of the family? The Howards Philosophy of ‘Plan, Sort and Store’!

You’ve decided that your laundry could do with some TLC but before you start mixing up the paint, we advise that you first need to Plan. Ask yourself whether you’re getting the most from your laundry space and how you might be able to increase the functionality of this room. What is it that needs improving? Do you require a better way of storing cleaning products? Do you need a place to store washed and ironed clothes? Determine exactly what you individual needs are and how this can be incorporated into the workflow of the laundry.

Adding extra shelving often solves many problems even in the tightest laundry. If existing shelving is insufficient, then consider elfa or easybuild which can be customised to your space and needs. Made from triple coated epoxy coated steel, elfa is durable and comes with a ten year warranty. Better yet, they’re easy enough to install yourself. For those who are renting, Howards also has shelving options that don’t fix to the wall.

You can tick off “planning”, now it’s time to Sort. Lack of space is a common problem in the laundry so this is a great opportunity to clear out what you don’t need and give the room a good clean. Pull everything out and organise all items into groups. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to give your laundry that lick of paint to freshen up the room completely.

Now that you can see exactly what needs to fit into your laundry it’s time to Store it! With clever new elfa or easy build shelves, you’re well on the way to an organised laundry. Add finishing touches with labels on your pre-sorting and distribution baskets and smart laundry tins for your detergents and cleaning products.

Quick Laundry Organisation Tips:

  • Organise your bathroom with the 3 Divider Laundry Cart to encourage your family to “sort as they go

  • Storing cleaning products? One of our favourite practical ‘must-haves’ is the Sterilite Ultra Caddy. Load all your essentials in the one spot and you’re ready for any cleaning task

  • Old fashioned Metal Peg Bucket White is making a comeback so throw away the old torn peg basket and give your laundry a makeover with our range of stunning laundry accessories.

  • Invest in some clear stackable storage containers. ZAK stackable acrylic canisters come in various sizes (1L, 1.5L, 2.75L)
  • The Slim Trolley is an ideal storage solution for limited spaces
  • For the best possible laundry organisation, make the most of your vertical wall space with shelves.