Take Control of your Fridge – We Show you How!

Ready to transform your fridge into an ordered, healthy space that will simplify your life and extend the life of your food?

Start Here:

  • Start with a clean slate

    Empty everything out, discard old food and give the inside of your fridge a thorough clean. Before you start restocking the space, consider your families eating habits and the importance of food location in your fridge. Accessibility is key; if everyone can see/access items, you’re less likely to waste money on spoiled food and save time if everyone can help themselves.

  • Keep the air flowing

    Tightly packed fridges not only make it difficult to find what you’re looking for, but stifle airflow around food. An easy way to create more space on shelves is by grouping like items and placing them in easy to access storers such as the Howards Marie Storage Baskets or Howards Clara Organisers. These containers will maximize the full depth of your fridge and provide a ventilated environment for their contents.

  • Think about your fridge temperature zones

    Various parts of your fridge are cooler than others so once in containers, organise your food into sections; it will ensure individual items are easy to find and foods will last the distance.

What Goes Where:

  • Put condiments in the door
  • Fruit/vegetables go in the crisper or in Tellfresh Vegetable Storers
  • Collect butter/soft cheese in the door in a container
  • Put eggs on the middle shelf
  • Store raw meat in a meat container on bottom shelf
  • Keep leftovers in an airtight container on the top shelf.
  • Jars and smaller items store well on a turntable on the top shelf. A Twin Turntable with a multi-layered design will create even more clever space in your fridge. Or consider using a few Marie fridge baskets or some Howards Amalie pull out organisers

See all of Howards Fridge and Freezer Containers and Organisers.

More Top Tips:

  • Rotate your food

    This is one habit that will make the organisation of your fridge so easy. Each week make sure you place older items at the front of fridge shelves or the top of crispers to ensure they’re eaten first. Keep track of use-by dates and contents by labelling containers. That way you can rest assured that what you’re serving up is healthy and delicious every time, plus it will save you money.

  • Fresh is best

    Fancy fewer trips to the grocery store and a reduction in food wastage? Keep Fresh is proven to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 6 weeks longer. Simply place it in your fridge and it will go to work. Replacement cartridges are also available from Howards.

Learn More:

View our Fridge Organisation Video

For an easy visual guide showing how long you should store items, view our Freezer Storage Infographic.

Accurate as at February 2017.

Components and prices may change over time. Some stores may not stock all items however they can usually be ordered. We suggest that you check with your local store prior to commencing your own solution.

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