Take your Lunch to work and Save

Kick start your year with healthy eating and lunch time savings by using quality, durable food safe lunch bags to take your lunch to work! As seen in the January 2015 Howards Catalogue. View the catalogue HERE

Take your lunch to work and you’ll save in more ways than one; not only will you have a tight rein on health and nutrition, your household budget will thank you too. Let’s take a deeper look…

Save Money

Start the year saving money! Say for example you spend $10 per day on lunch (and that’s fairly conservative; realistically, it’s probably around the $15 mark), that’s a total of $50 per week. Multiply that over 52 weeks and there’s a whopping $2600 per year worth of savings by simply taking your lunch to work. Well worth it in our book!

Health Benefits

Ever wondered exactly what goes into your takeaway lunch? Not only is eating out hard on the hip pocket, it’s hard on our health too. Packing your own lunch will almost always beat the fast food competition when it comes to nutrition. It doesn’t mean you need to eat sandwiches each day though. Think outside the bread! If you love a leftover, try planning ahead when preparing your dinners each evening, and make an extra chicken breast or serving of bolognaise to take for lunch the following day.

Save Time

Don’t spend your lunch break waiting in a queue for your sandwich to be made! With a homemade lunch you’re ready to eat in an instant. Make sure you get away from the computer and have a break. If your workload doesn’t give you much time for a lunch break, 15-20 minutes outside in the fresh air will make all the difference. Start with one or two lunch breaks a week and take note of your productivity levels and how you feel. Looking for five delicious ‘take to work’ food ideas? Get out of the lunch rut with these ideas. We’ve got Monday to Friday covered:


Quinoa and Rice based salad; boost this by throwing in whatever you have in your fruit and veggie crisper (for example capsicum, avocado, rocket) and toss with walnuts, goat’s cheese and any form of protein.


Take in the leftovers from last night’s dinner. Just ensure you make a little extra spaghetti bolognese, lasagna (or whatever else is on your dinner menu!) the night before.


Make a sandwich that packs a protein and salad punch! Use a variety of whole grain breads, pitas and wraps. Use lean fillings like sliced eggs, tuna or lean meats and combine with as much fresh salad as you can muster.


Soup! Make it yourself or opt for a vacuum-sealed pack from the supermarket. Toast a slice or two of bread to enjoy alongside your soup!


Pasta salad – there are any number of delicious combinations to choose from! Consider a rocket pesto pasta salad, a caprese-style pasta salad or a warm nicoise pasta salad (just to name a few).

So you’ve decided to pack your lunch each day, what do you need to know?

  1. Store leftovers safely – Use an airtight, leak proof, freezer and microwave safe container and refrigerate within 2 hours of cooking. An insulated bag is key when transporting food.
  2. Include Fruit & Veggies – Keep it interesting and combine fruit with yoghurt, and your veggies with hummus or tzatziki. Dried fruits are another great option. Check the sugar content on these before you go overboard!
  3. Healthy Snacks – Nuts, pretzels and popcorn will serve you better than chips, cookies and cheese snacks. Try and avoid items that are high in salt or flavouring.
  4.  Stay hydrated – Avoid fizzy drinks and juice where possible. Err on the safe side with Mother Earth’s very own h2o (or if you really need a juice, choose a 100% juice drink).

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